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How do you get access to your money from selling on ebay?

February 11th, 2013 5 comments

I want to sell on ebay- but the way I understand it you can only use the money you make as credits on paypal unless you transfer it to your bank account but I really dont want to give out my bank information and connect it to paypal – is there any other way to credit it to your credit card or something where I can use it other than just online?

Well, you can not use Paypal as an option for payment.
Use Money Orders instead.

I buy and sell on eBay, and have a PayPal account, and it is alot easier, and they are very secure. Buyers make a payment to your PayPal account and then you transfer to your bank account.

But like I said, you can always use Money Orders.

Good Luck.

do i sign up before i sell off of ebay or can i just start selling?

December 8th, 2012 3 comments

do i need a credit card or any other information too? thanks. any tips would be great!

Hi, yes you do need to have an account with them in order to sell or even buy on ebay. Don’t worry it doesn’t cost anything to have the account. You do have to set up a credit card with them for purchases and decide if you want to accept your payment via paypal (which could then be transferred to your bank account; though this takes up to 4 days to do). You can also accept checks or money orders as payments but paypal is much faster.
When you do list your items for sale it’s best if you have a picture uploaded of what you are selling and that you put in the best possible description. You should also note if the item is new or used and what its condition is. Then you pick a starting price or buy it now price. If the item sells they will charge a small fee on top of what they charge to list the item. If it does not sell you can relist it and if it sells the second time they will not charge you to relist it. You also have to state how you are going to ship the item and what you are charging for shipping (must be based on weight and distance). If you do take paypal for payments they will also charge a small fee when receiving the funds. If you have any other questions feel free to email me.

Do you need paypal to sell items on Ebay?

November 10th, 2012 7 comments

I want to start selling items on Ebay (sports tickets) and I was wondering if paypal is the only option for payments? Is it 100 % secure? I know thousands, probably millions, use paypal and never have problems but I’m a little skeptical with the wiring of money through credit cards. Also, how does the shipping work with Ebay? Is the seller responsible for paying for shipping? Is it easier to sell tickets on broker sites or Ebay?

Also, does Ebay get a percent commission on items sold, and if so, how much?

Thanks everyone!

No – you do not need Paypal to sell on eBay, but your sales will be significantly slower (e.g. have to wait in the mail for checks & money orders to arrive & clear). I am an eBay buyer and the seller taking Paypal is one of the first things I look out when considering an item. I do not buy otherwise.

I have never had a problem with Paypal. It isn’t just credit cards…it directly debits your checking account if that is the method chosen.

Shipping through eBay is whatever you want it to be. You charge what you want. Either put a weight into your listing or put a flat shipping dollar amount. It is your choice.

No, the buyer pays for shipping per the seller’s listing. Some sellers overcharge for shipping to make up the different in what they hoped to get for th item. For example, you could charge $8 shipping for a pair of sports ticket that could ship for $1. You’ve just made $7 more than you would have otherwise.

No idea about the question where it is easier to sell tickets.

Yes, eBay (and Paypal) both get a percentage of your sale. Paypal, obviously, only if you use them. eBay gets a listing fee. For me, it is normally around 60 cents. Then they get a percentage of the final sale amount as well. I forget how much it is, but it is all on their site.

Am I paying too much to sell on ebay?

July 9th, 2012 2 comments

Are these expenses normal or am I paying too much? I sold a camera for $1477. Ebay charged a fee of $62, paypal charged a fee of $58 and the shipping was $18. Is there a way to bypass or lower the paypal fee?

That is high but its all in your agreement. Ebay used to allow people to accept checks and money orders and not to offer paypal. This is no longer the case, they will only let you use paypal if you choose to sell on ebay. There is just too much money to be paid for them. Also beware, if your buyer chooses to open a dispute after receiving the camera, paypal WILL side with him and refund him the money. I sold a 3k bike frame on ebay. Buyer opened a claim saying that its not what he ordered, mailed me back a kids bycicle frame instead. Since paypal had proof of delivery, they went ahead and refunded him the money.