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best make of computer and best service of seller for this computer?

July 13th, 2012 7 comments

I am thinking of getting a new computer, not right now, but soon cause ours is 7 years old and a bit slow and with updates not supporing the old windows packages and some other issues too, we want to either upgrade or buy new.

so what i would like to know in your opinion which make/company is the best to go to, give the best sales service (ie don’t try to sell you the highest priced rubbish, promising it does what i want and find that the graphics card is worse than we got now say!

also want a company that if i should need them, have good after sales service too. often a sore point with computer stores/co’s

right I am after a good, reasonable priced, fast machine, with good graphics and sounds for game play, as well as home/office like MSworks/broadband, decent basic software, without loads of school child programs, not lookiing to buy via ebay sellers either.

does anyone just do the tower, without mouse/keyboard cause we got good ones?

thanks in advance for any sensible advise

This is U.K. Answers, so I’m going to assume you live in the U.K.
I had my system built by a local shop that I checked had been in business for a while. I found them by word of mouth advertising. They asked me what I wanted to be able to do on the p.c. and helped me design a system within my budget. The price included set up and delivery.
I’ve had to call them out three times. Twice I got a quick response and the problem was fixed at my home for £30 – £50. The other time they talked me through what to do on the phone and there was no charge.

If you can’t find anywhere like this, then think about somewhere a bit pricier like Evesham. Frankly, all the big companies will sell you a system using the lowest grade components they can use, slapped together in a factory. Profit margins are so low that its a wonder any of them are still in business. They get their money back from the expensive phone support.