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I’m 50, just got laid off, and miserable. What can I do?

January 15th, 2013 23 comments

My husband and I both worked for the same company, on the same shift. I was the quality control auditor, and he is the assistant supervisor. Since everything has slowed down, they decided to give the quality job to the assistant supervisor on each shift. So I really lost my job to my husband. He doesn’t understand why that upsets me, and he doesn’t care how miserable I am. When we were notified that this is how things were going to be, he never even told them he wasn’t happy about taking my job. He is protecting himself. Anyway I had to take a $1.50 paycut on the hour and stay on my feet for 8 hrs. running a press until I got laid off. Help! I am miserable!!!!

OK – been there myself:

First – go to a good library and find the reference section – there you should find a three-book set called the Encyclopedia of Associations published by Gale Research. Look in the first book for any topical items that you enjoy (i.e. statistics, quality control) and write down any code numbers given. The go to Volumes II & III to find those code numbers. You will find a number of professional organizations that work in those areas.

Contact ALL of the professional organizations that interest you and learn all that you can about who they are and what they do. Ask to get a copy of their publications catalog (should be free for the asking if they publish anything) and look through it to find interesting topics. If you find something – look in eBay or other online book sales to find cheep copies to read or check you library for them.

You may also find that some of these groups have local chapters/sections who may hold monthly (or other frequently held) meetings. You do not have to go to the dinners, and many of the information portions of the meetings will be free.

Go to as many of these as you can to network and talk to people in other areas, companies, etc. You may find someone who either knows about a open job or can direct you to another source of information.

Also, since you mentioned plant auditing, are you an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor – ASQ CQA? Many professional organizations have professional certification exams. The American Society for Quality is one of the groups that you will find under quality in the Encyclopedia of Associations. The ASQ has a very large network of individuals around the world and probably has a section close to where you live. They also have a job bank listing at their national website –

Besides all of this, your local state may have a job bank that you can start look at as well as any number of job agency websites. Your challenge is to use this time off to build your skills as much as possible so that you will be ready for the next job – remember that luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. The more skills that you can show a prospective employer, the better chance you will have to get the position.

My home was lost to foreclosure via auction. How can I verfiy that it actually sold at the auction?

December 23rd, 2012 4 comments

I believe that an investment company won the auction and then failed to close the deal within the specified time. They were trying to flip the house and I don’t think they were able so they forefitted the bid deposit. The auction was on June 12 and there still are no recorded documents according to the county recorder’s office. Any advice on how to get to the bottom of this. I have moved on, but I just want some closure as to how it all played out. Thanks.

You can call the county recorder’s office or the clerk’s office and ask them to tell you who currently owns your property, as well as any liens on the property right now.

That would be the easiest way, since the county in which the property is located keeps all of the records affecting the property. If the foreclosure went through but there was a problem with the sale, they will be able to give you that information.

But if you are right and there are still no documents that have been recorded to show a transfer of ownership, then the house may have to be auctioned again at a later date. If the high bidder could not pay, the house may just go back to sheriff sale.

In the meantime, you might still be the owner of the property, just as you were during the foreclosure process. It is usually the confirmation of the sale that transfers final ownership — if that hasn’t been done in your case, you may still own the property for now.

Hope that helps.

How can I avoid paying a speeding fine and not getting three points on my licence?

November 20th, 2012 13 comments

Please no sarcastic remarks like slow down, I have read them all. Just give me pure straight advice to try and get away with it.

There is a lot of assuming going on with many answers. Many states you can’t "take a class".

If you were pulled over via camera, you could easily go with the excuse that you have your car up for sale and the "test driver" must have gone too fast. You’d have to go to court to argue your case.

I would guess that you got pulled over. Three points probably means you were speeding over 10, maybe over 20. This is what you can do: Go to court on the day of your arraignment (that is the first time you appear). The DA’s will bring everyone forward one by one and try to avoid a court case by making many plea agreements. If you can afford to bump your ticket down to a lesser-point offense, you could easily say to the individual, "I was speeding, but not by 20 miles an hour. It was 10 according to my spedometer. I had cruise control set." Many times they will drop the charge down a bit just to avoid the added time they usually don’t have to see all these cases and burden the police officer with having to appear (taking him off the streets doing his job and putting him in court and still paying him).

If the fine is due by April 30th, you can go in there and say you’ve lost your job and are looking for one and don’t have any income or some other thing stating "I can’t pay this whole fine at this time" and they will spread out the payments. You can even appear before they are due to request more time… as long as you pay a few bucks here and there, they usually grant the time.

The worse thing about getting a ticket is getting screwed by your insurance company as, usually, you were speeding. Paying a speeding fine sucks, but paying an insurance company more for your mistake is complete BS. There is no context only the thought that "speed kills’ while driving too close is widely ignored and definitely causes many serious accidents.

If you were going 10 MPH over, you could purchase a used speedometer from eBay (if reasonable) or simply a cheap spedometer cable and bring the receipt to court and say your spedometer was broken. Usually you’ll wind up paying the fine, but the charge will be changed from "speeding" to "equipment inoperative". Same cost, no points, no insurance screw-over. I think most court houses don’t care as the insurance company typically doesn’t lobby every local government in the area…only state & federal levels!

