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what kind of business should I start?

December 21st, 2012 1 comment

I want to start a new business. I just can’t decide what type of business I want to start. I don’t want to have to have a lot of money to get started and I don’t want anything like avon, or selling junk like that. I’m a single mom and don’t have time or money to waste on chasing my tail. I come up with ideas all the time, but I don’t ever know if they are any good. Just some ideas to get going would be nice.

Types of jobs for a single mom would be ones that give you freedom of hours worked.
My sister is a single mom and she is a mystery shopper and a undercover guard at the big department store. You know the one. She goes in two days a week and works undercover shopping and on the other days, when she wants to work, she goes to another set of stores and shops buying products and writing reviews for the products and how she was treated my the store employees.
All stores have mystery shoppers and you can post your resume at and on-line for a job as a mystery shopper and as an Undercover guard in a store. Both jobs pay good money and she works a flex time schedule.
My sister has also worked at a photography store, developing photos and she even had several jobs delivering the wall street journal on Weekends. Good money and that job is in the morning.
You want to start your own job in your home and have fleable hours. I suggest Listing items for customers on Ebay. You put up flyers and make the flyers say, " SELL YOUR ITEMS ON EBAY, Give me a call".
This is something you can do with your computer, which you already have and your Email account. You can have your own Ebay store, Ebay account and you can call it " MOM’S Pawn Shop, or Mom sells It".
This is a job that starts out slow and builds up , as you get more customers and things to list. You take a % to list, a % to sell and it is all your account. I have a friend who sent themself through four years of college doing, Tom Sold It, on Ebay. Think about this, You can make lots of money and you make more with more things listed. You actually could go to thrift stores and buy vintage and list that vintage whatever and make a sale that way.
You can contact Ebay and they will help you set the whole account up and help you with your first listings free.
You can make the flyers and pass them out to friends and family and at church and all around town. My friend said it was fantastic because everybody has extra things they would sell if they knew how to do the listings. That is where your New , In-house job, comes in to play. Start small and shoot for the stars. I will be looking for" Mom Sold It" ; on Ebay.

What can attorney due to delay auction of home?

October 27th, 2012 2 comments

Someone please help, I’m going crazy. We live in a non judicial state. Auction to sell our house is set for 12-4-09. We are unemployed at the present time and will not be able to keep our house and have accepted that. But since the auction is in December and we really have no place to go until January, is there anything an attorney can do to delay the auction for a month or two. Please I am asking for serious answers only. This is hard enough to loose our home after trying desperately to save our house.

Since you currently have no way of paying the mortgage because of lack of income you are out of luck unless you can show a your lender that you have even the slightest chance of making the loan good.

Declaring bankruptcy would delay the foreclosure a couple of months, but that will cost your at least $2500 in attorney and legal fees. Sorry to say this but your situation is hopeless unless you can provide the lender a reasonable expectation that you will be able to resume payments, even modified payments, in the near future.

Should I include ebay selling experience on resume?

July 13th, 2012 2 comments

I’m applying for various jobs and I was wondering if I should include my ebay selling experience on the resume. I have been selling handmade jewelry and I have a 100% positive feedback. I have been doing this for about 3 years. If I should include this, what do I write for job title and where on the resume should this be included?

Hello Crystals
Resume’s are designed to sell yourself to a perspective employer. You want to put your best foot forward and give the employer a reason to pick you over someone else. That said I would only put it in if it is relevant to the position you are applying. If it is not relevant to the position I would not include it.
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