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how can advertise and promote so I get customers to find my online store?

March 8th, 2013 11 comments

I have just started my own little business selling fashion and costume jewellery :

I would just like some advice on others experience with starting a new business, and any tips for getting more traffic that have worked for you.

So far I have paid for advertising on google adwords and facebook. Entered my URL on various trawlers and online web directories, got all of the social media sites such as twitter, stumbled upon, facebook and pinterest.
I also leaflet drop, attend fairs and shop events, have set up an online blog, promote on asos marketplace and have written to various newspapers and magazines with my press release.

I understand it takes alot of man hours, hard work and determination, but would just value some tips and tricks from people who have been through or are going through the same as me. I spend around 5 hours a day purely on online promotion and advertising.

I really want to make this work, it’s my passion and hobby, i am 22 years old, and I really would love to hear your stories.

All constructive criticism and feedback is welcomed, and thank you in advance
Sophie x

I noticed that most of your products centered around rhinestone jewellry, so you should concentrate your keywords based around those.

Adwords can be tricky to get right from the get go, these days there are so many different features in there that it can be confusing. I would suggest that you stick to product listing ads (and google shopping). AFAIK Google shopping is still free in the UK and you should utilise them. I work with American clients normally so I really don’t have a clue what the UK rules are. Even though I’m from the UK.

I’m not sure what your profit margins are using Adwords on low cost products – I suppose it really depends on your market, what the typical customer buys (5+ items or just one). I would expect that you will need to get at least 15 customers to your website to make one sale. If you’re paying 15p a click that would mean that your margin would need to be at least £2.25 to break even.

There are various techniques you can use on site to increase the amount of money people spend on your site by cross selling and Adwords techniques to hammer your click costs down.

The free delivery over £30 is a nice touch and will help to increase your average basket value up so customers buy more than one item and you have a better margin.

If you need some tips and specific Adwords related advice contact me through

I used to run an eCommerce site before, I found that a lot of sole proprietors run an ebay store as well – even though it’s not the core part of their business, they use ebay as a lead generation funnel. They’ll sell pieces on ebay – because it’s a big market place and then use it to build a list of prospects and when mailing goods out enclose a phamphlet of their website or even a catalogue.

Enclosed a 20% off ebay purchase discount for the online store and funnel sales onto there.

The ebay method acts like a advertising medium that essentially pays for itself.

Also utilize email marketing to retain a list of customers and email them about latest store updates and send fashion tips etc.

Wholesale Drop Shipping: How to Make Money From Home Using Ebay

March 5th, 2013 10 comments

A wholesale drop shipper allows you to sell items without keeping a physical inventory. The company provides and stores products, then, when someone buys an item from an EBay business owner for example, that owner simply processes the order and sends it and payment onto the drop shippers who then package and ship the product to the customer. All you have to do is sell the products listed on the pages of a wholesale drop shipper’s web site for more than the drop shipper is charging and you’ll be on the way to an easy profit.

Drop shippers and wholesalers are an invaluable resource for all EBay store owners. They provide a means of simplifying the entire ordering process and enable entrepreneurs to make greater profits. The customer never knows that a third party exists because drop shippers will package the product using the EBay business owner’s labeling. By purchasing the products at wholesale prices, the EBay store owner profits the difference between that price and the winning bid amount while the drop shippers take care of everything else.

The beauty of drop shipping is that it is virtually risk free. Any business which fails to use a wholesale drop shipping company must bear the expense of buying the inventory and waiting until a sale is made before recuperating an investment. By using drop shippers, nothing is paid out until the customer’s payment is received. It is an ideal arrangement for people with little start up capital.

Basically, time is the only thing that an EBay business owner must invest when using drop shipping. And the majority of that time is spent on research, trying to find the best wholesale drop shippers to supply the quality products they wish to sell.

However, be warned, it is not all smooth sailing. It can take hours to find a reliable source. Believe me, searching for wholesale drop shipper companies using Google turns up middleman and broker network offers almost exclusively.
‘Brokers’ often have a very elaborate system of steps you need to take. Effectively, all that these companies are offering you is a commission sales situation. They require a W-9 to participate, something no real drop ship supplier would demand. In general you should NEVER, EVER pay a fee just to talk with someone about what they offer. No reputable business would require this.

