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Has anyone started an Ebay business and how successful have you been?

September 22nd, 2012 7 comments

I am a mom of 4 chidren and have recently posted some items for sale on Ebay. I’ve heard that a lot of people have had success doing this. I’m concerned though that no one is bidding on my items because I don’t have a rating score yet. How will anyone trust that I will ship them the merchandise they purchased or that I’m legitimate. I know I would be skeptical to purchase anything from someone w/ no rating score. Can anyone give me any tips. I’d love to hear some success stories! I’m not looking to be rich. Just make some extra spending cash for the kid’s and myself. I am a stay at home mom and thought this would be great for me. Thanks in advance for your responses!
Thank you…thank you for all your responses. I know the fees Ebay charges sometimes makes me wonder if it’s worth the while. Guess I just have to be patient.

My personal opinion, I think ebay has dried up.
But, dont worry about your lack of rating score.
Everyone starts at zero. You may wish to buy in ebay a few things to get your numbers up. People hardly even leave feedback anymore. Now, ebay appears to be a liquidation centre, so sure, try your things that are sitting around at home. I got some good cash back when I liquidated my jewelry business, last January 2006, BUT, certainly never got more than what I originally paid. This past year I sold nice NEW wooden toys, that was unsuscessful. Imagine I did not make it to December, christmas time! My feedback is almost 300, a fast rise to superseller in Feb2006, then downhill. Those add on ebay fees can be unwittingly cumbersome, and shipping fees. Maybe my biggest shortfall is that I live in Canada. Ebay is a great place for those looking for a bargain, but you dont want that bargain to be at your expense. So, I think used items, and used toys could do you well. You do have a large market base (USA).

I hope my experience story was somewhat helpful to you.

What is with the slow business on eBay lately?

February 12th, 2012 4 comments

I am a part time seller on eBay. Just for a little extra spending cash. I have placed stuff for sale on eBay such as dvds and video games and nobody is even watching my items, much less a bid. I have 100% feedback and I have a good track record. My listing is simple and to the point and I don’t threaten potential bidders on the listing with words, such as "no new buyers" or threaten to cancel auctions as some sellers do. I start bidding low, and I have cheap shipping. So what is the deal.? It seems I have to lose money in order to make a sale or practically give away the item for free at .99 cents. I can not give people free merchandise. People would rather bid on other peoples auctions who charge a hefty amount, then bid on my items. I am tired of this and tired of paying listing fees to list items that never sell. eBay shouldn’t charge any fees, unless the item is sold and paid for first.

I think with the economy tanking, people in general have less spending money, or are spending less, in case they need it in the near future if they get laid off.