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Chapter 7 Bankruptsy Questions?

February 11th, 2013 2 comments

1. I have a lot of debt but lost track of all the creditors and collectors, can I do a credit report to find their information?

2. What if I file and left some creditors or collectors out, will they still be included?

3. I have a normal one bedroom apartment full of standard possessions. Will this remain mine?

~~There is a limit of what personal property you can retain, I know it’s $25,000 for a couple. You can get your three credit reports for free once a year from It tries to charge you for your credit score, just decline, you don’t need it. This will show most of your debtors. You must list them all otherwise if they are not discharged you will still owe them.

The apartment is not yours so is not part of your assets. Same with anything you make payments on, car etc. They are not assets unless you own them outright. For the inside possessions, you would add their worth as you would if you sold them on Ebay or a garage sale.~~

I need $2,500.00 to get myself out of trouble. Anyway to do it?

February 9th, 2013 4 comments

I am beyond in debt my credit score is 441 I do not want to use one of those check cashing places. is there any company out there that would give me a loan? The credit cards I have now, I pay on time but I think the damage is done.

With a credit score of 441, NO ONE is going to loan you any money (save a loan shark)

but not to worry it just means that you have to either earn more or spend less…..

If you cannot get another job or have a garage sale or sell things on ebay
you can cut your expenses…..get rid of cable or at least all of the pay channels

turn down the water heater settings
wear more clothing to bed so that you can have the house cooler in the winter
make a list for the grocery store and buy food for the week
take your lunch to work
on the weekends, entertain at your house
rent movies from the library
read the paper and find a few free or cost things to entertain you on the weekends

Give blood (plasma) by finding the donation place in your phone book….most of the winos and school kids go there so plan the hour accordingly…. if you go once per week you can make $150 a month and you can use that entire amount to pay down your debt….

Decline ALL wedding invitations unless it is immediate family
for birthdays, give the gift of your time (spend the day with the person, make dinner, run errands etc)
Dont be embarrassed to tell your loved ones what is going on so that they can help. Most have been there (with a tight budget) and will help you stay on track by finding lower cost alternatives for fun…
But most importantly, figure out how you got into this mess….
did you spend money that you did not have thinking you would pay it back later, did you try to impress a girl, do you impluse shop? until you figure out honestly how you got there, you will repeat this situation again
YOU MUST STOP using the cards TODAY

Has anyone sold "gently used" clothing to Once Upon A Child?

January 17th, 2013 8 comments

I have a TON of clothing that my son has outgrown (birth – 2T). I want to get rid of it, and I was wondering if it would be better to sell it at a garage sale. I just don’t know how much you get at ‘Once Upon A Child’ for a pair of jeans or a Carter’s sleeper, for example. Thanks!

I believe that they pay half of whatever they decide to price it out as, and give you 60 or 75% of that price if you choose to use it as trade. You may want to test the waters by taking in only a few items to see if you find their assessments to be fair and acceptable. I noticed that the price structure varied a bit from employee to employee and always tried to have one particular clerk "buy" my clothes. If you don’t agree with their pricing on any item, just decline to sell it to them and save it to sell at your garage sale instead.

Ebay is also a big market for reselling children’s clothing. I’ve never sold there, but I bought a few lots of clothes and noted that the bidding drove the price up to ridiculous amounts when thier were designer or name-brand labels (Baby Gap, Old Navy) attached. I suggest taking a peek there. See what’s available and how the bids are coming along. That is, if you don’t mind messing with the shipping and all of that.

Best of luck.

How can I make some money?

December 26th, 2012 3 comments

My mom is only giving me $10.00 a week for all my chores, etc. I really am trying to save up for something special. My mom won’t give me anymore than $10.00 a week and will not let me have a garage sale. She will let me bring some stuff to my friend’s house to have a garage sale but I don’t know if my friend will have a garage sale. What are some ideas on how I can make some money?

General Strategies and Techniques on Saving Money and Earning More Money

(Updated on 08/25/2010)

Don’t go out to eat. Example: don’t eat out at fancy, high-class restaurants. Instead, eat at a fast food restaurant or cook a healthy meal at home. It is much cheaper than spending a lot of money at an expensive restaurant.