A middleman drop ship company positions itself between the manufacturer/distributor wholesale drop shipper and the retailer. They generally aggregate many different suppliers and present them under ‘one roof’. Many charge a monthly fee and also have per order drop ship fees. In general, middlemen are best avoided as it is difficult to find profitable product lines given their mark up, participation fees, and per order drop ship fees. However, some companies do offer money making potential and if you have lots of time to spare this may be worth pursuing, for example the free trial at Doba.

The true wholesale drop shipping companies referred to throughout this article are manufacturers and distributors who are willing to work directly with internet retailers. You can use these sources to stock your EBay store or other online marketplace and stand to make a good profit. They require little or no money of EBay business owners, and they even take care of the entire logistics involved in getting an item to your customer. So if you are serious about making money on EBay look into the world of drop shipping today. Visit salehoo for a great list of wholesale drop shippers.

Paul Buntrage

Where can I buy bikini nights perfume?

March 3rd, 2013 1 comment

I have looked absolutely everywhere for Anchor Blue’s "Bikini Nights" perfume. I know it was discontinued quite a while ago, but I’ve looked everywhere trying to find it. Ebay, overstock, amazon, and every other online site within the first 50 pages of google search. Has anyone seen it for sale on any website, or know of a perfume really really similar?

Hi There,

Making a good smelling perfume is as much a matter of technique as it is art. Combining the various ingredients drop by drop using a complex formula can be daunting for the beginner or hobbyist. The slightest change in the formula can drastically alter the smell of the perfume, creating a foul smelling concoction in an instant.

Then again, the slightest change can also create a sweet smelling alternative scent. For the beginner, however, there’s a simple recipe to learn the basics of perfume making known as Orient Nights that’s quick to mix and presents a light, refreshing scent.

Tips for Gentlemen on How to Select Beautiful Jewelry for Her

March 1st, 2013 No comments

When it comes to finding the latest jewelry trends, there are a number of places to look. You can pick up the most recent copy of your favorite celebrity magazine, which is sure to feature plenty of famous faces showcasing the next hottest thing in jewelry. Or, you can watch the award shows and get an idea of the latest in glamour wear. Whether your taste is casual, trendy or glamourous, cubic zirconia set in sterling silver can combine the best of all worlds into one sparkling piece of jewelry.

When deciding where to go for purchasing jewelry, there are a few factors to keep in Mind. Shop around. Look into multiple locations that sell jewelry. Diamond jewelry can be very expensive, so you should be cautious when purchasing. If you are buying a gift, make sure that the piece you have truly symbolizes your love for that person. You don’t want your loved one to receive an expensive gift and not be absolutely floored.

Another thing you should be on the lookout for is a diamond jewelry shop that’s having a sale. When companies have sales, sometimes it is because nobody wants the products they are trying to sell. However, more often than not, sales take place simply because they have old stock that they want to get rid of to make room for a new shipment. Take advantage of a jeweler’s desire to move old merchandise and save yourself a lot of money.

Also browse through websites and of course auction sites, like eBay or auction sites specialized in selling quality jewelry, to find better prices on jewelry than those usually seen at jewelry stores. It’s no problem to find a few reputable websites that offer discount jewelry. Just search Google or your favorite Searchengine for “online jewelry auctions” the results you’ll find are always the top reputable jewelry sites.

By following the tips listed here, you will certainly be able to find the perfect jewelry you have been looking for. Remember that not all jewelry sellers are trustworthy, so always be cautious. Additionally, use common sense when shopping for jewelry. Do not let a salesman swindle you into purchasing something that you feel uneasy about.

Now a few tips for our beloved Gentlemen on how to select the most beautiful jewelry styles for her:

Choosing a necklace for her:

Is she tall? Average? Petite? Your choice of necklace can minimize or emphasize her size. If you want to create or emphasize a taller appearance, choose longer necklaces and V shapes. A necklace that falls past the bust line but above the waist will elongate while a choker style or shorter U shaped necklace resting on the breast bone will shorten her appearance. If she is petite, go for daintier pieces.

