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How do I check what category an ebay item is in?

December 26th, 2012 2 comments

So Ebay are doing a special sale today which you get 10% off items in the toys and games category, I have a few items I want to get which are like toys and games but im not 100% sure if the seller has listed them in this category

My question is how do i check what category an item is in?

Thank you, sale ends 9pm so please please as soon as u can


Sorry I am not in time to help you this time, but for future reference:

Possible ways I can think of off the top of my head.

1. At the eBay home page you can search by the category you are interested in, from the menu at the top right area. You can start a search within the category you want to buy from.

1. Next to the eBay logo, top left on most other pages, it says "Browse by Category", it’s a drop down menu that you can select from. You can start a search within the category you want to buy from.

2. Do a search, like "Star Wars Lego" and then click on an item you want to look at. Near the top of the seller’s listing it will say "Listed in category:" and it shows like "Toys & Hobbies > Building Toys > LEGO > Sets > Star Wars" with the first category "Toys & Hobbies" being the main category.

Hope this helps for the future.

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Why is it taking so long to process paypal payment from ebay sales?

July 13th, 2012 1 comment

I have started selling on ebay and I’m selling about 25 – 50 items on ebay a day. However I find hours are being spent in paypal looking at what customers orders printing them shipping labels and reading their notes they wrote. For example I have my own custom label (sku #) in ebay for an item I’m selling so when I receive a payment from a customer from paypal I need to login to paypal copy down their address and type in the item # on ebay to find out what they ordered. Where as if paypal has just used my custom label / sku # I would be able to find out right away what the customer ordered without having to check on ebay. This process is taking to long. What are other sellers doing?

Add your sku number to the title line of the auction, the paypal payment will always reference the title of the auction.

Example – Men’s Levi 550 Size 34 x 34 Sku #3502-0210