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RE: Making Money with Ebooks on Ebay

September 3rd, 2012 25 comments

Listen Up!!!
Don’t write books to feed your ego. Write books that will make you income!
That means writing about “How To Make Money” in some way or another.
Make sure your content is good and strong. It’s even better if you have actually
had some experience in doing what you’re writing about.
The other key thing to making money with your ebooks is the marketing.
If you are selling on Ebay or via a website, make a KILLER sales letter!!!
Don’t know how? RESEARCH!!!! You’re sitting in front of a computer with a search engine. USE IT!!!
Now, remember to say in your Ebay ad that you will send them a digital backup copy IMMEDIATELY (within 24 hours) of payment. Write your books on a word processor and then convert the file to a .PDF file. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can go to and pay for a single use file conversion and convert your file that way. Or you can buy an older version of Acrobat on Ebay pretty cheap. Or you can just save your document as a .RTF format and send it that way. Most computers are good with RTF. Then burn your PDF or RTF file (book) to a DC ROM and ship it to your client.
Got that? Good! Now follow the rules and prosper.
1. Write about How To Make Money in some way.
2. RESEARCH everything! Possible subject matter, how to write a sales letter, etc.
3. Make sure the content is valid & has merit.
4. Learn different marketing techniques and venues. Don’t just rely on Ebay!
5. Don’t give up. It’s not likely you’re going to hit a home run your first time at bat.
6. Most importantly… don’t ask me questions if you haven’t spent any time trying to find
the answer on your own first!!!! That’s lazy and it me off!!!


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