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How do you make money on Ebay?

November 26th, 2012 6 comments

Yeah, I know you sell items and hopefully make a profit. However, I was looking for more information on legitimate wholesalers, if it’s smart to only use dropshipping wholesalers, or to just drive around and hopefully find goods that are popular on sale or clearance and resell them using ebay.

Thanks so much, just trying to get started.

It is difficult to make any money by buying wholesale and reselling on eBay because so many other people are already buying things from the same wholesalers. It is very competitive so you have to keep your prices low to sell so there is usually a very low profit margin on each item sold.

Drop shippers can be kind of scary because you have no control. You can’t see the product before it is shipped and you need to depend on them to ship the item promptly. If things ship slow or arrive damaged it hurts your seller feedback and you get negatives. It can also be a mess to deal with returns of damaged items since you have to deal with the drop shipper. I have used a few drop shippers, but only those that I have tested several times by making purchases and have the items shipped to me to make sure they are dependable.

People who make the most on eBay are the ones who search estate sales, garage sales, swap meets, liquidators, quitting business sales, Craig’s list, etc. for items that are being sold at well below their value and re-sell them. Of course you need to become knowledgeable about the value of the items you see and spend most of your spare time looking for items to sell.

Tips for selling on Ebay?

September 18th, 2012 2 comments

I desperately need to make some money to pay bills, but can’t find a job that will accomidate my physical health problems. I have an appointment with disability job referral services, but they warned me it’ll take a while to go through the processes and find a job. I need to find some creative way of pulling in money.

Out of desperation, I’ve decided to try buying garage sale and swap meet items and selling them on Ebay. It probably won’t be enough to live off of, but it’s better than nothing, and worth spending $10-20 at the swap meet to try it out.

I’m good at finding treasures at places like that, so which items are doing especially well on Ebay? Any tips on how to sell with more success would also be appreciated.

P.S. Since this place is a cesspool of spam, here’s a warning. Anyone that posts a response with a link to a "great work at home oppurtunity" will be reported immediately.

None of the previous answerers have really addressed your question. So I’ll try, though I don’t have a complete answer either.

How about doing a bit of simple research. Before you spend any money buying things, go out to some garage sales one day and make a few notes on what you might buy, with prices. They go back home and go into Ebay and find similar items for sale. You’ll know right away whether you’d have made a profit. It would only take a couple hours to do that bit of research and would give you more confidence in your plan.

My brother is always on the lookout for free books. Sometimes he gets them when libraries discard old books. Also, has a ‘free stuff’ section where he finds them. There are lots of sources. He tells me that if it’s hardback he’ll pay for it, but not more than $1.

Then he resells these books on Amazon and (part of Ebay). He has made around $3000 per year for the last several years, in spare time.

Sorry I can’t help more. Good luck to you.