Choosing earrings for her:

Few factors should be kept in mind when you would like to buy earrings for her. Firstly and as most important point, the shape of her face. Second, is her hairstyle. And the last one, are the material and the most fitting style of the earrings that you are going to get for her, ask general questions to find out what material is her favorite.

Choosing bracelets and rings for her:

Choosing a ring for her is quite tricky especially for most men. Of course, it will be easier if she will be coming along with you to the jewelry store. But, you want this to be a surprising gift for her. What to do? There are two solutions, first solution that is easier for you is, you go for something that doesn’t require any measurements such as necklace, pendants, earrings, bracelet or even pin or brooch. The second solution is asks her something about rings. Questions must be in general too, but be aware that each female has kind of an sixth sense when it comes to jewelry and you surely don’t want to ruin the gift. Let say you are reading a magazine and there is an advertisement on jewelry. From there, you can create question by question, as example talking about the girl in the advertisement, than indirectly you can ask what size her finger is and quickly cover up with other question.

Carmelita Moore

Significance of Internet Marketing for Dummies!

March 1st, 2013 4 comments

There are many people every day jumping into the online world. With more and more people using the internet the floodgates of internet users are opening wider everyday. But how, as a home business owner, can you expect to compete with the “big dogs” of the internet and dip your cup into the profits as well?

There are a ton of tips and tricks that people will tell you are the “best” way to advertise your home business??. For more info login to:www.freeearningtips.comBut do them incorrectly or choose the wrong methods and all you’ll really end up doing is increasing your frustration, not your traffic or your sales.

He remembers back when he started my first business (not online) it seemed like almost everyday someone was willing to offer me a great deal to advertise my business. Of course with all these different resources out there some of them had to be more effective than others. The only problem was ???. HOW Do he Tell Which Ones? He  had limited resources and certainly couldn’t afford to give them all a try, unless I just wanted to cross my fingers and hope they worked so He wouldn’t go out of business!

Thankfully, today’s online world provides home business owners with a variety of different marketing techniques, and each can be as profitable as the next. As a business owner you simply have to decide what you are willing to invest in your business, and which will have the best return on your investment

Let’s run through a few of the most popular types.

Paid Banner (CPM + CPC) and Paid Text-

Banner ads you can pay for as CPC(cost per click) or CPM(cost per every thousand times banner is displayed) usually placed in a high traffic area on a site that causes visitors of that site to see it and visit your site.

Paid Text advertising is similar only the ad is in the form of a text link usually off to the sides (or at the top in search engines like Yahoo! And Google) For more info login to you are going to use this kind of advertising make sure you pick the sites you place your ads on carefully (popular sites will be expensive but you should get more clicks and smaller sites will be cheaper, but often with little or no results)

E-mail lists –

Programs or services that will get your link out to many different internet users. These can be good if you have a very widely used type of product. The negative to these lists is that with new e-mail features often these types of messages get marked as spam and are disregarded by the intended recipient.

Free Traffic Generators –

Traffic generators like Traffic Swarm can be a great way of just getting people to go to your site. There are some that you can pay for that will guarantee you a certain number of visitors for a set price. Problem is that most of the people that are now visiting your site aren’t really interested in your product or service. You might get one or two sales from extremely impulsive buyers but the rest only visit to earn credits or something of the sort from the home site. If you’re going to rely on this type of advertising make sure your visitor/buyer ratio is already high for your site.

Link Exchange –

This is by far the best way of driving quality traffic to your site?? if you do it right! Before you even THINK about trying to exchange links with other sites there’s a few things you should know?..

1. Download the Google toolbar – This way you will be able to tell the page rank of any pages you want to exchange links with (higher the PR the higher in the search ranking which means more traffic)

2. Exchange links with only pages of PR 4 or higher. It will help your page more by having a few PR4+ pages linking to you than 10000 pages with no page rank.

3. Build your content FIRST! Don’t expect E-Bay to display your link just because you asked them nicely! Webmasters want to know they are linking to a quality site with a good amount of substance. Focus on building your site before you ask people to link to it.