Good luck. I’ve learned to ALWAYS go to that first appearance because they’ll often allow you to plead down. Sometimes they will even remove a charge if you say "I’m guilty of speeding, but not the turn signal violation." And you can even bring in proof of insurance that is faked in many states and they’ll fall for that. Luckily, I live in a state where proof of insurance isn’t needed and, oddly enough, insurance rates are cheaper.

Someone on ebay tried to offer me more money for an item they did not win. What do I do?

November 14th, 2012 6 comments

They were actually being rude about it when I declined their offer. But….I honestly don’t feel like that is the right thing to do. But she "said" I should reread the terms. Are you allowed to pull items from someone who already won an auction, and sell them to someone for a higher price? Doesn’t make sense to me.

The auction ended, and they were not the highest bidder. They can be rude all they want, but you are right to follow through with the results of the auction. There are no terms that allow you to cancel the winning bid for higher amount after the auction ended, unless the buyer with the winning bid does not pay. Doing so will result in the winning bidder opening a claim against you. Just ignore this person and follow through with the sale. They can’t do anything about except stew that they lost out.

what can I sell on ebay that would actually make money?

November 6th, 2012 4 comments

I am in college, and my job has become very slow. So I am looking for ways to supplement my lost income. I know a lot of people use E-bay. My cousin goes to junkyards and buys parts and lists them, but I am not mechanically inclined so that is out of the question. What are ways a rookie like me could earn a few hundred bucks a week through E-bay?

Basically anything.
My friend buys clothes and womens products from this website ( It sales everything ) The suppliers are from china & elsewhere i believe.
She buys cheap & sales high. & She makes a good income. I wish i could tell you the website. But do some research. Good luck.

Ebay kicked me permantly off 4 trying to sell a purse & watch I thought real . No warning. How to get back on?

September 4th, 2012 10 comments

Ebay took down my site when listed a Rolex watch I had for sale because I did not have original papers for it. It was real. Then I put up a Gucci handbag and they took that down without any explaination. I put up a Tag Huge watch box that I personally had and decided to sell when I saw others on ebay for sale and that is when they took my account down saying I was selling a potential item that could be used for selling a fraud watch!!! You can sell the old ones, but not the ones that are made (in my case, in 1999.) !! I was selling it in good faith and did check the item out on ebay before I listed it. I had over 690 positives on my feedback. I now have lost all that, plus am permantley suuspended from ever selling on ebay again. I feel this injust that they did this and want to know if anyone has dealt with this or has any information on how to appeal. I did tender a signed a paper saying I wanted to be reinstated and sent them my licence and utility bill. They still refused me. HELP!

I think the only way you could get back on is if you get a receipt or appraisal of the items showing that they are authentic. Fax them to the same number that you sent the other information to. I don’t suggest you sign up a new account, because eBay has a way of linking you, even if it takes a little while.

If you are caught setting up a second account after suspension there will be absolutely no way of ever getting back on.

Don’t give up hope at this point. It just may require a little extra time and money to get back on. It’s worth it if you want to sell authentic items.

In the future don’t list anything that you don’t have documentation for. Include a scan of the documentation in your listing. Black out any personal information, but leave enough that the eBay reps can confirm that it’s not a fraud.

Windows XP2000 CD?

July 19th, 2012 2 comments

I bought my Toshiba laptop in 2006. Now, I lost the windows xp2000 CD. I am going to reboot my laptop because it has become very slow when using internet and everything. Anyone know if I can ring Toshiba company in Australia (I am currently studying in Australia) and ask them for extra one without costing me? Or I need to buy one, how much is it going to be, or if I sale it on eBay without this CD, will I be able to sale it. I am just worry if I need to sale I would need to have it, otherwise people won’t buy it.

Install XP on the laptop and then sell it without the CD!

And sell it to a home user who is non-professional.

Then he will never know that you had an OS disc.

Lost an eBay item but it reappeared the next day?

July 13th, 2012 1 comment

A few days a go I was bidding for an item and eventually lost it to another bidder who won it for around £180; which was a very good price. I went back the next day to see if a similar item had been put up and I found the EXACT same one for sale and that the same person who won the last one was bidding on this lot.

What do you think is going on behind the scenes here? Is the seller getting a friend to bid to up the price? Or do you think the seller asked the winner to decline their offer so that they could see if a better offer could be made this time around? Or is there something fundamental I’m missing like not meeting a minimum bid requirement?
Thanks Margie! There was no "reserve not met" tag on the old listing and there isn’t one on the new one either… I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same one as the last listing; same detailed pictures and same description but maybe I’m wrong.

Still taking advice/answers! Thanks in advance…

Go back and look at the completed listing for the first one you were bidding on and see if it says anything about "reserve not met". If there was no reserve on it, and it showed up again, either the seller has more than one of these items and is just listing one at a time, or there is bid shilling going on, which is against ebay rules. Shoot the seller a question, ask them how many of these do they have available, and see what the answer is. If you suspect bid shilling, report the seller to ebay. By the way, if this is what they are doing, they are idiots in more ways than one, because every time they cancel a transaction ( hoping to make more money) they must pay several fees. On an item this expensive, they are losing approx. 20 pounds each time they cancel !!!
Hope you get to the bottom of this.