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How to use paypal when selling on Ebay?

February 17th, 2013 2 comments

Trying to learn how to start selling on Ebay – I have a paypal buyer account – will it work for selling? Do they charge you any fees?

Yes it works both ways. You can also use it to request money with out selling on eBay and it has a great savings rate if you want to keep your profits in one place. The fee charged depends on the total dollar amount charged including your shipping charges. You are not charged when you use the account to purchase items on eBay. If for any reason you have to refund a buyer you get the fee returned. It also has a great link for shipping with the post office and UPS. You can pay your shipping right out of your Paypal balance. Best of all you can give your packages to your local carrier instead of running to the PO all the time. Good luck.

Can someone give me insight on how to buy a car at an auction. How do you know if the car is any good?

January 9th, 2013 4 comments

I’m going to a car auction tomorrow morning and have no idea what to expect. My nanny needs a car and has about $2000 in cash to spend.

Depending on the auction, you may or may not have a chance to hear the car run. ou want to get there early, and be sure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the sale. There may be a buyers fee (a percentage of the selling price that is added to the final bid price) so be sure you allow for that. Most auction sales are final, there is no changing your mind for whatever reason, and the cars are sold "as is" "where is" "how is" and any other "is" you can think of.

Understand that most vehicles being sold at auction are there for a reason. They may be cars that were donated to charity, or they may be cars that dealers do not want to sell on their retail lots.

Bring someone knowledgeable about cars, to look for signs of major problems, but figure that you will need to spend some money for repairs to make the vehicle road worthy.

Is there anything to do the real estate books advertised on TV?

December 30th, 2012 1 comment

My grandfather wants to buy one of those books on real estate. The ones advertised on TV. Obviously, you’re not going to get rich doing this, as they advertise, but is there anything to it? Can you make any money buying foreclosed houses, fixing them up, and reselling them, or however it works?

Let me first answer you saying that I am one of the people that has purchased one of these courses off of the television. I bought the Carlton Sheets course and found the material fascinating.

At the time I bought it I owned a Janitorial business and I was not at all happy with it. The business although providing me a decent lifestyle was not ultimately very fulfilling. I was also interested in diversifying my financial portfolio so it was very intriguing to me.

It took about 6 to 8 months after going through the course thoroughly to find the right first deal and I walked away from the escrow table with over $40k in cash. Since then I have been involved in over a hundred transactions, I have lost money on a few deals but by and large it has been a very profitable business. I still to this day do real estate investing. I bought and closed on a property @ 639 W 24th Street in Ogden, UT (I believe you can do an internet search on that address and find some documentation I have published on my progress) I bought this property for $42k it is worth $90k fixed up and I took home a check for $7500.00 from escrow so this for me is better than no money down I got paid to buy it. My intent is to fix it up ($14k to repair it) With agent listing fees etc… I stand to make $15k to $20k profit.

The reason I mentioned that deal is I wanted to sincerely tell you that you can do what they talk about in those late night infomercials. The deal I just talked about I have done multiple times and in fact I have 2 more similar set to close in the next few weeks.

What is misleading about those commercials is that it is so easy. Real Estate Investing just like anything else is hard work, you have lots of phone conversations, meet and greets, relationship building and lots and lots of research. It is a business that is not get rich quick but rather a slow and steady system for wealth creation.

If you buy the Carlton Sheets course realize that it is written by a gentlemen who has been out of the game for quite a while. The information is generic but it will get you the ideas of the basics. Even though real estate investing seems like a pretty specific term it isn’t. There are many types and strategies for doing it and each have their ups and downs. Buying and holding rentals, Fixing up and flipping them for profit, Short sales, lease options, seller financing, and brokering notes are just a few aspects of this business. That is why his course is so good because it covers so many of these aspects and gets you a really good overview of the real estate investing world.

Once you read through those courses you will begin to get a good idea of what specific type of deals you are looking to do. Even though I got started with the Carlton Sheets course I have expanded my knowledge considerably into other areas specifically relating to what kind of deal I like to do.

For instance my primary specialty is to buy foreclosed (REO) properties, remodeling them and reselling for profit (Otherwise Known as flipping). I am still aware and have tried being a landlord, and doing lease options but my most comfortable feel in the market is flipping.

Buying and reading these courses will give you a good overview of what you want to do and from their you can gain specific knowledge. I recommend before you buy off TV look on eBay for the same thing. Sometimes you can pick up a used real estate course for $50 and the information is still the same.

Once you decide what kind of investing you want to do you can begin to seek after specific knowledge. this would be best obtained in the field. I would join a real estate investor club and start attending their meetings. See what happens at these meeting and meet the other investors. Some of these investors will be open to an apprentice type relationship. I have taught many people this business from this very angle. I usually give them a small slice of pie to learn from me and then we do several deals together until they are ready to do some on their own.

In short though I will tell you to read, read, read, their are tons of books written on the subject and lots of materials to go over. Their are also tons of free resources so don"t feel the need to spend a lot of money.

Try the free resources first then look to spend some money when you are sure of the direction you wish to go.

Next go out and do a deal. Don’t get locked in analysis paralysis. Once you have enough knowledge to feel comfortable just do it. Find a mentor in the real estate investing club to help you out or give his advice. Some wont be willing to but some will. I am always willing to help out anyone in my market that has a real estate investing question.

When is the right time to start small business?

