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How would you describe your sales technique?

November 14th, 2012 1 comment

I am trying to fill in a application for a job online. And i am trying to find it hard to answer this question. Describe a risk you have taken to advance your career?
Please help

The first answer is way off ,SMC items are all crap and you can find them by the millions for sale on Ebay at every price. Even SMC sells under another name on Ebay.

To answer your question, my sales technique is short, factual, and if your product is higher in cost then the competitors then explain why.

As far as a risk I have taken I have always been my own boss but the employees that came up with a new technique or cost saving solution were the ones that excelled. Don’t be afraid to offer a suggestion ever all that can happen is they say no. You will not be fired for trying to help.

I retired at 50 a multimillionaire and offer free advice, I am not selling anything, if you read my profile it will explain I help people on Yahoo and 5 other sites that are similar.

Tips for selling on ebay?

September 4th, 2012 2 comments

I’m thinking of supplementing our income by selling items on ebay. I plan on going to garage sales and hopefully finding nice, inexpensive items to resell. Any suggestion or tips on what to sell? I have experience selling my own items from around the house, and have a feedback of 54 that is 100% positive but what is your advice on buying and reselling?
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electronic itmes r da best….
mayb clothes
but wiv da credit crunch i tihnk eBay will get tons of business so lets c
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