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Very new to eBay, so how do I end a sale and start shipping?

January 30th, 2013 1 comment

I just joined ebay, and I got my first bid on a ticket I am selling. What do I do now???? What do I click now to give it to that person? Begin shipping?? All that?

Please no BS as answers, no time and patience for that. Please help if you are willing. thanks!

Press end this listening on the drop down menu on your right hand side of your listing. done.

when you end a sale this means anyone that was the winning bidder is now void so you cant ship the product the safe way. you then have to send him an invioce in paypal then when payment recieved then send the product to the address he provides. this is very unsafe.

but good luck.

What and why should I sell on eBay to increase my feedback score rapidly and become a eBay Powerseller?

January 24th, 2013 3 comments

What and why should I sell on eBay to increase my feedback score rapidly and become a eBay Powerseller?
Hi. I am a new eBayer. But I wanna be a powerseller as well as increase my feedback score rapidly. I wanna know what I should sell the buyers will buy and leave feedback. I also wanna know how to be a powerseller? What are the requirenment? Thanks

It took me 7 months from the time I started using eBay to become a PowerSeller. The fastest way to become a PowerSeller IMO is to sell a large amount of inexpensive items.

There are many different levels of PowerSeller status. At the bottom of the PowerSeller food chain is bronze. To be a bronze PowerSeller, you need to sell at least 100 items a month or make at least $1,000 a month for 3 consecutive months. It’s really not hard to do but it does take a lot of work.

If you have zero feedback currently, the fastest way to increase your feedback is by buying a lot of cheap items from eBay. By cheap, I meant items that cost you no more than $1 for both the item and the shipping combined. I don’t recommend trying to sell until you have at least 10 positive feedback from buying. That will cost you a grand total of $10.

You have to understand that to be a PowerSeller means that you’ll be making eBay your business. It took me a lot of 8 hour days shipping small items to get me where I am today. It also took a significant investment in inventory.

There is not one magic product that can make everyone an eBay PowerSeller. It’s best if you specialize in selling a product that you know a lot about. This will save you tons of headaches when answering potential customers questions about your items. You’ll also need to find a wholesaler to buy the item from at a price low enough to be able to resale it for a profit. This is one of the hardest things involved with starting a successful eBay business.

Has anyone sold "gently used" clothing to Once Upon A Child?

January 17th, 2013 8 comments

I have a TON of clothing that my son has outgrown (birth – 2T). I want to get rid of it, and I was wondering if it would be better to sell it at a garage sale. I just don’t know how much you get at ‘Once Upon A Child’ for a pair of jeans or a Carter’s sleeper, for example. Thanks!

I believe that they pay half of whatever they decide to price it out as, and give you 60 or 75% of that price if you choose to use it as trade. You may want to test the waters by taking in only a few items to see if you find their assessments to be fair and acceptable. I noticed that the price structure varied a bit from employee to employee and always tried to have one particular clerk "buy" my clothes. If you don’t agree with their pricing on any item, just decline to sell it to them and save it to sell at your garage sale instead.

Ebay is also a big market for reselling children’s clothing. I’ve never sold there, but I bought a few lots of clothes and noted that the bidding drove the price up to ridiculous amounts when thier were designer or name-brand labels (Baby Gap, Old Navy) attached. I suggest taking a peek there. See what’s available and how the bids are coming along. That is, if you don’t mind messing with the shipping and all of that.

Best of luck.

How do i buy and sell on ebay?

January 15th, 2013 2 comments

I have recently become interested in buying and selling on eBay, is there specific items that buy and sell and make a profit? I have sold a few items this week and posted them on monday, one was via 1st class and the other was via 2nd class, i still havent been given any feedback. Please help i am a new ebayer.

Mant thanks.

Sell anything you don’t need.
I myself sell like trading cards and all that stuff.

Keep in mind how big the item is for shipping.

But, if looking for just selling stuff around the house an ipod touch is perfect!
Those sell super fast

Since pretty much everyone knows that an ipod touch is sold for $200 used at $150-170
You would lose money(since you have to put it down as used), but if you have your own phone (especially an iPhone) it would be nice to just sell that for around 160 (include cord ALWAYS)

If you are actually looking to make profit buy stuff that people want but no-one really knows the price.
For example take trading cards. Pokemon like cards you won’t get gobs of money but are easy to get from a friend.

Baseball cards are where the money is really at when you where a kid you probably had some.

but now baseball cards aren’t bought as much, like they aren’t really much of a trend. (Although kids may not be buying them extreme collectors will buy)
That is your opportunity to sell yours but before you sell them look the card(s) up online some can get in $1000!
Hope this Helped!

