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I would like to start an internet business and would like to know where to start?

December 2nd, 2012 6 comments

I am looking for detailed steps since I have no computer background.

Hi there,

From my own experience i can highly recommend the following as a way of making money out of eBay WITHOUT having to sell anything.

Take a look at the package on offer. I did and after a bit of a learning curve, I had a website that was making me around $160 a month with minimal effort. So minimal in fact, I left it entirely to make money month by month and ‘sales’ have declined since – due to my own neglect. Money for old rope my dad called it! I probably made $800 out of that site and you can make as many sites as you can think of eBay niches to base them on. if you look at the forum, its full of people who have managed to give up their day job to become ebay partner affiliates. Its also packed full of advice relating to other ways of making cash on the net not related to ebay. There IS a learning curve but it gets easier as you go along and these is plenty of help. Its a turnkey product in theory although you do have to add content and make it unique etc

This is my ‘neglected’ site:

The US version:

Hope that helps!

Dog Auctions

July 8th, 2012 25 comments

Go inside the legal, but inhumane world of dog auctions. Rare footage from multiple dog auctions shows how dogs are treated like livestock and are passed around from one kennel to another, with no regard for their health or well-being, and certainly no regard for the emotional trauma they endure.

Duration : 0:9:56

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