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I Sell Costume Jewellery On Ebay Are My Prices Too High?

February 4th, 2012 3 comments

What Am i doing wrong i sell costume jewellery on ebay which i think is a nice mix and im thinking of doing it full time and opening an ebay shop but im put of by slow sales i dont make a big profit as i beleive being greedy puts people off do you think i have the right mix and what do you think of my prices and postage please let me know as i am left scratching my head as there are shops on ebay selling the same items over £5.00 dearer in some cases. Have a look and see what you think im called shellynrichy. Thanks Shelly 27 year old stress headed female.

I had a very similar problem. I opened a shop selling lovely costume jewellery, girly accessories etc and made it look professional, but sales were so slow and the costs were so high I gave up and I’ve got loads of stuff stored in my bedroom now! (will probably try again soon but it’s a lot of hassle as you’ll agree). I’m not saying you should give up but ebay is such a huge marketplace now and there is so much competition I just think that is the main problem. I personally don’t see anything wrong with what you are selling but it depends on who’s looking for what and is a matter of luck. If you go to a shopping centre you have Claires and Accessorize or whatever but ebay has lots of shops selling costume jewellery. You say other people have sold the same jewellery for £5 dearer – maybe they were one-offs who knows but have you thought about changing your name (if you can) to something catchier relating to what you are selling? I wouldn’t recommend opening a shop yet until you see how things go for a bit longer as I ended up worse off. What about carboot sales? Good luck!