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what is problem if VCR is making kind of a slow, soft grinding sound while it is playing?

December 6th, 2012 2 comments

it sounds like wheels are rolling against something maybe and makes a kind of squeking , moaning sound..but sometimes doesnt do it.

how to fix it ?

try a diff tape most likely source is a bad tape if not could be multple things if the vcr is broken hit ebay there about the only place too get them any more other than yard sales!!!!!

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How do I host an auction to sell my home?

September 15th, 2012 4 comments

I’m considering hosting an auction to sell my house; that seems like an interesting option.
I would like details outlining how this is done.
Thank you.

There is a book called How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days by Bill G. Effros that tells you how to hold a successful auction of your home. I have read it an it sounds like an interesting way to sell your house but it doesn’t sound like the smartest or best way to sell your house.

Do you want to sell it at auction because it would be fast or because you think it will get the most money? Are you trying to avoid paying a commission? Do you have financial troubles and the auction is the cheapest way to sell?

I think you need to figure out why you want to sell it by auction and not by owner or with the help of a professional Realtor though.