December 16th, 2012 3 comments

Iam in USA.Is it right time to start small business at home? I want to import hand made things from India and sell here? I am confused whether to start right way or should I wait for somemore time ? AsI am thinking economy is worsening day by day !!

There is no reason why you need to wait.

However, in the current economy you need to have realistic expectations. Your sales will be slow. Nobody is buying collectibles and trinkets right now. People are sticking to the necessities.

I suggest you operate on a strictly cash basis. Do not go into debt at all for this (not now, not ever, debt is the reason so many companies are failing right now). Only buy what you can afford to pay cash for. At first you’ll have a limited inventory but as you start making sales, you can use the profits to grow the business.

Also, I wouldn’t open a store front at this time. You would have to make enough sales to pay the rent, and it will be hard to do that. Focus on selling things on ebay or at flea markets etc so you don’t get stuck with rent payments you can’t afford.

It is very difficult to make cash on eBay now compared to a few years ago. Agree or disagree?

December 4th, 2012 12 comments

5 Years ago I was buying and selling stuff and making £500 a week PROFIT. these days You have to accept "small change" profit on the stuff you sell. I am going to sell my current stock and that is me finished with eBay. My question is….Do you think eBay has had its day.

Hey there …

There are so many discussions on the various PowerSeller boards on eBay that discuss this very topic.
There are a number of reasons why I believe its more difficult to make a $ on eBay now as opposed to say, 5 years ago.

Let’s consider –

New sellers who think they’ll jump on the bandwagon because they think that other people are making money in such and such a category so they’ll make heaps too! WRONG! The more sellers, the more competition, the lower the profit, the more newcomers who go broke trying to compete … That is … UNLESS the newbie seller has UNIQUE items – not the same ol’ same ol’.

Yes eBay have raised the seller’s fees and given no benefits to the sellers … that’s a HUGE reason for making less profit.

PAGE VIEWS in seller statistics clearly indicate that there are less buyers searching eBay … why? Possibly because of negative media pointing out the scammers that exist online.

Add to these issues, the influx of FOREIGN sellers ie. Thailand, China, Hong Kong etc. These guys are buying direct from the factory, selling at ridiculous starting prices, pay no import duties, income taxes etc. to the countries in which they list, therefore the sellers they are competing with for the sales, who do run their eBay businesses professionally and legally (and pay their taxes) are massively disadvantaged!

How do i cancel this ebay sale?

July 15th, 2012 2 comments

I dont want to sell the item i put up for sale anymore. How do I take it down?

You can end the listing early. To end it:

Enter the item number into the End My Listing Early form. The item number is shown on your listing, confirmation email, and My eBay.

Select the reason you’re ending your listing early (item not available, item broken, etc.)

What is the Secrets Power of an Ebay Auction Title?

May 16th, 2012 No comments

I get frequent emails from my newsletter readers wondering why their eBay auctions aren’t working.

You might have the most brilliant auction description page with a fantastic set of pictures offering a superb item at an incredible price for the help But the page counter shows after seven days of your auction that it’s only been seen by 3 people. Has that happened to any of your auctions?

If it has, I always start at the same point. The auction title.

In 99% of cases, the reason for low viewing figures is that your auction title isn’t smart enough.

Here are a few facts. At the end of this small list you’ll understand the secret power of eBay auction titles:

a) 79 million times each day buyers use eBay’s search box to locate items in which they are interested.

b) eBay’s standard search system takes the search words keyed in, and compares them with the titles in its database of 10 million auctions. (Note it doesn’t compare them with sub-titles, or auction descriptions)

c) If an auction title doesn’t contain the words keyed into the search box, the auction won’t get returned in the search results list. And that’s another of the 79 million searches you’ve missed out on!

d) If an auction isn’t returned in a search list, it can’t be clicked on to have the auction description viewed.

So, the whole of eBay’s default search system relies on matching keywords with auction titles. And that’s the secret power of auction titles for the help If your title contains words which buyers are searching upon, your auction will be returned time and again in search return lists.

Let’s say you want to create a new auction. Remember, your auction title has three functions:

1) To contain keywords. (Number one on this list for the reason you now know!)

2) To persuade buyers to click through to your auction description page

3) To convey what the item is

To decide on the keywords to use, you have to think like a buyer. What words would be used by a person interested in searching for an item like yours?

At this stage, just list them. Don’t put the words into a sentence yet. Spend as long as you like on this exercise. The more effective you are with this, the less likely you are to have one of those sleepy auctions that rarely gets a visitor.

Having listed as many keywords as you can think of, you have to decide which are the strongest. Remember, you only have 55 precious characters for your auction title.

Taking your best keywords, you now create your auction title. It’s not an English exam, so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t scan like a sentence.

You can add a power word or two if you’ve space. By this I mean words like stunning, limited edition, unique, rare, new, one-off, exclusive, distinctive, dramatic etc. These are words which can influence buyers to click through to your auction description. They won’t be searched on by buyers, so use them sparingly. For the same reason, I don’t advocate the use of “clever” words like l@@k or w0w!

Finally, do the words in your title convey what the item is? If so, that’s it. You’ve created a powerful and compelling auction title. And your title will appear more often in search return lists. And, as you know, that’s the key!

If you can get your auction to appear more often in search return lists, more buyers will view your auction description page. The more people that visit your auction description page, the more likely you are to make a sale at an acceptable price.