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How much is my computer worth?

November 18th, 2012 8 comments

my laptop is an Inspiron B130, 2yrs old, 512 MB, 60GB memory, its fast

the only problem with it, it occasionally crashes with PFN_list_corrupt errors, so the operating system isn’t running perfect. the computer is in excellent condition like new.

how much would my computer sell on Ebay, or other used computer dealers?
15 in display, dell

Best thing to do is to use the computer statistics in an ebay search for Closed or Completed Auctions. You have to log in to ebay first, then go to the advanced search page to get this option. Don’t focus on the brand so much as the statistics.

Consider the following:
If it’s 2 years old, does it still have warranty support? Yes, means more money.

If you’re selling it, then for security reasons, consider buying a new hard drive for it and selling it without anything installed – but with the CD’s that came with it. Note that it’s illegal to sell the CD’s separately from the machine they came with. And if you sell the computer with a Certificate of Authenticity sticker on it, then you have to give the new owner the CD’s or something it writing that says "I lost it" so they can get the CD’s from the manufacturer or microsoft. Otherwise, remove the CoA and destroy it. But you lose a lot of value that way.

Is there anything on it that doesn’t work, but YOU don’t care? Like the touchpad on a laptop, the hotkeys on the keyboard, or the sound? The new owner might care, and you should tell them up front, even if you don’t care about it. Try to get them working if you’re selling it with everything installed.

What software will you give them, and do you still have the installers or CD’s they came from? Make a list and put it on the ebay sales page – or take screenshots of the All Programs menu, and post that. The more info you give a buyer the more they will be willing to pay for it on ebay.

Not knowing any real details about it, I’d say it’s in the range of $300. That assumes the new owner will fix whatever problems it has for about $150 after they buy it. So make your reserve 275, and your buy it now 400. Good luck!

Using Selling Manager to Boost Your Ebay Home Business

January 8th, 2012 No comments

One of the wonderful things about eBay is that they offer a wide variety of different tools to help sellers generate more business. One of the more popular tools that eBay offers its sellers in the eBay Selling Manager, which is a sales management tool that can help you manage your auctions more efficiently. eBay also offers a more inclusive version of their selling tool, called Selling Manager Pro. Both of these tools do come with a low monthly fee that is added to your eBay statement, unless you run an eBay store, in which case it is free.

Deciding which version of the eBay selling tool you need can be tough. To start out, go for the basic package. You can always upgrade if you find you need to later. At the present time, the basic version is only $4.99 per month, so it won’t put a big dent in your budget. If you have a small to medium amount of sales to manage per month, this is all you need. You also get a 30 day free trial with the basic version, so if you decide it’s not right for you and your business needs, you can cancel before your trial is up and not waste any money.

The Pro version offers more tools for higher volumes of sales. If you have a large inventory to manage, the Pro version is probably a better choice for your business. At the moment, the pro version is just $14.99 per month, and it also offers a 30 days free trial. The basic Selling Manager is also free for basic store subscribers, and the Selling Manager Pro tool is available for free to those with a premium or anchored store.

Both tools have software that needs to be downloaded to be utilized. Both software programs support just about any operating system, so you shouldn’t have a problem with compatibility issues. Once the software is downloaded, your eBay selling links will automatically be replaced with your Selling Manager links, making it easy to use the selling tool with your current selling methods.

The software makes it easy to list and re-list your auctions, view scheduled listings, sold items, and closed auctions. You can track your sales, sent bulk invoices and e-mails to customers, and easily leave feedback for all of your buyers using the software. For record keeping purposes, the Selling Manager also lets you download or import your sale information to your computer or into a new Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to track your sales for tax purposes, or for your bookkeeping needs.

The Selling Manager can make boring and tedious tasks quick and easy to manage. You can keep track of your auctions with ease, and stay in contact with your buyers with the click of a button. This eBay tool makes it simple to manage your eBay home business right from your computer without needing to log into eBay, and can boost your efficiency, working like a dedicated employee for you around the clock.

Vickie Sayce