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How can I sell more from my web site?

November 30th, 2012 7 comments

I’ve had this site for a while now. I’ve been selling my stuff to family and friends and sometimes word of mouth. Now everything is going really slow. I need the money to pay bills. I want to quit because there are no more sales. Someone please help me. I want my business to be more advertising. How can I do that?

Hi there,

You could try to increase the traffic to your website through Blogging about your particular niche along with article writing. You also may need to work on Search Engine Optimization or look at paid advertising on yahoo………. it works very well.

You could also try offering a bonus (product, e book or report or something) to customers who refer friends to your site.

you could also try selling your same products on eBay to increase your product sales and if you get well known on there and put your website in your about me page this will also increase your traffic to your main site.

At my business we started on ebay and did really well and we are currently building up the traffic and popularity of the website.

You may also want to try some Public Relations/Publicity Stunts to increase your Profile in the local community. It’s normally pretty easy to get publicity in the paper’s by donating to a worthy cause, or if you don’t have the money to donate why don’t you organize some other type of charity event to raise money this way it only takes you time to organize……..

Hopefully every time you sell a product you are getting the customers to opt into your emailing list, this way you can keep them up to date with new information about yourself or send them out special offers….. This works very well because you know they are interested in your products and they have bought of you before.

I hope this helps you out and if you want to email me your website i’d be interested in taking a look.

Cheers, ToNy!

P.S. if you are spending a bit of time online it may also be worth looking at building up a couple of other MSI’s (Multiple Sources of Income) for example affiliate sites, advertising on your site for other company’s and "Paid to Surf" sites like