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Ebay Traffic Down

November 7th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

With so most buyers on eBay everyday (it is approaching the billions globally) you quite possibly feel that it is a gold mine for any one wanting to sell a thing. Amazing huh, just put up your auction and wait for the money to roll in.

Hang on a second Sunshine it is not pretty as convenient as putting up an auction and hoping for the most desirable. I only wish it had been that rather simple. That is why you see some many people, selling the precise similar factor, but earn way more revenue than other people. So how do they do it

Properly it all comes down to targeted traffic. Targeted traffic to your eBay auction honestly is the crucial to producing revenue on eBay – I mean it makes sense does not it – the way more eyeballs on your listing the way more likelihood you have of receiving a couple of many people bidding on it, and then if they get into a bidding war and the cost begins rising – ahhh high quality occasions – then you can get started counting your coins.

So this post will give you a couple of techniques on how to get way more targeted traffic to your eBay auction.

Lets get started with a thing that will only take you a couple of seconds to set up – your e-mail signature. How most emails do you send in a day – ten, 20, 100 What if only ten% of many people that saw your e-mail signature viewed your ad – that is an added 1, two or ten many people per day that you could have potentially bidding on your item. Just a swift line like Regards, Joe Smith, Check out my eBay auction – [link] is pretty fine for an e-mail signature and adequate to get a couple of many people curious as to what you are selling.

Too rather simple Ok, lets appear at a thing else you can do. Do you have way more than 1 listing Then you are cross-listing them I hope – are not you That is exactly where on just about every listing you have, you can have a link to just about every other factor you are selling on eBay. eBay makes it possible for you to link to any other page inside it is web-site so take benefit of it.

Itll get many people seeking at almost everything you have for sale, and they just could possibly acquire that fantastic factor they had been just after and bid.

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