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What is with the slow business on eBay lately?

February 12th, 2012 4 comments

I am a part time seller on eBay. Just for a little extra spending cash. I have placed stuff for sale on eBay such as dvds and video games and nobody is even watching my items, much less a bid. I have 100% feedback and I have a good track record. My listing is simple and to the point and I don’t threaten potential bidders on the listing with words, such as "no new buyers" or threaten to cancel auctions as some sellers do. I start bidding low, and I have cheap shipping. So what is the deal.? It seems I have to lose money in order to make a sale or practically give away the item for free at .99 cents. I can not give people free merchandise. People would rather bid on other peoples auctions who charge a hefty amount, then bid on my items. I am tired of this and tired of paying listing fees to list items that never sell. eBay shouldn’t charge any fees, unless the item is sold and paid for first.

I think with the economy tanking, people in general have less spending money, or are spending less, in case they need it in the near future if they get laid off.