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Donations needed for silent auction and Family Fun Walk?

July 9th, 2012 4 comments

I have started a non profit to help rural seniors in Oklahoma and we are planning a Family Fun Walk and Silent AUction. Need donations.
I also work a fulltime job working from 8 – 5.

I do lots of charity work and fundraising while also doing two real jobs. It just takes time management. E-mail helps a lot, too.

Maybe instead of a Silent Auction, consider a Chinese (aka Teacup) Auction. That’s where people buy tickets for $1/each (6/$5) and can put their tickets in various canisters and win those prizes.

For those, I do get some donations but also buy some items. For example, I usually buy a new men’s 10-speed bike at Toys R Us for about $70 and that usually gets 300 tickets.