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PowerSeller Secrets: How to Stay on Top on EBay

February 25th, 2012 No comments

Selling things on the internet is a good way to get rid of unused items in the house, as well as get some form of income in the process. However, if you intend to become a successful Powerseller on eBay, you need to incorporate the right tools and techniques to continually guarantee sales which will lead to added income. Here are the secrets that pros use.

How Much Money are You Eyeing On?

First, you have to determine how much money you intend to earn. Online sale or auctions usually involve some haggling, even after the final closing price has been called. Determine the highest amount the you want to get, as well as the least amount that the product you are selling should be worth. Always be fair both to yourself and the buyer when determining price. If you learn how to fix a fair price, you can boost your reputation and credibility over the long term.

Presenting Your Item

You have to display the items in front of a wide array of potential customers to get it sold at the right price. You can effectively do this on eBay by taking quality photos of your products then putting the right description, with the right keywords. Avoid using terms that do not describe the product, since you risk appearing desperate. Images should load quickly too. Try to cut down on the total image size since some viewers do not like waiting long and would rather visit a different page.

Some items may be harder to take quality photos on so you have to get the right light and the right angle. You may even consider getting a professional you know who could do it for you for free or at a minimal cost. Take some tips from the experts. The way you describe the product should also be appealing, yet factual and informative.

Use particular descriptive titles or taglines that are straight to the point. Flashy characters only make you appear like a scammer or spammer. Read more about your product, update the info when necessary and indicate the actual condition, terms of payment and shipping. Also include how costs will be added for delivery and handling.

The Actual Transaction

Powersellers stay on top of everyone else because they know how to protect themselves from fraud and other unscrupulous individuals. You have to be very careful about giving out your products by getting the right information from your potential customers. Ask for their complete name, address, contact telephone number and email address. Verify through email confirmation the transaction before sending out the package. Better yet, ask first time buyers to send the payment first before delivering.

Only accept payment through the right and reliable channels. In eBay, the only means that Powersellers want to deal with would be through PayPal. Serious buyers will not hesitate to invest in a PayPal account. Secure evidence that you have successfully sent out the item by keeping the insurance and tracking number. You can dispute any possible complaints from the buyer that the item has not been received.

If you are still starting out, consider doing sample transactions to test your system. Synthetic periodic transactions every 5 to 15 minutes are ideal for you to know how well customers can be accommodated and finish successful deals.

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How You Started Your Online Auction Business?

February 8th, 2012 4 comments

A lot of people world wide have made a lot of money with their online auction sites. To start a home-based Online Auction business is very easy. Unlike other home-based businesses, it requires no savings. For more detail go to: it requires is a few moments of your time to get started. The advantages of starting a Home-Based Auction Online are –

No investment is required; hence there are no financial risks like other businesses.
There are no fixed working hours. You can choose to work when it is suitable to you.
No technical skills required.
You can get your Online Auction Business started in less than 10 minutes.

Now lets get down to the details of how to get started with your home-based Online Auction, first and most important, for more detail go to: have to get an idea how Online Auction works.

Even if you want some item very badly, do not buy it because it is the last item of its kind available on the auction site. It might be over priced. You can try to best to get what you want at other online auction sites.
It is always best to leave your bid till the last few minutes before the closing of an auction. This prevents the price from being driven too high.
Many items on a home-based Online Auctions are wrongly spelt. You can use this to your advantage, as there will be less people searching for wrongly spelt items.
Now let’s get into how to start setting up your own home based online auction. Look around your home. You’ll see many things that you have no use for. You can also ask your friends for unwanted items. Make a list of all these items on your site as well as their photographs. There is nothing like a photograph to instantly grab the concentration of the buyers.
This is very important as it give your buyers a good idea of want they will get. Make sure that you give all the technical and detailed images of items on sale.
To induce your buyers about your honest approach to business and your integrity, offer to refund money if the goods sold by you are less than satisfactory.
Positive Feed Back forms are an absolute necessity to show your probable buyers that you have satisfied customers. And to have satisfied customers your quality of service has to be very good. Positive feedback reassures your prospective customers of your integrity.
Always sell items on your home-based Online Auction site for what it’s worth. Never ever sell it for less than its value. To do this you need to set a reserve price, below which you will not sell. Make sure that your reserve price is not too high, as it will scare customers away.
Now that you have all the essential details on how to start your home-based online auction business think of catering to a niche market. This will reduce the competition from other online auction sites.

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