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Studying Historical PPC Ad Trends to Optimize Your Seasonal Ad Campaigns

March 8th, 2013 No comments

Nowadays, a lot of online businesses rely heavily on certain seasons for increased sales volume. As of this writing, the month of September for most industries indicate a significant time for sales — it’s back-to-school in the US; it’s the early start of Halloween and Christmas preparation for Christian nations; it’s the beginning of vacation booking for some travel enthusiasts. If you are an online marketer that could benefit from such events, then you might just want to invest on the trend when the demand is in full bloom, because if you’re not prepared as a seasonal marketer, you will not reap the fruits of a demanding market during this buying season.

Research and well-tested ad campaign techniques are keys to handling seasonal activities in the online market. So when seasonal advertising time is approaching, you should be equipped with the knowledge of knowing the profitable keywords from related websites around a month before the season.

For example, you are planning to sell gift items this coming Christmas such as jewelry, clothes, perfume and toys. You should do a research of shopping sites, such as, Amazon and, and determine their high-paying keywords. Competitive intelligence tools such as can be a big help in this marketing pursuit. It can gather keywords of marketers in all types of industries and allow you to get good ideas on keyword advertising. You can also check its Time Machine feature, this KeywordSpy thing lets you look at keywords other advertisers have used in the past.

So based on our first example, you may look for Christmas-oriented sites in KeywordSpy Time Machine and check their November and December 2007 keywords and ad copies, then see for yourself the keyword advertising strategies which will be helpful in your own site campaign on December 2008.

In short, if your business has various high points throughout the year, try to review the past promotional and marketing campaigns of your industry so you can improve your next target season. I really suggest that you give the Time Machine a shot. This is the only keyword tool feature that I have seen giving months’ worth of advertising information. Would you believe, I found out through KeywordSpy Time Machine that divorce sites such as boost their advertising during months of February and March? Perhaps this can be credited to the fact that the Valentines madness is in the air during these months, and divorce sites are targeting the emotional spots of “attached people”, by subtly suggesting that they should prioritize their need for divorce to be with their “true love.” So, how is that for an advertising gold mine if you are in the “divorce industry”? You can simply copy the keywords and improve the ad copies of well-performing divorce sites in certain periods and months.

Whoever said that “moving forward” is the best thing to do in this world” is simply not always right especially in this case. Cause in the world of seasonal advertising, it is good to “look backwards” and review the good and bad in the past season, for you to cherry-pick and carry the good ones in the next.

The theory is the same when choosing your keyword and ad copies for your targeted seasons, learn from the sites that did well in the past and enhance what they’ve got. With this, we might just believe in the saying: “It’s always good to learn from the experts.”

Happy selling and have a fruitful season!

Zey Gutierrez

The MOST TRAGIC Mistake a New Marketer Almost ALWAYS Makes

February 15th, 2012 No comments

Copyright 2005 Richard Meredith

So… you’re a new marketer, and you want to make extra money or
even perhaps a great living! One of the first things you do is
join an affiliate program or downline club of some sort. Or
maybe even you are trying your hand at Ebay or another auction
service by marketing some nicely profitable product. Now, once
you have some sort of online business vehicle, your mind must
gravitate to exactly what kind of advertising to generate sales
or memberships.

Online business is an awful lot like regular advertising. What
draws you to a business in your home town? Coupons? Specials?
Give-aways? A personal recommendation from a friend or trusted

Oh yes- and here is a little secret that is often not known or

When it comes to building any kind of business online you do the
same thing! Give away a free report, an informative ebook, a
trial software, an online course, or maybe a subscription to a
free newsletter or ezine. This is just simply the way it is done
with online business, period. But here is the most critical
part… you MUST capture the name and email address FIRST before
you give access to it!

It is widely known by all of the top marketers online that your
PRIMARY task to be successful is to compile a list of people
(prospective customers) that are interested in the type of thing
you are giving away! This is so easy to do with an
autoresponder. They just fill a form, and they are automatically
added to your list, and then are redirected to your download
page or membership site.

Then the next task is to automatically send a series of messages
with that autoresponder that tell more about the reasons why
your product or products (or membership program) are BENEFICIAL
to them! WHY? Because it is infinitely better to contact a
prospect several times rather than only once. It is a proven
fact that most people will NOT buy from you or join your program
until they have been approached at least 5 to 7 times. This is
done as I said, automatically, on a timed basis slowly tapering
off until it is a slow drip of messages until they buy or join-
or unsubscribe from your list. And when you run special
promotions of any kind, a feature of the best autoresponders
allows you to broadcast to your entire list any time you want.
This is how many marketers can make huge amounts of money and
sales ON DEMAND- whenever and as often as they like!

Details about which autoresponders are best, and the techniques
of developing a list and how often to mail to that list are
subjects that deserve more time and attention than can be given
here… but suffice it to say that if YOU are not FIRST
developing a list, and then marketing to your list AFTERWARDS-
you’re just missing the boat!

Pure and simple!

So if you are advertising an affiliate link, or your products’
sale page… or anything other than your free subscription,
report, ebook, or course- it can indeed be the most tragic
mistake you can make in your online business strategy!

If this is you, pull back and regroup, and completely re-think
your marketing strategy now before you lose too much time,
money, energy, or motivation.

And remember… BUILD your LIST!

Richard Meredith