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How do i know how much postage and packaging items to stock up on when selling items on Ebay?

January 17th, 2013 6 comments

I have quite alot to sell. How do i know what a wise purchase of bubblewrap, rolls of brown paper and alsortment of envelopes i would clearly need, without running out during a sale?

If you start off with a few rolls of brown tape, a couple of rolls of clear sellotape, some grey wrapping bags in medium size (cut them down when they arereally to big and stick them with sellotape), a roll of bubble wrap and also start saving boxes for the bigger things. If using padded enveloppes calculate the shipping accordingly and buy them as you sell.
It all depends on what you are selling. Clothes can be put in a grey post bag but breakable will need proper cardboard boxes and padding. I use foam personally. It costs me an arm and a leg but i recoup it through shipping charges. if you sell books beware of the corners and sometimes it pays to reinforce paperback with sturdy cardboard to prevent them bending.
FRAGILE and DO NOT BEND stickers might come in handy too.
Go to the post office and get ‘proof of delivery’ cards, airmail stickers and also custom stickers for outside the EU.

Oh and thumbs up to the person that mentioned scales. get an electronic set that goes up to about 2 kg. They are not cheap but worth every penny if you sell regularly. Anything heavier than 2kg I weigh on my bathroom scales.

Am I paying too much to sell on ebay?

July 9th, 2012 2 comments

Are these expenses normal or am I paying too much? I sold a camera for $1477. Ebay charged a fee of $62, paypal charged a fee of $58 and the shipping was $18. Is there a way to bypass or lower the paypal fee?

That is high but its all in your agreement. Ebay used to allow people to accept checks and money orders and not to offer paypal. This is no longer the case, they will only let you use paypal if you choose to sell on ebay. There is just too much money to be paid for them. Also beware, if your buyer chooses to open a dispute after receiving the camera, paypal WILL side with him and refund him the money. I sold a 3k bike frame on ebay. Buyer opened a claim saying that its not what he ordered, mailed me back a kids bycicle frame instead. Since paypal had proof of delivery, they went ahead and refunded him the money.