If you are a teen or a young adult, you might want to hold a bake sale. Post fliers around your neighborhood, school, and community center to advertise your bake sale. You can have your other friends help you out, so that you can help attain your goal of saving and/or making more money. Keep your bake sale open for at least four hours, spanning a substantial portion of the morning or the afternoon. You can also decide to host the bake sale for multiple days. Example: Bake Sale Weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

If you have a habit of buying new clothes very often, then resist the urge to buy new clothes for a little while. You could potentially save a good amount of money. If you are used to buying

Take finance and economics courses online or at a high school or college/university. Important topics include banking (how financial institutions operate), stock market (which includes discussion on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, and the S&P 500), finance (which includes discussion on the time value of money), interest rates, credit, loans, mortgage, real estate, the derivatives market, personal finance (which includes managing a budget, dealing with debt, and preparing for retirement), microeconomics (which includes discussion on perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly structures), and macroeconomics (which includes discussion on the money supply, aggregate demand, and the Federal Reserve).

If you are a teen or a young adult, you may want to have a dog-walking service.

To help you manage your money, try

Talk to a customer service representative at a bank or other financial institution and learn more about financial instruments. These financial instruments (which include certificates of deposit) will help you understand how to grow your money.

Don’t go out to watch new movies in theaters. Watch movies on your TV at home. Popular channels where you can see movies on the weekends include TNT, USA, and TBS. If you like to rent movies, try using Netflix.

If you are a teen, you may want to think about babysitting. You can babysit your neighbor’s children.

Don’t spend too much money when going out with friends. Have a budget in mind before you actually meet up with your friends. Example: Do not spend more than $25.00 when going out on a Saturday night.

If you are a teen, you could try to mow the lawn. Many of your neighbors probably want their lawns to be mowed at a fraction of the price that they pay others to do the same work.

Invest your money in a CD (certificate of deposit). You can hold your money in a CD for 3 months, 6 months, a year, three years, or even five years. Generally speaking, the longer you decide to invest your money in the CD, the more interest you will earn. Also, it is generally the case that the larger the amount of money you decide to hold in the CD, the larger the more interest you will earn. It generally pays more interest than the interest you get from holding money in a traditional savings account at the bank.

Try to sell something of value that you are willing to part with. Sell your old stuff on websites where many people make purchases, such as ebay or craigslist. You could also sell your stuff through a garage sale or a yard sale.

Try to hold a donation drive where your family, close friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances will be able to help you out and donate a little bit of money. These people will include your parents, brothers, sisters, close friends, relatives, grandparents, neighbors, and other acquaintances. Have a box or jar in place so that people can deposit money into it. Stick a label on the box or jar with an updated amount in comparison to the target goal amount, so that more people will feel like contributing to your goal amount. Example: You may find a graphic representation of a thermometer representing how much money is left to reach your goal (the box/jar has $55.50 out of the target goal amount of $200.00, which translates to a little more than 25% complete; therefore, the thermometer would be about 25% filled up.).

If all else fails, borrow money from other people (parents, brothers, sisters, close friends, relatives, grandparents, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.) in order to get a short-term loan. Set a goal: it can be $5.00 from each person or $10.00 from each person or $25.00 from each person. Breaking up the goal into smaller, more manageable goals is easier than taking on the entire goal, which may seem like an impossible task (example: raise $5,000.00 in 3 days).

What is the best way to dispose of the contents of a house for someone recently deceased?

December 21st, 2012 5 comments

My brother died suddenly this month and my wife and I are faced with what to do with the contents of house. We’ve been told that we could hold an auction — but then something very valuable might be auctioned for far, far less than it’s actual value.

Can anyone help with this?


An auction is the fastest way to liquidate the estate, but some things may sell for far less than value. One way to help prevent this is to be in attendance at the auction. If you know the value of the items you are concerned about, you can bid on them yourself to ensure that they fetch an acceptable price. This should be done sparingly as regular auction attenders frown on it and may resist bidding if they know they are bidding against the house. You may end up buying some of the items back this way and will have to sell them yourself after the auction.

The professional estate sale is a little slower, and tended to cost a bit more in fees. Some professional estate liquidators will buy anything that did not sell during the sale and attempt to sell it latter, but not many will do this. Things that don’t sell are usually your problem.

A garage sale is also of course possible, but takes a lot of your time.

The last way I can think of is eBay. If you do not want to list the items on eBay your self, there are companies that will take the items and do it for you on a commission basis. You can contact a few of them in your aria and see what they will do. If you have an entire estate, they may even come to you.

Where did the $ come from to pay for your wedding?

