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Money sent though paypal and ebay sellers say they have got nothing yet. Whats going on?

July 9th, 2012 1 comment

Well this is what is happening, I have purchased $60 worth of goods from Ebay off several different suppliers. At the time i went to pay the the people i actually had $0.00 in my paypal, My mum said i can still pay for the items and paypal will take it as a credit thing. Two days later i put $60 in the paypal account, i waited for the payments to clear for several days and then it saild Declined "Insufficient funds"

I used the pay now button from ebay to pay with paypal the first time, the second time i tried to pay (With the money now on my paypal) I could not click on the pay now button from ebay so i simply clicked the "Send money" on paypal to the sellers correct payment email address. All good and well, But they still say they have not received payments and will cancel the sale if the money does not clear in 4 days.

Paypal said that the payment was sent on the 3rd of Feb its now the 17th of Feb! whats going on?

Is it possible to claim back that money if i may of sent it to a email address that is wrong or anything like that?

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This has been happening to me.

I changed my primary email with Ebay and Paypal. I had to go into my Ebay store and change that email address on every item in my store.
You made a purchase, and Paypal defaults BACK to the old email address, which is no longer connected to my account. You send the money there, I cannot get it.
Then you have all the hoops to jump through to fix the problem.

First- Go to the item and check on payment. It should send you to the Paypal transaction. If it says that seller has not claimed the money, then BINGO! it went to the wrong address.

Second- Cancel the payment.

Third- Contact the seller and ask for the correct email address to make payment to, or better yet, ask for a new invoice with the correct email.

Fourth – Make payment again.

Would be so much easier if Ebay and Paypal were not so greedy that they accept payment to email addresses without accounts.