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Ebay kicked me permantly off 4 trying to sell a purse & watch I thought real . No warning. How to get back on?

September 4th, 2012 10 comments

Ebay took down my site when listed a Rolex watch I had for sale because I did not have original papers for it. It was real. Then I put up a Gucci handbag and they took that down without any explaination. I put up a Tag Huge watch box that I personally had and decided to sell when I saw others on ebay for sale and that is when they took my account down saying I was selling a potential item that could be used for selling a fraud watch!!! You can sell the old ones, but not the ones that are made (in my case, in 1999.) !! I was selling it in good faith and did check the item out on ebay before I listed it. I had over 690 positives on my feedback. I now have lost all that, plus am permantley suuspended from ever selling on ebay again. I feel this injust that they did this and want to know if anyone has dealt with this or has any information on how to appeal. I did tender a signed a paper saying I wanted to be reinstated and sent them my licence and utility bill. They still refused me. HELP!

I think the only way you could get back on is if you get a receipt or appraisal of the items showing that they are authentic. Fax them to the same number that you sent the other information to. I don’t suggest you sign up a new account, because eBay has a way of linking you, even if it takes a little while.

If you are caught setting up a second account after suspension there will be absolutely no way of ever getting back on.

Don’t give up hope at this point. It just may require a little extra time and money to get back on. It’s worth it if you want to sell authentic items.

In the future don’t list anything that you don’t have documentation for. Include a scan of the documentation in your listing. Black out any personal information, but leave enough that the eBay reps can confirm that it’s not a fraud.