How do you know how much to charge for shipping when selling on Ebay?

December 30th, 2012 5 comments

I just wanted to start selling on ebay and I’m not sure how much to charge someone when selling an item.

i usually just guess but you can use this and it gives you the rough price.

How exactly does eBay work? Is it secure? ?

December 12th, 2012 7 comments

How do get paid for your products/items?

I have been doing it for 8 yrs many great deals and bargains. I have also sold a ton of stuff I have and get a very fair price for them.

The basics are simple.

The best way to pay and get paied is Paypal, which is owned by ebay. Paypal does need bank or credit card info but it is highly secured,

When selling you get paid direct by paypal, all electronic. It is insured, so there is protection.

How do you know who you are dealing with. I have been over all impressed with the integrety and honety and fairness of eBayers. With that said there are bad folks. The key is your rating, positive and negative and number of total transactions. For you as a new person witha zero rating you will be some what looked at closer. Not until you get 20 or 50 or 100 transactions (selling or buying) that as positive feed back will people be super comfortable with you. It really is more critical for selling to have a high rating. Most sellers don’t care about your rating unless it is negative. What matters is they get paid BEFORE they ship. That is rule #1. With electonic transfer that can be with in a minute after the auction closes. The item can ship the next day (often does) and arrives in 2-5 days.

DO not make an impulse buy. Know what its worth and never bid more than that. The auction can be competitive. Also the fact is most people wait to bid last second so if you want it bid what you want to pay for it. If you low ball it and its a good deal, chance is you will be out bid. You can wait for the last minute if you want to play that game, but what you want but NO MORE.

Selling. Again set the price to what you are willing to sell it for, Also pack it and weight it. Figure what the shipping will be and included that in the auction as a flat rate. If you charge too little for shipping it comes out of your profit. If you put shipping too high it can turn buyers off. Again PAYPAL is the way to get paid. That is the only thing I accept and what most sellers accept. YOU CAN PUT A NOTE THAT YOU WOULD CONSIDER OTHER PAYMENT, but contact you first before bidding. Let’s say they will send you a check. She you wait 2-5 days for the check. than you have to cash and clear that check if it is not a money order. Than you can ship. That drags things outa week or two? The only down side of Paypal is they charge a few percent service charge.

So keep in mind you pay a small fee to list. A small fee or commision if you sell and pay pal gets a cut. It is not much but it adds up.

I am so happy that I have a way to sell my GOOD junk that is nice and valuable but no longer use or want. Don’t bother selling cheap junk that is not worth anything. It is more effort and cost to list and sell it. Chance is you will not sell it. You will only be out may be 50 cents to a $1.50 listing fee if you don’t sell; that’s nice.

Get an ebay account and start watching. See what stuff sells for. She how people list stuff. The hardest part of listing is taking a picture and up loading it. That is not hard with a digital camara. If you know how to load pictures from a camara to computer you are there. Than you have to come up with a title and text. It is best to use a picture of the actual item. You can sell things with out pictures but that will get poor results.

If you plan on being a buyer, just go slow and watch the sellers rating and fee back which you can read. Read their fine print at the bottom about return and other policy. Most important if YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT IT, ASK QUESTIONS. You can write the seller and ask several all the questions you want. Better to ask first than buy and be unhappy.

The down side of doing any mail order is the shipping cost, but the sale price and tax savings makes up for that, However if you have to return an item you don’t like or was not as expected and the seller takes it back, the buyer usually will pay return shipping. That can be $3-$10 typcially. As a seller I highly recommend a $0.75 tracking slip. This keeps buyers from saying they never go it.

GO FOR IT. To get the ebay and paypal accounts is free.

(Be sure when you get email that is fake you do not reply with you user name, password and account number. I get one or two a year but I know what to look for. Don’t get fooled into giving you info to ANYONE. eBay and Paypal will NEVER ask for you password. That is the big threat. The good part is every time anything happens on you account you get a notification. Also paypal will only ship to the account address, so if some one tries to go shopping they can’t have it ship all over the place.)

do i sign up before i sell off of ebay or can i just start selling?

December 8th, 2012 3 comments

do i need a credit card or any other information too? thanks. any tips would be great!