4. Try to exchange links with other sites that have the same key words as yours. Ie: There’s no reason to exchange links with a flower web site if you sell telephone service

The only thing this type of advertising will cost you is a little effort. The greatest part of it is that the people that visit your site are people that are actually interested in your product or service, not just people stopping by to earn credits?? and you don’t pay a cent. There are many books and sites on the web that can give you more details on how to effectively exchange links to your benefit.

Hopefully these tips have helped you narrow down the best type of advertising for your site. The one thing that hasn’t changed in the transition from regular to internet marketing is that you never really know what will work best for you until you try. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and see what you like!

Amandeep Singh

Learn Exactly How to Start Most Successful Home Based Business Online at Home!

February 14th, 2013 2 comments

Now, I am going to give you how to start most successful home based business online at home. I strongly believe that well begun is half done and where there a will, there a way. I highly recommend you to start your own profitable home based businesses online in the RIGHT way at the beginning. It is easier for you to start and grow in the future!

READ THIS: If you want to create your own profitable home based businesses online. You’ll discover a lot of home based business opportunities here. Also, you’ll learn how to start your own online business in the RIGHT way.

Within this article today on how to start profitable home based businesses online, we will look at what must be done to succeed online. This formula is very simple and one that people does not pay enough attention to. By explaining what to look for online, this will be a good way for you to learn how to start profitable home based businesses online.

When you’ll are looking at how to start profitable home based businesses online, you’ll first want to look at a particular field which you are interested in. You’ll want to see whether or not there is a great deal of competition out there because this could affect your decision to get into that particular field. When you are deciding to start profitable home based businesses online, you usually want to look for a field in which there is less competition so that you can come in with cheap but effective marketing and dominate that niche market. It is often easier to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond. There are many different ways that you can make big money from home on a website in this article will show you a couple of those different ways. You can decide to sell products online which you can find through wholesale distributors. You are able to advertise on your website and sell advertising using programs such as Google’s Adsense. You can even sell your products through storefronts at Yahoo, eBay, or Amazon websites.

Another key when you are looking at how to start profitable home based businesses online is to make sure that you are continually testing and retesting your website. Once you design your website, you cannot sit back and wait for the sales to comment. You want to test and retest the difference ways in which you have your pages and website built to make sure that you are taking advantage of the traffic coming into your website. If you do not do this, you are leaving money on the table. Testing everything on your website is the key for your high success in profitable home based businesses online.

The final key when looking at how to start profitable home based businesses online is how you decide to market your website. There are many companies which you are able to buy traffic from at a very cheap price and this can be a good way to supplement your natural search engine traffic. The way to build natural search engine traffic is through content and developing back links. Back links are links from other websites to yours so that when search engine search bots are indexing webpage, they will find the links to your web site and index your pages.

If you work on finding and underserved niche, it is easier to pay for traffic bought from Internet marketing firms as well as move your way up in the natural search engine pages. You want to make sure that you are developing both a good website and its contents of the people will want to read what they find and then continually return to your website. This is a simple formula in your search on how to start profitable home based businesses online. Also, it is significant for the most successful home based business online!

Learn Affiliate Marketing to discover top inside tips, techniques and secrets of how to earn extra money online through your online home based business. You’ll learn a lot of ways to make extra money online. Also, you’ll save your time & money for your online home based business. This is a great place to start your own home based business online!

Finally, starting your own profitable home based businesses online is the real home based business opportunity. I am sure that starting your own online business in the right way will help you grow easily your business dramatically in the future. My investigation shows that people can make big money online with their online businesses if they start them appropriately.

Get FREE report now to discover top inside tips, techniques and secrets of how to earn extra money online through your online home based internet marketing business. You’ll learn a lot of ways to make extra money online. Also, you’ll save your time & money for your online home based internet marketing business!

Read more articles about online home based internet marketing business and how to earn extra money at:

*Reprint Policy: Reprint in full with writer’s name, contact information, active links and brief bio.


To Darn Many Ways To Make Money!

February 11th, 2013 6 comments

Affiliate Marketing, Google Ad Words, Google Ad Sense, Network Marketing, Niche Marketing, Direct Mail, Real Estate, Stock Market Investing, Direct Marketing, The 4X Market, High Yield Investment Programs, Direct Sales, EBay and Online Auctions, Information Marketing……………the list goes on and on and on and on.

