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What are some good alternatives to Ebay?

November 12th, 2012 14 comments

I have some vintage, punk and alternative styles of clothing and shoes to sell. None of it is handmade so Etsy is not an option. I have had it with Ebay and their fee hikes and screwy policies and would like to know of some other viable online options for selling platforms.
If I wanted to simply get rid of things, I could put them outside and let the neighbors have at it, but I’m trying to raise a little cash here. I am interested in online options only, thanks.

I had some luck selling a few newer items on a regional newsgroup on Vampirefreaks. But I personally prefer selling via consignment at bricks and mortar stores for the vintage pieces. One of the consignment shops I work with sells almost exclusively vintage clothing. I rotate out 50 pieces every six months and she normally sells about 4-5 pieces a month for me, with a 50/50 split on each sale. The downside is that I have to wait for the monthly payout and sales have been slower lately. The upside is I don’t have to spend time writing extensive descriptions, taking photos, and getting hit with fees even if something doesn’t sell.

Ebay has definitely gotten more annoying lately. I’m not a big fan of how they’ve restructured leaving feedback. I’d prefer to know about non-paying bidders.

eBay Alternatives – Where can I successfully sell now?

July 1st, 2012 4 comments

I was on eBay for 6 years, over 10,000 positive feedbacks. i closed my account recently; I became to dissatisfied with their policies and rising of fees, it is too big now, I was also getting more non paying bidders than ever before and eBay seems uniterested in addressing these issues.
my question: I sell everything, at Present I have 4 dyson vacuums, 6 sets of cutco homemakers, kitchenaid mixers, 16 PS3s, and more than 20 wii. (to name a bit of curent inventory)I have researched and researched. Amazon, was VERY SLOW, Overstock EVEN MORE SLOW. I have found many collectible focused auction sites, but where are users like me to go? Powersellers who worked hard to keep feedback consistant. Craigslist…goodness, Craigslist just did not work. As successful as eBay is, has there been no decent alternative created yet for those of us who have become increasingly unhappy with eBay?
it seems like I’ll just need to put up "garage sale" signs and hope my neighbors are interested…

I’ve used in the past, but I think they no longer accept sellers from outside australia

Money savvy teen would like to learn!!?

May 13th, 2012 2 comments

I want to become rich…yes, everyone has this dream, but I actually read about techniques, save my money and such. I have 1,000 dollars in a CD, roughly 700 in savings, and over 200 dollars at my house, which I am about to deposit into my savings. I get this money from mowing lawns. From this I get 95 dollars every two weeks plus I do the occaisional garage sale. I would have more, but I have to pay for every "extra" thing I want. I am a big sports card collector, and I probably have 200 dollars worth of that, but the value of my cards is bound to go up, but thats a different story. I also worked for my own computer which I got for a neighbor in exchange for doing their lawn 5 times (100 dollars worth of work). I have other stuff, but I need to get to the point:

I am looking for answers from older people such as: I want to go into business. Besides business and finance, what other degrees should I go after? I am also learning spanish because a good bit of the population will be mexican/spanish when I get older. Also, I know there is no guaranteed way to make money, but what businesses are a safe bet to turn profits? I would own my own card store, but I assume that won’t work out seeing as how ebay and other sites have pretty much destroyed that business for store owners. Also, do you older folks have any tips that you have learned over your lifetime that would help me succeed.

Again, I am not one of those normal teens that says: "How can I make quick easy money…I don’t want to do hard work for it, maybe I can do online surveys or something." DUH. I am a motivated person who wants to and will work to succeed
I get 95 dollars every two weeks from mowing the lawn
I mow 3 neighbors lawns

First, you should feel good about being on the right track. You aren’t falling into the "get rich quick" mentality – doing well, especially in your own business, takes hard work and a lot of effort. Also, having an interest in making money at your age is great.

There are so many types of businesses to choose from, what you first need to decide is what types of businesses fit your talents and desires. I have owned an ad agency, manufacturing company, consulting business, and restaurants. As it turned out I hated the restaurant business – it was the same thing day after day and way too long of hours. I prefer being able to travel and more variety. But the point is you need to think about what you want.

Business is the best education to get; if you want to take other classes do it because you are interested. A second language is a good idea. You should also learn computer skills – how to design a web site, etc. That will make you self-sufficient and you won’t have to pay someone to do that stuff for you.

There is no "safe" business. The world changes – sports card stores, video stores, book stores and many others were thriving not that many years ago and are struggling to stay afloat now. Information products are low cost to get into, you can sell them online and you can change them as market demands change. I know a guy that came up with a book and video on how to install a security system in your home – he is making a good living from selling that online.