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Caught shoplifting, clerk declined EBT transaction. Is that legal?

January 28th, 2013 11 comments

before my friends were officially caught shoplifting, they tried to do an EBT transaction the same day, and the register kept declining it and they did not know why. then a few minutes later after leaving out the doors, they got stopped by security. After they got home, they called and checked their EBT balance and they had money on there. IS THAT LEGAL??
please, no rude answers; because they are aware that shoplifting is wrong.
ten pts?
no no, i dont think you guys are getting it..
my friends stole a bunch of stuff, and packed it in a couple totes so they looked empty. They went to pay for the totes plus some food, (at a self checkout @ walmart) and the food stamp card(EBT) kept declining. then the clerk came over & helped void their food, and they payed for some of the other items they had actually bought, and continued out of the store, they then were stopped by security and so on..they finally got home and called their EBT number thing, and it said they had a balance of *.** $$. illegal??
no, they shoplifted other stuff (that was in the totes.) *on purpose*. but, they also had food in the cart as a cover up so they went to the self checkout, and scanned the food they had in the cart but a lady came up right after that and stood next to the cashier(obviously knowing that they had been shoplifting) and THAT is when it started declining. Then the origional cashier guy came over and typed in his number to void the food that they couldn’t get because it was declining , and they got their reciepts for the totes(they actually bought the totes just not the stuff in the totes) and they went out of the store. then thats where the security came in and stuff.

It’s not the store’s fault that the transaction was declined. It may be that the bank was having problems with their technology. Your friends should have offered to pay by check or cash or credit, if they had it. Stealing is NEVER an option.

Think of it this way… if you had something on eBay for sale and someone came to your home to pick it up, giving you a check. But you go to cash the check and it bounces. You call the guy and he says he doesn’t know why it bounced, but refuses to give back your item and doesn’t offer to pay you in another way…. is that legal? Would you be okay with that?

The store isn’t okay with it either.

How much are military payment certificates worth?

January 13th, 2013 1 comment

I have a guy trying to sell me 3 of them for $150. I dont know anything about them. They are series 461 I think. The notes are 5 cents, 10 cents and 25 cents. All in mint condition. Any help would be great thanks

I’m going to ‘Enter’ this answer, then ‘Edit’ it to include WHY it’s a ripoff. Give me about 10-15 minutes and I’ll have a fuller reason and explanation.

*641 is the Vietnam-era series. More in a few minutes, okay? Was it 641 he’s talking about, or 461 (I think you meant 641, yes?)

But don’t buy them at that price… $15, NOT $150, would be fair.

But $150 is scamworthy.

the 641 series was used for years, starting before Vietnam but was ended in late 1968. We were paid in those MPCs instead of American dollars because the U.S. Gov’t didn’t want soldiers spending actual dollars in the Vietnamese businesses like bars, brothels and restaurants.

Because MPC was so common (we were paid once a month, reliably), the Vietnamese businesses accepted MPC. When the changeover to the next Series occurred, all military bases were closed down for the whole day. We had to turn in all of our 641 MPC in the morning; in the afternoon, we got an equivalent of MPC in the new series. 641 was "dead," because the Vietnamese had NO WAY to change the 641 MPC to the new Series issue.

They were SCREAMING the next day; none of them would accept MPC any more, because they had thousands of dollars worth of now-worthless ‘paper.’

But evidently, a lot of Vietnamese must have saved what they thought was going to be worthless paper forever. Then eBay came along and there’s a brisk business in MPC of all series, especially the 641 because so many of us "know" those bills.

The $10 Series 641 is worth anywhere from $10 on up, depending on condition, of course, but if you get on eBay and enter "military payment certificates" you will see a boatload of choices. Click on a few different items and see what they’re selling for. SOME folks might be offering stuff at top dollar, but you don’t necessarily have to pay high prices.

The $5 bill in 641 is one of the more rare bills but even then I’ve gotten good deals, including a guy on eBay whose name is "routemama" or routemama44… check him out. But check out several vendors, in order to get a feel for who gives value. Take notes, ‘cuz you’ll never remember everything.
If you’re not an eBay member, you still can sign in as a guest. You might even be able to click on "watch this item,." If you can, do that for different vendors selling the same bills, for comparison’s sake. Also, some vendors use the "Buy It Now" technique, with the for-sale price visible: check those out, too, just to see with no-haggling offering prices are.

