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How to use paypal when selling on Ebay?

February 17th, 2013 2 comments

Trying to learn how to start selling on Ebay – I have a paypal buyer account – will it work for selling? Do they charge you any fees?

Yes it works both ways. You can also use it to request money with out selling on eBay and it has a great savings rate if you want to keep your profits in one place. The fee charged depends on the total dollar amount charged including your shipping charges. You are not charged when you use the account to purchase items on eBay. If for any reason you have to refund a buyer you get the fee returned. It also has a great link for shipping with the post office and UPS. You can pay your shipping right out of your Paypal balance. Best of all you can give your packages to your local carrier instead of running to the PO all the time. Good luck.

after a foreclosed home in GA goes to auction how long does it take to evict the residents?

February 13th, 2013 3 comments

There is a home I’m intersted in purchasing and it goes up for auction tomorrow 2/5/13. However, the residents are still living in the house. How long can they live there after the auction? When can I get in to look at the house?

the only way you would be able to get into the house to look at the house is if the current owners would allow you into the property.

Until after the foreclosure sale, the current owners are still the owners.

Once the auction is complete the property then would become the highest bidders property or if there is no higher bidder then the bank would take the property as collateral or a Real Estate On Hand (REO) of the bank.

Even with the property changing hands at the auction, it would take several business days before the proper deeds to be signed and recorded at the county recorder’s office where the property is located, before the new owner would have legal ownership of the property.

It would be difficult to determine when the property would be assigned to a real estate agency for sale. Each mortgage lender have their own procedures as to when they would assign their REO property to a real estate firm.

You might consider going to the auction and making the opening bid. Keep in mind that the lowest bid would be balance of the mortgage loan as well as any and all foreclosure fees. This bid might be more than the value of the property.

You could find out the mortgage lender and address that own the property at the foreclosure bid from the auctioneer.

You could send a bid along with a check for a deposit. At times the mortgage lender might accept this type offer.

Failure of the mortgage lender to accept your mail in offer, you would be required to wait until the property is placed for sale through a local real estate firm, who will eventually place a for sale sign on the property.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


How do you get access to your money from selling on ebay?

February 11th, 2013 5 comments

I want to sell on ebay- but the way I understand it you can only use the money you make as credits on paypal unless you transfer it to your bank account but I really dont want to give out my bank information and connect it to paypal – is there any other way to credit it to your credit card or something where I can use it other than just online?

Well, you can not use Paypal as an option for payment.
Use Money Orders instead.

I buy and sell on eBay, and have a PayPal account, and it is alot easier, and they are very secure. Buyers make a payment to your PayPal account and then you transfer to your bank account.

But like I said, you can always use Money Orders.

Good Luck.

Very new to eBay, so how do I end a sale and start shipping?

January 30th, 2013 1 comment

I just joined ebay, and I got my first bid on a ticket I am selling. What do I do now???? What do I click now to give it to that person? Begin shipping?? All that?

Please no BS as answers, no time and patience for that. Please help if you are willing. thanks!

Press end this listening on the drop down menu on your right hand side of your listing. done.

when you end a sale this means anyone that was the winning bidder is now void so you cant ship the product the safe way. you then have to send him an invioce in paypal then when payment recieved then send the product to the address he provides. this is very unsafe.

but good luck.

How much should I sell my DSL for?

January 22nd, 2013 1 comment

How much should I sell my broken ds lite for?
The only thing that’s wrong with it is the motherboard, I just replaced the entire touch screen (the part you touch and the display part), I bought a brand new charger for it, and a brand new battery. I will be selling it with:
x1 DS lite (broken, but good for most parts, and shell is in good shape)
x2 DS lite batteries
x1 DS lite charger
x1 extendable metal and plastic stylus

Total I paid around $70 for everything. I’m hoping a can make that back or close to it and put it towards a DSi

So how much should I sell it for?

After a little E-bay research, I found that completed listings for broken Nintendo DS Lites over the past few days had a:

Mininum of $24
Maximum of $58

and mean of $45.

I would recommend taking these statistics into account whien you chose a price. Ebay auctions can yield a lot, but if you are inexperienced at selling, as I am, they could make a new minimum statistic 🙂

I would advise trying to get $50+ for it. This way you can get above the average without being greedy. I don’t think that your "wish" of getting your money back is going to happen, however. Sorry!

Good luck with your sales!

Does anyone have any tips on how to successfully sell an item on ebay?

January 21st, 2013 11 comments

I have tried selling items before but they haven’t sold, does anyone have any good tips on selling an item!

Be truthful!! If an item you are selling has a mark on it, or is damaged,or faded etc you must put it in the description.Take a couple of good photos and include the the price when bought new.get the postage cost right too-a lot of sellers bump up their sales by adding too much on postage. I always get items properly weighed then add a bit for packing.Make sure you get your spellings right-so many sales are lost because of this cos the ‘search’ doesn’t pick them up.And make people think they are getting a bargain.I personally think that reserve prices put people off-I never bid on anything with one as you can usually find the same item without a reserve price.Be realistic, think about the minimum amount you would let the item sell for then use that as your starting bid.Auctions that start at 1p are great, but there’s always the chance that this could be your only bid and you end up paying out more in fees than what you sold it for.Always put at least one photo on-people won’t buy what they can’t see.Good Luck

How can I get a mortgage on a property bought at auction?

