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Article Marketing Tips – How to Churn Out Articles

February 11th, 2013 2 comments

Many people hate writing articles because they may simply feel like they take too much time and require too much work. If it takes 30 minutes to an hour to write an article, you can easily see how this can be prohibitive to an individual who needs to churn out as much information as possible, especially if they are using article marketing to drive traffic to the website. 

The more articles that they a person can write, the greater the potential is for them to get more traffic and increase sales. There are ways to speed up the article writing process.  We will discuss them below.

To speed up the amount of time that it takes to create an article, individuals can use transcription software, be sure to do their homework, go with the flow, realize that their articles don’t have to be perfect, and simply relax.

Transcription software allows individuals to speak their article into a microphone. The software will transcribe it to text. All the author needs to do o thereafter is proof the article and make needed corrections.  This is simply an audio to text transcription software.  You can purchase this type of software at your local office supply store or online at places like eBay.

Do your homework.  If you’re familiar with the topic that you are writing about, it will be much easier to write.  Make sure that you do your research on the topic. This will speed up your writing a great deal.

Go with the flow.  Don’t stop and make corrections every time you misspell a word or if the sentences don’t come out exactly the way that you want it the first time. You can always go back and proof it. When you get in the flow you don’t want to stop yourself. Simply go with it and make corrections later.

Realize that your article does not have to be perfect.  You are not writing for the New York Times.  You are writing for the average person and you will need to write on a level that they will understand. Don’t worry about your article being absolutely perfect and of professional quality.

Lastly, relax. It’s just an article.  You could be spending your time doing something much more difficult or stressful. Try to enjoy the process of being able to research and write about different and new topics.

Again, these are some simple ways to increase your article output.  Consider using transcription software, make sure that you do your homework, go with the flow, realize that you don’t have to be perfect and relax.

Scott Brooks

how do i start selling on ebay after i’ve been buying for a while?

February 7th, 2013 2 comments

i have an account already on ebay and have been buying stuff for 3 months on there i think. i want to start selling on there and i would sign up for paypal using my debit card. after i sign up for paypal what do i do to start selling on ebay?

btw, how much does ebay take away from you when you sell something? or when do they take away money and how much?

Read the "how to start selling" tutorial on Ebay would be my advice. There is a lot you need to learn and easy mistakes to avoid making. The sellers fees are listed clearly there, it depends on your starting price, whether you use Buy It Now or auction format etc. You may have to pay an insertion fee? Definitely a Final Value Fee (depends on the final selling price) and a fee to Paypal for accepting a payment. Bear these things in mind when selling :-

See how much similar items are selling for by "watching" one in My Ebay and check after the auction ends. It might not be worth your while bothering for low value items once the fees are paid.

Take a really good clear photograph to upload, don’t copy off the internet.

Weigh the item in its packaging before you work out the P&P, packaging can weigh heavy.

Heavy items do not sell well, people won’t pay a fortune for P&P so think before you sell esp. books which can be quite heavy.

Describe any defects/faults in full it saves having to issue a refund later on to an unhappy buyer.

Always get proof of posting stamped at the post office (this is free, not the same as registered post) because buyers can sometimes turn round and say an item never arrived. If you can scan/email proof of posting to them and have a clear refund policy stated on the auction this takes the wind out of their sales.

Always send expensive items by registered post only, choose that option from the list and sort out how much this is before you list the item.

Good communication is the key on Ebay, communicate with your buyers, answer questions promptly and keep them informed when you post the item.

Why statistics say that sex sells on internet?

November 20th, 2012 3 comments

Everything is free on internet and I’ve never bought anything sexual here.
Who buys sex on the internet ?

I have two eBay accounts. I sell regular stuff on one and sexually oriented stuff on the other. I have twice as many sales on the second one than I do the regular one.

People will buy anything. Ebay is proof of that. Sexually oriented items just sell better.

Check it out yourself. Go to category: "Everything Else" and click on "Adults Only". You will have to verify your account and age.

Ebay Car Purchase: Paying out of state sales tax!?

November 4th, 2012 4 comments

I just bought a car on ebay for $15,000. The car is located in California and I live in Washington State.

The dealer wants me to pay the sales tax of California which is 9%?

I bought a car in California about a year ago, and all I did was fly down there, drive it back up to Washington, and payed all the taxes, and fees here in Washington.

Is there some type of new law that says I have to pay the sales tax in California? How would here be proof that I already paid the taxes and would have to pay taxes again back in Washington.