Where do you start?

What do you do?

Here is a story that you may relate with and hopefully provide a couple of ah ha moments. About 3 years ago I was speaking at an Internet Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida. On the front row was a bright eyed enthusiastic young man in his twenties named Rob.

I was one of the first speakers at the event and my topic was “How to Create a $5,000+ Monthly Income with EBay and Online Auctions”. I could tell during my presentation that Rob was getting excited about the possibilities of making money with EBay & creating cash flow with online auctions.

When my presentation was over several attendees went to the back of the room to invest in one of my training programs. Rob was the first in line. I discovered later that Rob had invested in my Deluxe $1,500.00 How to make money with EBay package which included 8 hours of 1 on 1 training and coaching along with the DVD’s CD’s and manual.

I noticed throughout the weekend that Rob invested in 3 or 4 other programs during the seminar. I thought to myself, this is good. He is a newbie and he is going to try to find the right cash generating program for himself. I had the opportunity to visit with Rob briefly towards the end of the weekend, and sure enough he had inherited about $10,000 recently and decided to invest that money into a financial vehicle that would get him out of his dead end job working for the airlines.

I reminded him to contact our office to schedule his first 1-on-1 coaching session and encouraged him that online auctions can be used as a marketing division with whatever business he choose, even if he didn’t want to do auctions as a stand alone business. This concept is discussed at

Six weeks later, I was reviewing my client list and going through some records and I realized that Rob had never called our office to schedule his first one-on-one session which he had already paid for. I rarely do this, but I decided to pick up the phone and check in with Rob.

He told me that he had marked in his day timer to call me that week. He then went on to share with me three or four businesses that he had unsuccessfully tried over the past 6 weeks that had not made him a penny. This was a clue, that this gentleman definitely had unrealistic expectations and I made a mental note to discuss this during our first telephone consulting session, which we had scheduled for a week later.

Over the next 5 weeks Rob and I met on the phone once a week. My goal was to teach him how to make money on EBay and become a full time entrepreneur He got 20 items from his closet and garage on EBay during the first week and sold 16, which is statistically above average.

His second week using some techniques we taught he put $301.00 cash in his pocket. The fourth week almost $500.00 more and he jumped over the $500 mark his 6th week earning $711.00. At this point Rob was well on his way to creating a full time income successfully selling on EBay, and I knew it was just a matter of weeks until he would be able to submit his resignation to the airlines.

His sixth week, he didn’t call in for his scheduled training session. I assumed that something had come up and was confident that he would be calling to reschedule. At this point I certainly wasn’t going to beg him to continue his “self education”.

Three years go buy and I never heard from Rob again, until about 2 ½ weeks ago. The phone rang at our office and my assistant told me there is someone named Rob XXXX on the line. I thought to myself Rob XXXX, I know that name, how do I know that name?

(I use XXXX to protect the guilty, but I will personally be sending him a copy of this article)

I took the call, and as soon as I heard his voice everything came back to me. Rob, what happened to you? I responded. I will never forget his response. “Well you know what the problem is Mr. Calvert, there are just too darn many ways to make money” He went on to tell me that he still had his crummy job at the airlines, and all he had been doing for the past 3 years was basically spinning his wheels, trying one entrepreneur enterprise after another.

He said he made the most progress during the short 6 weeks we spent together learning how to make money on EBay and he was ready to pay me my consulting and coaching fee to get him back on track and his income to $3,500 a month with online auctions so he could quit his job.

I see this epidemic everywhere I go. Would be full time, home based, entrepreneurs that are suffering from information over load. They are a jack of all money making methods and a master of none!

Is this you?

I have to admit, at one time that was me. I became so fascinated with the Internet and the possibilities that I spent hours upon hours studying different systems and implementing few or none of those systems.

Here is what I have discovered.

Choose the strategy & systems very carefully.

You must ask yourself, am I looking for short term or long term cash flow?

Is this a system that I want to run for a long time or short time?

What are the realistic income possibilities for this project? This is a very important question. One of the best quotes I have heard over the years is “You have to say no to a lot of good projects to make certain you have time for the great ones”

Once you decide on a project, you must STAY WITH IT, until you are profitable!

