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how can advertise and promote so I get customers to find my online store?

March 8th, 2013 11 comments

I have just started my own little business selling fashion and costume jewellery :

I would just like some advice on others experience with starting a new business, and any tips for getting more traffic that have worked for you.

So far I have paid for advertising on google adwords and facebook. Entered my URL on various trawlers and online web directories, got all of the social media sites such as twitter, stumbled upon, facebook and pinterest.
I also leaflet drop, attend fairs and shop events, have set up an online blog, promote on asos marketplace and have written to various newspapers and magazines with my press release.

I understand it takes alot of man hours, hard work and determination, but would just value some tips and tricks from people who have been through or are going through the same as me. I spend around 5 hours a day purely on online promotion and advertising.

I really want to make this work, it’s my passion and hobby, i am 22 years old, and I really would love to hear your stories.

All constructive criticism and feedback is welcomed, and thank you in advance
Sophie x

I noticed that most of your products centered around rhinestone jewellry, so you should concentrate your keywords based around those.

Adwords can be tricky to get right from the get go, these days there are so many different features in there that it can be confusing. I would suggest that you stick to product listing ads (and google shopping). AFAIK Google shopping is still free in the UK and you should utilise them. I work with American clients normally so I really don’t have a clue what the UK rules are. Even though I’m from the UK.

I’m not sure what your profit margins are using Adwords on low cost products – I suppose it really depends on your market, what the typical customer buys (5+ items or just one). I would expect that you will need to get at least 15 customers to your website to make one sale. If you’re paying 15p a click that would mean that your margin would need to be at least £2.25 to break even.

There are various techniques you can use on site to increase the amount of money people spend on your site by cross selling and Adwords techniques to hammer your click costs down.

The free delivery over £30 is a nice touch and will help to increase your average basket value up so customers buy more than one item and you have a better margin.

If you need some tips and specific Adwords related advice contact me through

I used to run an eCommerce site before, I found that a lot of sole proprietors run an ebay store as well – even though it’s not the core part of their business, they use ebay as a lead generation funnel. They’ll sell pieces on ebay – because it’s a big market place and then use it to build a list of prospects and when mailing goods out enclose a phamphlet of their website or even a catalogue.

Enclosed a 20% off ebay purchase discount for the online store and funnel sales onto there.

The ebay method acts like a advertising medium that essentially pays for itself.

Also utilize email marketing to retain a list of customers and email them about latest store updates and send fashion tips etc.

best make of computer and best service of seller for this computer?

July 13th, 2012 7 comments

I am thinking of getting a new computer, not right now, but soon cause ours is 7 years old and a bit slow and with updates not supporing the old windows packages and some other issues too, we want to either upgrade or buy new.

so what i would like to know in your opinion which make/company is the best to go to, give the best sales service (ie don’t try to sell you the highest priced rubbish, promising it does what i want and find that the graphics card is worse than we got now say!

also want a company that if i should need them, have good after sales service too. often a sore point with computer stores/co’s

right I am after a good, reasonable priced, fast machine, with good graphics and sounds for game play, as well as home/office like MSworks/broadband, decent basic software, without loads of school child programs, not lookiing to buy via ebay sellers either.

does anyone just do the tower, without mouse/keyboard cause we got good ones?

thanks in advance for any sensible advise

This is U.K. Answers, so I’m going to assume you live in the U.K.
I had my system built by a local shop that I checked had been in business for a while. I found them by word of mouth advertising. They asked me what I wanted to be able to do on the p.c. and helped me design a system within my budget. The price included set up and delivery.
I’ve had to call them out three times. Twice I got a quick response and the problem was fixed at my home for £30 – £50. The other time they talked me through what to do on the phone and there was no charge.

If you can’t find anywhere like this, then think about somewhere a bit pricier like Evesham. Frankly, all the big companies will sell you a system using the lowest grade components they can use, slapped together in a factory. Profit margins are so low that its a wonder any of them are still in business. They get their money back from the expensive phone support.