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How Cheap is it to Buy From a Car Auction in Maryland Md?

May 3rd, 2012 No comments

Looking for a car auction in Maryland? There are tons of searches done through Google, Yahoo and MSN for “car auction in MD”, “Maryland car auctions” and similar terms. This reveals that there are some wise consumers looking for cheap deals and bargains for automobiles.

What You Are Getting At a Car Auction in Maryland

There are different types of car auctions that take place in Maryland MD. You have the private auctions which are open only to authorized dealers. The public auctions are held either by state agencies like DEA, IRS, FBI and police departments and banks. These are all seized or pre-owned/surplus vehicles.

How Cheap is it to Buy From A Car Auction in Maryland MD?

Public auctions held by government agencies tend to offer better bargains. They are more concerned with selling to get rid of the vehicle inventories than profiting from the sales. You will often find deals up to 90% knocked off the retail values of vehicles there. As for the banks, for more details visit to the cars are also auctioned cheaply but recovery costs are typically higher and hence, the starting bids are slightly higher as well.

Where to Find Maryland Car Auctions

Go directly to the official websites of the government agencies to take a look. Some agencies will list the auctions on their message boards. If not, give them a call to check out. Quite a number of them do not handle the auctions but rather contract the services of an auctioneer company to represent them and organize the auto auction. Find out who they are.

Alternatively, look through the classified ads of local newspapers and online news broadcasts. Newspapers like The Capital, Baltimore Chronicle, for more details visit to Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Times and others are great sources to know where each car auction in Maryland MD is held.

The final option, searching online car auction directories is perhaps the easiest option. The above 2 options can work but will take hours to find. You may also miss out some auctions that are not advertising also.

This is not the case with the online car auction directories. The search is automated and all you need to do is type in your requests. Everything works like a search engine and the results will tell you exactly when and where a car auction in MD is taking place. You can also see what car makes are available. To access such privileges, it only costs you a couple of dollars.
Start your car search now and find out the schedule and venue of a car auction in Maryland that is near your home today.