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How would you market a class teaching selling on eBay?

November 14th, 2012 2 comments

I’m wondering if anyone has any unique insight on how to advertise a class I’m teaching – The Basics of Selling on eBay-?
I’m an eBay education specialist and am looking for low cost/creative ways to market my class. I’ve got one month and am looking to get 25 attendees. So far only one person has signed up.


If your planing on asking a fee to take your class than you will have to gear your eBay class towards a niche market that is not being tapped into, such as the senior citizens market. More and more seniors are getting onto the net everyday and senior citizens have tons of stuff laying around their house that could be sold on eBay, so you could market your class on teaching seniors how to clean out the junk in their house for cash on eBay. Now the key to success with this idea is how your going to advertiser you eBay class to seniors, well one way is to pass out flyer’s on bingo nights at churches as many seniors like to play bingo.

I hope this helps!


Donations needed for silent auction and Family Fun Walk?

July 9th, 2012 4 comments

I have started a non profit to help rural seniors in Oklahoma and we are planning a Family Fun Walk and Silent AUction. Need donations.
I also work a fulltime job working from 8 – 5.

I do lots of charity work and fundraising while also doing two real jobs. It just takes time management. E-mail helps a lot, too.

Maybe instead of a Silent Auction, consider a Chinese (aka Teacup) Auction. That’s where people buy tickets for $1/each (6/$5) and can put their tickets in various canisters and win those prizes.

For those, I do get some donations but also buy some items. For example, I usually buy a new men’s 10-speed bike at Toys R Us for about $70 and that usually gets 300 tickets.