Always remember that the problem is not the project or the system. If other people are making it work, so can you. The real problem is always in the mirror.

The best money you can spend is on one-on-one coaching from a mentor who knows what they are doing. These type of coaches can take years off of your learning curve, and will pay you back 100 times what you invest in their knowledge and expertise.

I personally do consulting with people in three our four niche markets. I also personally pay a coach in another market I am in the process of mastering. I am always amazed that most of the time the people that hire me to coach or consult with them are already full time entrepreneurs earning strong six figure incomes. Yet the newbie will spend $97.00 over and over for the latest eBooks on the newest hot trend and never even consider hiring a coach. Listen, even Tiger Woods needs a coach!

Once you start a project, STAY WITH IT, until it is profitable.

Think BIG! Once you have a project that is working, ask yourself, how can I duplicate this?

I recently had a lady from Utah call me and wanted to hire me to consult with her one on one to teach here how to make money with EBay & get her business started and profitable. She was very discouraged because she had spent the last six months focusing on how to create a website designed to create income from Adsense. After she got her “self education”, she built her site in less than 3 hours. She said she had finally figured out the formula after spending almost $2, 0000 on books and courses, but last month she only averaged about $5.00 a day from her sight.

My response, “You don’t need me, you need 999 more websites”. This ladies problem was she wasn’t thinking big enough and she wasn’t thinking duplication. I told her after she had 1,000 websites each earning her $5.00 a day ($5,000 a day total) She could call me if she wanted and I could help her get to $5,000 a month in profit with EBay and online auctions. She thanked me for the paradigm shift and hopefully I will never hear from her again until we are speaking together at a seminar somewhere.

Is it time for you to quit spinning your wheels and get focused on exactly what systems and cash generating programs you want to master? A free book entitled The Top 6 Cash flow Systems for 2006 might help you, and you can get your copy at

After you decided, get some coaching, get profitable & duplicate!

Dale Calvert

I want to set up my own online business – but the only problem is i need to find a good wholesaler?

January 21st, 2013 4 comments


I’ve set up my own online business – and i want to sell alot of different things like dvd’s – clothes – pet stuff – sports equipment – the works.

But i cant find a good cheap wholesaler anywhere.

Does anyone know were i can find one on the internet? – i was thinking a Chinese one as they are cheaper.

Can anyone help?

First of all, you need to do an in depth market research. What’s your target market? You can’t just say, I want to sell a lot of different things.

Yes, everybody is buying DVD’s, but do you know what your target market is buying and can you compete with the big companies? Do you have the capital to promote your online store?

What’s the age of your target market? Are they female or male? Where do they live? Do they use internet a lot?
What’s the hobby of your target market?

Know your target market first. Most common mistake of every starting online business is: "my target market is everybody" Narrow down your target market. Find a niche market.

Starting an online business looks easy, because you don’t need to invest that much money. Just build a website and launch it. Don’t think you are done, once your website is launched. Your business hasn’t started yet.

How do you get people come to you website? How to increase your traffic? If they have found your website, ask yourself: why would they buy from you? Because it’s cheaper? NO. Never compete with the price. Better provide your customer with unique quality products or excellent customer service.

You can start online store in different ways:

1. Ebay store (low price image)
2. Amazon
3. Yahoo store
4. Build your own online store
5. Combine 1,2,3,4 to get maximum visitors

If you are going to build your own website, you need to do the following internet marketing techniques:

A. Find the most popular keywords your target market is searching for in Google & Yahoo
B. Optimization those Keywords with SEO (Search Engine Optimzation
C. Bid for those keywords at Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)
D. Write a Good sales copy about your products

and more….

Most online business use a drop shipping company so they can focus on the online marketing and customer service.

Here is an article with valuable tips about how to find a reliable drop shipper:

Here is another article how to design a website that sells:

Good luck with your business!

China is encouraging web surfers to find porn online?

January 18th, 2013 5 comments

so China’s Xinhua news agency reported

China is paying internet users to find pornography online so the websites is to be on the banned/blocked list.

Is pornography being demonized in China how bad?
Canadian scientist research concluded that "pornography did not have a negative effect on men’s sexuality."
Of course that’s up to debate whether or not pornography has negative effect on society.