The sub-1 dollar MPC (the 5, 10, 25cent MPC) were more common generally, therefore worth less, in my experience, than the $1, $5 and $10 bills. There are also coins/tokens available that various EM (Enlisted Men’s) and Officer’s Clubs used as substitutes and/or for change. There probably found in the MPC category as well.

Ironically, what had been totally useless 40 years ago is now worth MORE than it was then!

Good luck.

Is it hard to start selling one eBay?

December 26th, 2012 3 comments

I just got on there last night no one has bid on my 2 items or watching them. i put it up for a 5 day auction should i do a shorter one?

Many items don’t get bids until the last few minutes. It all depends on the items you are selling. I always list for 7 days, that gives people more of a chance to see the item. Myself and many sellers I know aren’t getting many bids or sales right now. It’s just a slow point for many right now.

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How can i attract more people to bid on my items on Ebay?

December 23rd, 2012 6 comments

I got a few things up now and no-one really seems to be bidding
Any hints or tips to maximise bids?

You can pay for extra features such as having your item listed in bold and with a picture, items with a picture will get looked at before an item without.

The title of your item should be short, snappy and immediately explain what you are selling.

eg PS3 with 2 controllers and 2 games.
Opposed to: Computer console with accessories.

Write your description in colours and bold or italics, make your description short and snappy so buyers get the essential info straight away.

Some other hints and tips:

Look around at what other people are selling and see how they are displaying their goods.

If you are new to ebay and/or have a low rating on ebay people might dubious to buy something off you especially if you are selling something that is very expensive- the buyer might think its a con.

You could be selling stuff where there is already 100 of that item for sale thus demand for it isn’t high.

Your item might be too expensive compared to other items.

Also, most people don’t bid on an item during its run but instead bid within the last few minutes of the item that is on sale.

Can an ebay autioner take their product off the website before the auction time is up?

December 2nd, 2012 2 comments

I really want this computer game, the aution ends tomorrow and no one has bid yet. Im planning on biding but i dont want to do it yet because i dont want it to attract other ppl. Then again, if i dont im afraid the person will take it down before it ends. Does anyone know if they have to wait until its over?

The short answer is: YES. The seller can even cancel the sale after the bidding closes.

OK, what you need is to do the bidding for you at the last minute. What esnipe does is take your bid and wait. You simply enter the maximum you are willing to pay. At some time before the bidding closes, usually 90 minutes, esnipe checks the current bid and if you are less than that, it emails you a warning that your bid is too low, giving you an opportunity to raise your bid. If it exceeds the current bid, it then places your bid a few SECONDS before bidding closes and you either win or lose. The whole idea is not to run up the bid exactly as you are fearing will happen if you bid NOW. Remember, this ONLY works IF you place your maximum bid at something realistic and others do not raise the bid above what you are willing to pay at most. If you try to "low-ball" the bid, you will be disappointed. The real question is, will this same item come up again and again? Or, is this a one time deal? If it will come up again and again, there is no harm in waiting for a decent deal by using a low bid. But if this is a one time deal, then you probably need a much higher bid to be successful. Only you can be the judge.

A while back, I was interested in obtaining an "astronomical" clock. This is a switch timer which adjusts itself for sunrise and sunset, which changes every day by a few minutes. These used to be used for flags which flew 24 hours to properly illuminate the flag at sunset until sunrise as is custom and tradition. These come up time again on ebay, and using esnipe, I was able to get one at a substantial saving when one came up and like you, it appeared no one was bidding. So, I got a $40 switch timer for $20 using esnipe after losing out on several that went much higher then the $20 I could afford to pay.

Using HTML in Your Ebay Auction Listing

June 16th, 2012 2 comments

Auctions on eBay are inherently boring, with nothing more than black text on a white background, and maybe a few photographs of the item in question. Sellers can get lost in a sea of boring auctions, as buyers skip from item to item with nothing really sticking out in their mind. For stay-at-home moms running their own home business from eBay, using HTML is a cheap and easy way to give their auctions a little burst of life.