This is some bogus lie that this dealer is saying to try to rip me off?
Edit Typo: How would there be proof……

If you are picking up the car in California, the dealer is required to collect CA sales tax, even if you are registering it out of the state. The only way to avoid it is to have the dealer deliver the car outside the state. When you register the car in WA, you can probably get a credit for tax paid to another state.(that’s the way it is in CA)

Copy this ebay seller and make over $10,000 a month dropshipping on ebay ( live proof)

August 5th, 2012 5 comments

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Question on Ebay sales and seller adding fees after auction’s end??

July 19th, 2012 2 comments

Can anyone please send me a link from Ebay’s help site to answer this question: Is it legal for a seller to add extra fees into the shipping and handling of an item after the auction has ended? Provided that the listing did not mention any such extra fees?

I know that the seller cannot do this. I remember once seeing it written down and thinking "Why would any seller be that stupid?" Just my luck that it just happened to me. Seller charged a flat rate shipping, with no insurance availible. That’s ok, I didn’t want any….just a delivery confirmation. Now this seller is wanting extra money, which I know is because the items I purchased are worth far more than what she feels they are worth. I got a bargain!

I can’t seem to find it listed anywhere under the help section. I want to send this link to my seller as proof that I do not have to pay these extra fees.

If the seller ask for extra money then what is agree, he or she screw up. It too bad if they didn’t put in the correct amount, they shouldn’t be selling if it a big deal. If the seller complain that the bid was lower than what he or she expected, tough luck because they are going to learn their lesson.

If they refused to ship things then they better give you the refund or file a complaint.

eBay is a semi-legal binding auction. You and seller agree as eBay is a transaction system for auctioning.

In registering for a trademark, can I choose Section 1(a) if I haven’t officially begun selling my product?

July 17th, 2012 2 comments

I have created a product that I would like to sell online as well as different retail stores. A few friends and acquaintances of mine have already purchased the product, and I already own the site where I will soon begin selling it online. I have also sold an earlier prototype of the product on ebay using the same name I am trying to trademark, but the logo was different at the time. I usually bring the product with me in case someone likes it and wants to buy one, but I have not done anything concerning sales or revenue taxes yet.

Now I am filling out the forms to register the trademark, and I have come to the page for assigning a file basis. I can choose between Section 1(a), Section 1(b), Section 44(d), and Section 44(e). To avoid filing yet another form in the future, I would rather choose Section 1(a) than 1(b), but I do not know how much proof they will want that I am already using the mark in commerce now. Is my trademark eligible for Section 1(a), or will it be declined if I choose 1(a)?

One other part of the form that I was in doubt about was on the first page that asks for my name and then the entity type. For entity type I can choose individual or sole proprietorship, among others. The business I started which sells the product is a sole proprietorship, but I am an individual, so which should I choose. If I choose sole proprietorship, must I check the option under my name "Doing business as" and write the name of my business?

Thank you for the help!

I need to really caution you that registering a trademark is not as simple as merely filling out a form. If you screw up your trademark registration, you may risk losing rights to your trademark. Once you lose valuable rights to you trademark, you cannot fix it by just filling out another form in the future — those rights may be forever lost. I can’t stress this enough. My advice to you is to hire a trademark attorney to help you through the process. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

If you really want to do this yourself, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the TMEP, which I have linked below. It is the "Bible" of trademark procedure with respect to the USPTO.

That being said, from your limited facts, it does not look like you even meet the requirements for a 1(a) application.

Any experience and tips in sellingin ebay?

June 26th, 2012 2 comments

Can you tell me about how to attract buyers so that tey can buy a product that i will like to sale?

Is there any payment that i need to make to ebay and paypal for using their services? What is your tip for new seller?

I already answered in your other similiar post

PS. You know that you cant sell on ebay until you turn 18 in April, and you’ll need a credit card with your name on it for proof.

Do you send recorded delivery your ebay sales?

June 14th, 2012 5 comments

New to it all and finding it a bit confusing! To keep postage down I see a lot of people put 2nd class/standard post. But then there’s nothing to stop the buyer saying they haven’t received it there? (and it wouldn’t be unusual for parcels to go missing with post anyway would it!).

I send my items first class and get proof of posting this has always work ok, I buy as well and I think having to be around to sing for recorded delivery is not so convenient. If an item is valuable it’s a different matter.

Ebay question. What days of the month are usually the slowest to sell stuff?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

Does being early or middle or late in the month affect your sales greatly? I’ve noticed during the middle of the month it’s kinda slow but I don’t have enough experience to proof this myself.

its kind of amazing about auction closing times. We have a few resources on our site for tools that show you the best days and times to close auctions for items. Who would have thought that closing an auction on Wed at 11:30 pm would yield a higher price than Fridays at noon? Its kind of creepy but pretty cool as well.