January 18th, 2013 5 comments

I would like to look into buying a property at auction as I am a first time buyer, unable to get a foot on the housing ladder. After looking into various Goverment schemes, my only other option is shared ownership.

I would like to know the process of raising a mortgage for a property bought at auction.
I know that a 10% deposit is required on the day of the auction.
Is it a case of obtaining a mortgage in principle, purchasing the property and then applying for the mortgage after the sale?

I am assuming that no mortgage lender will lend money without there being a property in place to secure the loan on.

Any information on this would be appreciated

Many thanks

Get a mortgage offer before going to an auction. Make sure the lender is able to complete your application within three weeks of the sale. If you don’t have the moneyin your account in time to pay for the property you could lose your deposit.

Remember you have to complete within 28 days and don’t forget to factor in stamp duty if you purchase over £60,000.

Good luck.

Yugioh question…..Buying/Selling?

January 13th, 2013 2 comments

I have recently gotten a secret rare Vennominaga the deity of poisonous snakes from a tactical evolution blister box . i looked it up on yugico and it says that its worth around 45 dollars. and ive seen people sell it for a few bucks more…. will people actually buy a 45 dollar vennominaga?
first off, yugico DOES get there statistics from ebay and im selling all my cards first off because of the whole sopa thing and i’m saving up for a car.

The secret version of Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes currently goes for around 20-25 dollars. I’ve been playing the game for a long time and I can say that yugico is one of the worst sites to use as a price guide. They usually over value the cards as they don’t follow ebay or other popular sites to buy cards off of. I don’t know where the site gets its statistics off of but they’re pretty inaccurate. Lets take Dragged Down Into the Grave for an example. They say its going up. In reality, it’s been dropping slowly but surely for the past month. These guys are bad at evaluating prices. Your best resource to find prices is or

However, due to the bill that may be passed(sopa), ebay may be eventually shut down(or at least blocked in the us).

It may be hard to sell it as Vennominaga recently got reprinted as an Ultra rare. I’d suggest trying to sell it for around 22.

Good luck selling your cards.

But it’s manually updated. They’re to slow:P Look at the sources i sited above. Dragged down? 1 month to respond? Too slowww:P If you wish to use this though, make sure the people you’re trading with do the same. Again, good luck with your sales/trades. Just saying that on ebay it goes for 20-25:) See here:

Top one there is currently 23 bucks.

BTW, currently, there have been 3 secret vennominagas sold in the past 2 months.
See here:

Is it better to have auctions or an store on ebay? Would love to hear from ebay sellers?

December 30th, 2012 2 comments

What is the cheapest way but yet the most profitable way to go on ebay? doing auctions or just running a store. I have bought some things off ebay and have my paypal account but have never checked out the costs to get setup or how much time it takes. I’d love to hear from sellers on ebay to tell me what they think.

The basic eBay store subscription costs $15.99 a month. One advantage of an eBay store is the insertion fees for store inventory range from $0.05 to $0.10 for a one month listing. You can list multiple quantities of the same item for a single insertion fee. When you compare that with $0.20 to $4.80 for a single standard auction listing, it is a bargain.

The insertion fees may be cheaper, but the final value fee (FVF) charged when an item is sold from an eBay store is significantly higher. The fee is almost double the final value fee of a standard auction. For example, the FVF for a $100 item selling in an eBay store is $7.75. For an auction, the FVF is $3.75. This difference in FVF needs to be factored in when deciding whether to list an item as a store listing or as an auction listing.

The main disadvantage of using an eBay store is the store inventory only appears in the main search results when there are 30 or fewer auctions and fixed-price listings found. This means if you are trying to sell a very popular item in an eBay store, it will not will not be included in the standard search results. This makes it very difficult for buyers to find store items.

An eBay store works best if you have multiple quantities of the same item. The best strategy is to list one unit as an auction and list the rest in the store. When buyers see the auction listing, they may check the other items that are listed for sale by the seller. This list will include items from the seller’s eBay store. Buyers may chose to buy the unit out of your store instead of waiting for the auction to end.

Good Luck,
Visit for more eBay tips.

How can I make a living from my computer at home.?

December 28th, 2012 7 comments

I have broadband and can use a computer okay is it possible to make a living from a computer at home.

First of all, don’t gamble online, unless you seek a quick way to get rid of cash. Secondly, making money online at home IS possible. I make thousands of dollars at home for years now, but of course the start is always hard and may be very slow.

You will probably need to get a blog, you can host it free and even start with a free sbdomain, until you feel you are comfortable paying 10$ a year for a domain name.

Once your blog is set up and promoted a lil` bit, you can make money writing sponsored reviews, placing Google Adsense (contextual ads that pay per click), selling advertising space on your blog, or earning commissions through affiliate sales.

I made quite a few posts about it on my blog, maybe you’d want to have a lil` more insight into it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Also, you can use eBay (or Amazon) to sell unwanted goods or sell anything you actually produce offline, just do a lil` research on the market, what sells and what doesn’t, so you’ll get a rough idea about what’s in demand. I normally list stuff I don’t need and half of what I list sells, bearing in mind that I list total crap, like local coins, free mascaras and perfume samples I get with purchase, etc. Anything that is worthless to you may sell and earn you something extra. so Good luck!