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film camera for sale?

July 15th, 2012 5 comments

hey, i got a camera i do not need for a bday present and im looking to get rid of it. its brand new and has good features.

so anyone intrested or know how i can get rid of it reall quick. (apart from ebay, much to slow for me).

its an olyimpia camera, 354mm, 50mm -175mm.
all accessories are included even a case bag and its brand new
sorry, its 50mm- 105mm

Craigslist can be a good place, but realize that there isn’t much demand for film these days so no matter what avenue you choose to sell it, it may take time to sell. I was in the same position when I went digital but I found that my film camera was more than capable and it was unlikely I’d sell it for what I thought it was worth, so I decided to keep it and shoot film when interested in the departure from convention. Maybe one day, if my son shows an interest in photography, I’ll teach him how to use it and though by then digital will have made film all but obsolete it’s still cool to learn how to capture an image on film and then how to develop that film to see how the photographs came out. To me, there was always more to photography than simply capturing the image (anyone can do that), I was always facsinated by the science.

That’s me though.