HTML stands for hypertext markup language, which is the “language” of the internet. Every single website you visit using HTML to work. There are many different things you can do with HTML, and additional languages that work in conjunction with HTML to make some presentations that really pop online. HTML in and of itself, however, is not hard to learn. There are a few basic tags that you can use over and over again to spice up your auction pages, and it won’t cost you but a few minutes of your time to do it.

The best way to learn basic HTML is by surfing the web. Thousands of websites online offer free tutorials on the basics of HTML. Find one that focuses strictly on HTML for eBay, and you’ll find everything you need to know about working with HTML on eBay. Basic tags, like bold and italic, can help you build a better auction. You can also find codes for changing font and background colors, adding in your own images, and creating links so that buyers can e-mail you directly from your auction, or visit your website.

If you want to do more with your auction than what HTML offers, then the next step is to do some research on CSS. CSS stands for cascading style sheets, and gives you more control over the look of your auction. CSS isn’t much harder to learn than HTML, but it lets you change your link behavior, scrollbar, cursor, and even add a background image to your auction. Be sure to adhere to the rules of eBay, however; CSS generally applies styles to the entire webpage, and eBay requires than any style changes made may only apply to your auction.

Once you have gotten a grasp for the basics of HTML and CSS, you can go as far as making your own auction templates. Design an auction template that you would like to use for all of your auctions, and then you can simply copy and paste your auction information into the template every time you list a new item. This can save you time, and give your auctions a more uniform and professional look.

If you are having trouble working out the kinks with your auction’s template, you can always visit eBay’s forums, right on their website. There is a section dedicated entirely to helping sellers set up their own customized auction templates, and they are more than willing to help you figure out what you’re trying to do, for free. As you work with HTML more and learn how to appropriately apply it, you’ll soon become a master of it yourself, and then you may find yourself helping others who are just starting out as well.

Vickie Sayce

How You Started Your Online Auction Business?

February 8th, 2012 4 comments

A lot of people world wide have made a lot of money with their online auction sites. To start a home-based Online Auction business is very easy. Unlike other home-based businesses, it requires no savings. For more detail go to: it requires is a few moments of your time to get started. The advantages of starting a Home-Based Auction Online are –

No investment is required; hence there are no financial risks like other businesses.
There are no fixed working hours. You can choose to work when it is suitable to you.
No technical skills required.
You can get your Online Auction Business started in less than 10 minutes.

Now lets get down to the details of how to get started with your home-based Online Auction, first and most important, for more detail go to: have to get an idea how Online Auction works.

Even if you want some item very badly, do not buy it because it is the last item of its kind available on the auction site. It might be over priced. You can try to best to get what you want at other online auction sites.
It is always best to leave your bid till the last few minutes before the closing of an auction. This prevents the price from being driven too high.
Many items on a home-based Online Auctions are wrongly spelt. You can use this to your advantage, as there will be less people searching for wrongly spelt items.
Now let’s get into how to start setting up your own home based online auction. Look around your home. You’ll see many things that you have no use for. You can also ask your friends for unwanted items. Make a list of all these items on your site as well as their photographs. There is nothing like a photograph to instantly grab the concentration of the buyers.
This is very important as it give your buyers a good idea of want they will get. Make sure that you give all the technical and detailed images of items on sale.
To induce your buyers about your honest approach to business and your integrity, offer to refund money if the goods sold by you are less than satisfactory.
Positive Feed Back forms are an absolute necessity to show your probable buyers that you have satisfied customers. And to have satisfied customers your quality of service has to be very good. Positive feedback reassures your prospective customers of your integrity.
Always sell items on your home-based Online Auction site for what it’s worth. Never ever sell it for less than its value. To do this you need to set a reserve price, below which you will not sell. Make sure that your reserve price is not too high, as it will scare customers away.
Now that you have all the essential details on how to start your home-based online auction business think of catering to a niche market. This will reduce the competition from other online auction sites.

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