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i just opened a vintage clothing store on ebay. any tips?

February 11th, 2013 4 comments

do you have any tips for how i could promote my store or tips for selling products? thanks a lot.

If you have your store setup, you’ll still want to be sure and do regular auctions on some of the items since auctions get more exposure and this will help bring traffic to your store.

Be sure and create your about me page. Make sure and use keywords customers would search for in your titles. Take great photos and always work to improve the look and feel of your listings. Make sure your shipping fees are reasonable. Offer a shipping discount for purchasing multiple items. Put your store items on sale now and then. Create a Squidoo lens about vintage clothing and add a link to your eBay store. I think eBay still lets you a create a free blog thru them, I haven’t done that yet, but should.

Just keep at it and you’ll discover there are many things you can do and not enough time to do them all. I’m currently selling women’s clothes on eBay and although competitive, it can be done.

Wishing you all the best!

How to increase my chance of success in selling on eBay?

December 23rd, 2012 5 comments

I am not planning to open an eBay store. Just wondering if there are tricks to selling on eBay that I don’t know about. Like how to increase traffic to my items, how to advertise, and how to increase bidding. Most useful tips get 10 points.
I have sold a couple of items on eBay but usually not a lot of people bid or put on watch list. I eneded up with just 2 bids and sell for very low price. I wonder how I can get more people to see my ads in the first place.

One great way to attract buyers is to have a low starting bid. I typically start the item at the price I paid for it (I usually rummage through thrift stores and dollar stores for my items – ones that I know could sell for more). For instance, if I find an NFL jersey for $5… I list it for $6, which covers my ebay fees & paypal fees, plus my purchase price. $6 is INCREDIBLY low for a football jersey!

However… you also have to find items that people WANT. Sports items are great… IF the team is doing well or has a strong "die hard" fan base. Children’s clothing also does well (name brands, especially in bigger "lots"), newly released CD’s & movies, some pet items (dog jackets, for example), etc. If you see something you think might sell (that is guaranteed to BE there later)… go look it up on ebay and see if others are getting bids on similar items. I used to just think up as many things to search for as I could and see what did best.

Another big thing is to offer low (or free) shipping. You can either work the shipping into your starting bid price (although that costs more in fees), or just charge people the actual cost to ship. You’ll want to use a shipping calculator through ebay though as most people want to know in advance how much shipping will be, since there’s tons on ebay who will charge $30 to ship a pair of pants or something!

Anyway… other than that… I guess try to have a variety… and if you find something that sells well… buy a BUNCH of it to sell! 🙂 I found Barbie dog jackets on clearance for a dollar one time… bought 35 of them and made several hundred dollars on them! Ya just gotta have an eye for what sells… oh… and make your title catchy and make sure it states what’s being sold.

Why does ebay make me list my items for 3 days or 5 days and not allow one day listing sometimes?

December 10th, 2012 1 comment

I’ve tried many things like taking out buy now, or not listing the name brand. I have tried a lesser bid price. I have tried everything just about except for trying a different category because I like to list accurately. Is it that certain categories you have to list for 3 or five or 7 days? Or is it the way I choose my listing items? I need some help. I appreciate any that I can get. 🙂

Certain items don’t qualify for 1 day auctions ( high priced electronics) as an example. Besides, 1 day auctions will be missed by many people. 7 day sales can be slow & i don’t see the advantage to a short listing.

Do you wish you could learn to sell on ebay, just so you could sell back the things you bought on ebay?

November 2nd, 2012 3 comments

I’ve bought so many things on ebay, that I wish I didn’t. I’d love to sell them back.

How about you?

Yes. Selling woukd be hard though

How You Started Your Online Auction Business?

February 8th, 2012 4 comments

A lot of people world wide have made a lot of money with their online auction sites. To start a home-based Online Auction business is very easy. Unlike other home-based businesses, it requires no savings. For more detail go to: it requires is a few moments of your time to get started. The advantages of starting a Home-Based Auction Online are –

No investment is required; hence there are no financial risks like other businesses.
There are no fixed working hours. You can choose to work when it is suitable to you.
No technical skills required.
You can get your Online Auction Business started in less than 10 minutes.

Now lets get down to the details of how to get started with your home-based Online Auction, first and most important, for more detail go to: have to get an idea how Online Auction works.

Even if you want some item very badly, do not buy it because it is the last item of its kind available on the auction site. It might be over priced. You can try to best to get what you want at other online auction sites.
It is always best to leave your bid till the last few minutes before the closing of an auction. This prevents the price from being driven too high.
Many items on a home-based Online Auctions are wrongly spelt. You can use this to your advantage, as there will be less people searching for wrongly spelt items.
Now let’s get into how to start setting up your own home based online auction. Look around your home. You’ll see many things that you have no use for. You can also ask your friends for unwanted items. Make a list of all these items on your site as well as their photographs. There is nothing like a photograph to instantly grab the concentration of the buyers.
This is very important as it give your buyers a good idea of want they will get. Make sure that you give all the technical and detailed images of items on sale.
To induce your buyers about your honest approach to business and your integrity, offer to refund money if the goods sold by you are less than satisfactory.
Positive Feed Back forms are an absolute necessity to show your probable buyers that you have satisfied customers. And to have satisfied customers your quality of service has to be very good. Positive feedback reassures your prospective customers of your integrity.
Always sell items on your home-based Online Auction site for what it’s worth. Never ever sell it for less than its value. To do this you need to set a reserve price, below which you will not sell. Make sure that your reserve price is not too high, as it will scare customers away.
Now that you have all the essential details on how to start your home-based online auction business think of catering to a niche market. This will reduce the competition from other online auction sites.

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