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What is ebay doing right now? It has not resulted in sales of products that was selling before?

June 26th, 2012 3 comments

Telling me ebay is just up and down doesn’t make me feel any better, is our economy taking a nosedive fast, or am I just paranoid. What is the best household or craft item to sell on ebay? Thanks guys.
Is ebay a good option for auction right now? Is it in a bigger slump than realized?

Hi – I am an established seller on eBay. eBay has been my full time job for 4 years, and I have sold over 12,000 items. I became a powerseller after 3 months of selling. I have experimented with many product lines including books, CDs, DVDs, sporting goods, cookware, household items, cosmetics, and children’s items. My product line now is mainly clothing and shoes.

As for eBay being "up and down" – According the the 2006 Annual eBay Report, the number of users on eBay is 221 million which is up 24% from the 3rd quarter 2006. Sales are up 23% from the year before. The financials point to eBay continuing to grow. You can see the financial report here:

As for the "best" products to sell, please remember that there is no magic product that works every time, all the time. This resource may help you learn more:–products-to-sell-on-ebay.html

Experimenting is the key. Research COMPLETED listings on eBay and look at what is selling. Pay attention to the number of bids on an item, and the number of unique bidders, not just the selling price. Pay attention to how quickly an item sells – if it goes on BUY IT NOW or auction. Most importantly, look thru COMPLETED listings and see what DID NOT sell. You’ll want to avoid those items.

I have a website developed for helping other sellers find success on eBay. There are free resources like my blog, newsletter with practical selling information, and work at home tips. You can sign up for the FREE newsletter. (There is also a link to my eBay store so you can see what I sell and read my feedback.)

Please email me directly and I can share more information with you, or if you have specific questions.