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what does – payment declined. your payment should be no less than the limit?

September 15th, 2012 2 comments

Im trying to buy an object online using my mothers debit card, and she says that there should be at least $100 on it, even after I just brought something else no more than 10 minutes ago, and it worked just fine.

whats going on..

The object I brought was a laptop for 11c. My mothers friend gave us this link to this website where they sell wholesale items that she brought her computer from for really cheap, there as been over 500 sales for this user, and the item im trying to buy now is a camcorder, for 1c.

I know for a fact that this website isnt a scam, its just like ebay

Sounds like they charged your mom’s card more than what you think you just got charged. Were there shipping costs?
Time to call the bank and find out how much you really got charged
Are you sure you got the currency conversion right?
Also, banks charge for currency conversions and may have a foreign transaction fee
You don’t mean 11 cents – do you?
A laptop for 11 cents is an outright scam