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Ebay Car Purchase: Paying out of state sales tax!?

November 4th, 2012 4 comments

I just bought a car on ebay for $15,000. The car is located in California and I live in Washington State.

The dealer wants me to pay the sales tax of California which is 9%?

I bought a car in California about a year ago, and all I did was fly down there, drive it back up to Washington, and payed all the taxes, and fees here in Washington.

Is there some type of new law that says I have to pay the sales tax in California? How would here be proof that I already paid the taxes and would have to pay taxes again back in Washington.

This is some bogus lie that this dealer is saying to try to rip me off?
Edit Typo: How would there be proof……

If you are picking up the car in California, the dealer is required to collect CA sales tax, even if you are registering it out of the state. The only way to avoid it is to have the dealer deliver the car outside the state. When you register the car in WA, you can probably get a credit for tax paid to another state.(that’s the way it is in CA)