Hi, yes you do need to have an account with them in order to sell or even buy on ebay. Don’t worry it doesn’t cost anything to have the account. You do have to set up a credit card with them for purchases and decide if you want to accept your payment via paypal (which could then be transferred to your bank account; though this takes up to 4 days to do). You can also accept checks or money orders as payments but paypal is much faster.
When you do list your items for sale it’s best if you have a picture uploaded of what you are selling and that you put in the best possible description. You should also note if the item is new or used and what its condition is. Then you pick a starting price or buy it now price. If the item sells they will charge a small fee on top of what they charge to list the item. If it does not sell you can relist it and if it sells the second time they will not charge you to relist it. You also have to state how you are going to ship the item and what you are charging for shipping (must be based on weight and distance). If you do take paypal for payments they will also charge a small fee when receiving the funds. If you have any other questions feel free to email me.

How do people actually make money on EBay everything is so cheap?

November 26th, 2012 7 comments

If you make money what are you selling and where do you get it for cheaper than you sell it? Give me some tips please. Thanks for being so sweet!!


The real goal behind making money on Ebay is to find/sell those ‘items’ that a large consumer market are always ‘buying’, regardless of the market.

To find the ‘hot items’, for a lack of better words, that are sold month-after-month, check out these two (2) Ebay references:


Here, you can find a LOT of GOOD information, such as what ‘categories’ on Ebay are hot and/or what the hot selling ‘items’ are as well.


This second resource is a MONTHLY PDF File, composed and maintained by Ebay, which will tell you what categories/items have been consistent ‘hot items’ from month to month. While the PDF file will change with each passing month, the URL above WILL NOT! So, bookmark it and continue to review it every month.

The next thing to consider is finding ‘drop-shippers’ of some of these products. The benefit to having a ‘drop-shipper’ is that when your auction is over, you send the request to the drop-shipper, they then take over the ‘customer experience’ and will handle everything from shipping the product to the customer, dealing with charge-backs and most everything else you can think of that would be common place in any type of transaction.

Another key to being highly effective/successful with Ebay Auctions is understanding all the different types of ‘auctions’ there are and how each one can help increase your sales.

A great resource that I recently came across which outlines everything there is to know about ebay auctions and making money is found in an ebook I came across not to long ago and you can get a copy if you’re interested in taking your auctions from ‘somewhat profitable’ to ‘hugely profitable’. The link is here:

Remember though, nothing is ‘easy’ when it comes to making money on ebay. If it was, then everyone would be selling on ebay, but since we know that’s not happening, you CAN profit from these techniques!

Hope this helps?


Jack G.

How can I change the buy it now price on my ebay auction?

November 26th, 2012 1 comment

I recently put an auction up on ebay-the buy it now price should be 485 instead of 385. I accidentally pressed 3 instead of 4. If someone buys my item for 385, I will lose money. That is fairly undercut. Please give me instructions on how to remove the buy it now and let the auction work or how to just revise the buy it now. Thank you!

Changing Your Listing (Title, Description, Price, Shipping)

Once you’ve listed your item, you may be able to change some details in your listing, depending on the time that’s left before the listing ends and whether you’ve received any bids or sales.
To revise your listing:


Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.

Under My eBay Views, click Selling. Your active listings are displayed.

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers: Use the Active view within My eBay.

In the row for the item you want to change, from the Action column pull-down menu, click Revise.

On the "Revise your listing" page, make your changes. (Any gray sections can’t be revised.)

Click Save and Continue.

To revise multiple listings:


Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.

Under My eBay Views, click Selling. Your active listings are displayed.

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers: Use the Active view within My eBay.

Select the listings you want to revise, and click the Edit button.

Note: You can only revise 10 listings at once unless you’re a Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro subscriber (subscribers can revise up to 200 listings at once.)

Specify the information you want to edit on the Edit Listing page.

Select Edit listings individually to change listings one at a time.


Select Edit listings in bulk to make the same changes to all of the listings (according to their selling format).

Click Continue.

If you select Edit listings individually, the Edit Individual Listings page appears.

If you select the Edit listings in bulk option, the Edit Listings in Bulk page appears.

Edit your listings and click Continue.

For items associated with products that may be in our catalog, you’ll be offered the option to “Add product details to your listing.”

If you’re editing listings in bulk, we’ll ask you to add product details to listings one at a time.

Check your changes on the "Review your listings" page.

Click the Submit button. If you need to make more changes first, click the Back button.

I got this site from Ebay

How do people make money on ebay selling 3$ items?

October 3rd, 2012 2 comments

i see people on ebay selling phone chargers for $3 on ebay. how do they make any money after ebay and paypal fees?

$3 is better than nothing on surplus items or items that were almost free. It adds up. They also may make a profit on shipping. It is called volume.