December 21st, 2012 19 comments

I’m having a hard time coming up with money period for my wedding. I feel like I’ve cut costs like crazy already and baring gettin’ hitched at the JP or running off to Vegas or the Carib which just isn’t my dream wedding, I don’t know what to do. I have been saving $ from each paycheck and having garage sale after garage sale. So, where did the money come from for you to get married? Did you pay for it yourself? Parents pitched in? How did you get others to help you? Any real answers from your experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

My fiance and I paid for our wedding ourselves. We simply paid cash from our savings or from our paychecks.. with zero amount being billed to credit cards. My in-laws insisted in paying towards the wedding, even though we declined over and over, they wanted to pay for luxuries that we would otherwise gone without. They paid for the limo, our hotel accomodations, the DJ , the photographer, postage, caligraphy, miscelaneous stationary, tips and the rehearsal dinner. All together they paid $10k, I paid $10k and my fiance paid $10k.

Good luck

TIP: Do not buy from any wedding stores or vendors. Buy online, ebay, craigslist or directly from the manufacturer. Off season (october -April) venues are cheaper. Friday and Sunday you can get even more deals.. so you can score a greta deal on DJ.s photographers and venues ,say a Sunday during the winter. Ask for discounts… you will be suprised! Good luck

How much would gamestop buy my wii for?

December 18th, 2012 1 comment

A few years ago I bought my wii and now i wanna sell it back. How much credit will they give me for it?

It depends if your wii is old or new, slow or fast….. you can always sell it on ebay or garage sale it :33

Are there any businesses or persons or clubs that buy Ty beanie babies ?

December 14th, 2012 4 comments

Or if I can find out if the beanie babies I have
may be worth anything ?

Any business that advertises that they will pay money for beanie babies is likely a scam.
The bottom has dropped out of the market. Most beanies go for fifty cents or a buck on ebay.
Usually, these companies want you to ship them, and then after an inspection, they will accept or decline the purchase. well guess what, I bet that unless you have one of the very rare beanies, the purchase will be declined. Then YOU pay to have them shipped back to you, or you can just let the company keep them for free.

Oh, someone will probably come on here and say, "I got $100 out of mine from company XYZ" Probably someone who works for company XYZ, And, in truth, it is often people from that same company that post these types of questions, just so they can advertise to unsuspecting collectors who are still hoping to get money in a dead market.

If you want to sell your beanies, go on ebay and see what they sell for. Sell the valuable ones there, where you will get the most money. Sell the rest at a garage sale for fifty cents. Or donate them.

Where can I find some good tips on how to save money?

November 26th, 2012 5 comments

I’m trying to save some money and lower my monthly bills. What are some good tips to do so? I keep the air very low. I keep lights off if not needed. I take quick showers. I buy groceries at Aldi. I drive slow to conserve gas. What else can I do? I have a lot of student and credit card debt and want to work my way out…

Make a plan see where your money is going to…cut out the extras.

Pay yourself first out of your paycheck. Then work on tackling those bills.

Thought about picking up a part-time job?
You could Ebay or sell items on Craig’s List. Maybe babysitting, garage sale, recycling. How about couponing?…

The above is a great source for printable coupons. Next continue to buy Sunday’s paper for another source of manuf. coupons.

Some stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target will take their store coupon and a manuf. coupon.

Know that sometimes you can buy groceries at the above store.

Get to know your grocery store coupon policies…do they double coupons? Buy groceries on sale with your coupons. Click on Shopping boards, Click on Tips of the Trade (TOT) you’ll find postings from women who spend very little out of pocket for groceries.

Sometimes you can go to the company of a product you want to purchase and see if there are printable coupons on that site.

Other sites you might want to view are: (usually you’ll find Target coupons on here)

How about joining You can earn "money" by turning in your points onto gift cards. You sign up and receive emails which are worth about 5 pts each.

Too many clothes! What should I do- Garage Sale, Ebay, Consignment Shop, Goodwill? Help!?

October 25th, 2012 5 comments

I have lots of nice clothes. Some still with tags, most never been worn. Good brands, average brands. I need to get rid of them- I have at least 15 large boxes of dresses, shoes, coats, pants, shirts, etc. Has anyone had this dilemma? I’ve never had a garage sale, never used a consignment shop, etc. If its a garage sale- how do you price it? Any tips?

You can make a decent amt of money on Ebay, especially if the clothes are how you describe them. The only catch is that they cut a cut of the money and even if you do not succeed in selling the item, you have to pay them.