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What are people actually buying on Ebay?

September 15th, 2012 3 comments

I have been selling on Ebay for ten years now, and I have noticed that sales have gone WAY down recently. I think maybe I’m just not selling the right thing. What are people buying? and please don’t tell me – "people buy anything on Ebay" or some thoughtless answer like that – People don’t buy just anything – I have tons of un-sold stuff. what are people actually buying nowadays?

Taking really good pictures can make a difference selling on E-bay, think of it this way, lets say you walk into a restaurant and all their pictures of food on the menu looks very appetizing, just by good pictures you decide what you want to get at the restaurant but also it keeps a person coming back for more the next time, same as good pictures can make a difference for selling on E-bay, you want people to keep coming back and buying from you, that will probably help you sell some of your unsold items.
Also make sure you end your auction at a time when you think that people will be on their computers, even though E-bay has automatic bidding its still good to end the auction at a time when most people are online and right at their computers, have your start time begin at midnight at the beginning of a week and have it end on a weekend at night when you know people will mostly be online.