What’s the deal? What is China’s perception of sex? Is there a difference of opinion on pornography between the rural and the metro population? What is the history of sexual culture in China?

How will the Chinese deal with people around the world if every other developed nation have a different perception of pornography? for example in G8 nations all have some sort of legalized adult entertainment industry in pornographic or erotica videos or websites.

It’s a love/hate relationship. The pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink.

Internet Pornography Statistics 2006
Pornographic websites 4.2 million (12% of total websites)
Pornographic pages 420 million
Daily pornographic search engine requests 68 million (25% of total search engine requests)
Daily pornographic emails 2.5 billion (8% of total emails)
Internet users who view porn 42.7%
Received unwanted exposure to sexual material 34%
Average daily pornographic emails/user 4.5 per Internet user
Monthly Pornographic downloads (Peer-to-peer) 1.5 billion (35% of all downloads)
Daily Gnutella "child pornography" requests 116,000
Websites offering illegal child pornography 100,000
Sexual solicitations of youth made in chat rooms 89%
Youths who received sexual solicitation 1 in 7 (down from 2003 stat of 1 in 3)
Worldwide visitors to pornographic web sites 72 million visitors to pornography: Monthly
Internet Pornography Sales $4.9 billion

Top Worldwide Search Requests 2006 (The website includes the top 10 US cities for each of the categories as well.)

Keyword: "porn"
1. South Africa
2. Ireland
3. New Zealand
4. United Kingdom
5. Australia
6. Estonia
7. Norway
8. Canada
9. Croatia
10. Lithuania

Keyword: "xxx"
1. Bolivia
2. Chile
3. Romania
4. Ecuador
5. Pakistan
6. Peru
7. Mexico
8. Slovenia
9. Lithuania
10. Colombia

Keyword: "sex"
1. Pakistan
2. India
3. Egypt
4. Turkey
5. Algeria
6. Morocco
7. Indonesia
8. Vietnam
9. Iran
10. Croatia

Top Video Porn Producers
Country Major Producers
1. United States
2. Brazil
3. The Netherlands
4. Spain
5. Japan
6. Russia
7. Germany
8. United Kingdom
9. Canada
10. Australia

Other Notables: Sweden, Italy, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Portugal, Israel, Serbia, Czech-Republic

Notice: China’s not on any of the above lists. However, it does lead the pack in one area.

2006 Worldwide Pornography Revenues

1. China
2. South Korea
3. Japan
4. US
5. Australia
6. UK
7. Italy
8. Canada
9. Philippines
10. Taiwan
11. Germany
12. Finland
13. Czech Republic
14. Russia
15. Netherlands
16. Brazil

How can this be? How can China be making so much money from pornography when it’s not a leading consumer?

China (8/14/2006)
"China is the world’s largest exporter of sex toys and novelties, with an estimated 1,000 factories involved in the manufacture of “adult healthcare products.” The Chinese government estimates that about one-third of all adult products and 80 percent of sex toys and condoms sold worldwide are made in China, with annual revenues from sales of Chinese adult products reaching RenMinBi 50 billion ($6.7 billion)."

So, the quandary is how to limit access to something that the government is benefiting from in a very large way. There is also a very large pornography video network in China and a large sex industry in the form of prostitution. Pornography is readily available in-country and to be frank, there’s little need to access it via the internet. Additionally, private ownership of computers is still rather low in a country with as many internet users as China. Most people access the internet via work computers and via internet bars/cafes. Perhaps this ban is more against "public sex" than anything else!

does anybody know anything about royal worcester bone china?

January 18th, 2013 6 comments

i have a 4 inch rimmed plate , flowered pattern , on the back of the plate there is a crown and number 51. is it worth anything?

Google’s a good idea. Also, have a look on ebay. There are quite a number of Royal Worcester items on sale there. One might match your pattern. Ebay would, of course, give you resale prices, more closely addressing you query on sale value of your item, tham would a listing of retail prices.

It’s called china because the best early porcelin seen in Europe came from China. The Chinese invented the technique of mixing bone ground to a powder into the clay. This made the porcelin harder and, so, allowed it to be elegantly thin. From this derives the name bone china.