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I got my first negative feedback on ebay. the shipping was slow but i shipped a day after payment?

May 13th, 2012 3 comments

What can I do to get this removed? Will my 94 percent rating hurt my sales now.

What they saying is that it didn’t get to them when ebay estimated it would get to them. Just contact ebay and see if they can get it removed. They will look at the feedback the person gave other people. I’ve had one removed by ebay without me asking about it, they saw how she had worded her feedback with very racist sayings and looked all her feedback, not only did they remove her feedback but banned her from buying or selling on ebay. What you can do if you have not yet given them positive feedback is note when it was shipped out. As long as you have good feedback from other people it might not hurt. As long as you don’t get any more negs then in just over a year the neg won’t count in your percentage and you will be back up to 100%. As for the facebook link not everyone uses facebook, I got rid of my facebook account due to all the porn bot messages coming from facebook. You can just get all the information about feedback and removal of on ebay’s offical site.