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Fulfilling Financial Needs, This Powerful Article Wields Tremendous Financial Benefits

May 16th, 2012 No comments

Mass bulk emails dot com is unique to internet as there a very few modern lifetime membership bulk email marketing club websites on the internet today selling opt-in-spam free, updated and regularly updated 200+ million opt-in freshly updated email marketing addresses. They are many advantages to buying regularly updated marketing email addresses; first and foremost, all email address owners have an opportunity to opt-out of receiving products and services through the email address.

Bulk email marketing companies who are conducting marketing and promotion of their goods or services by bulk mailers techniques, is currently under a legal obligation to have the email addresses, which the email owners have requested and confirmed the opt-out option, removed from the bulk email marketing lists, and must comply with the opt-out obligation within a strict time limit.

Bulk email marketing companies who fail to comply to the opt-out request within the required time limit, will not only be accused of spamming, the very email owners who have already exercised their legal right to opt-out of receiving bulk email marketing messages from mass marketing companies, in addition, is now in an un-envious position of contravening the legal legislation, which can induce more harsher legal penalties than the millions of dollars being handed out to mass marketing spammers by the judicial system in the united states.

To send out 200+ million marketing and promotional emails with your effective sales copy, advertising, marketing and promoting your precious products or services, through the most effective means available of marketing and promoting your products, services to a targeted audience. The downside can be all to apparent if the bulk email addresses are stale and have not been updated for many years, which consequently the bulk email marketing sender, if identified, can be subject to the full weight of the judicial system, being accused of mass spamming and maybe worse, sending bulk marketing email to email addressees who have exercised their legal right to opt-out of receiving legally the bulk marketing emails.

Mass bulk emails dot com sells mass bulk marketing email addresses as a one off payment to a lifetime membership fee. The one time lifetime membership fee is at present twenty nine dollars and ninety five cents – time limited offer so don’t delay, and that payment is the only payment you will make to the bulk marketing email club website, as thereafter full services of the member’s accounts area is free.

The membership accounts area offer the fully paid up member accesses to mass of bulk marketing emails, 200+ millions, which are fresh, regularly updated and more importantly, the mass bulk marketing emails are uniquely available in marketing categories, which enable the bulk marketing email club member to send marketing emails to the same category as the goods or services provided or sold on his/her website. So lets assume a mass bulk marketing email member owns a travel website, then not necessary to send out 200+ million marketing emails which covers all of the selected categories of the marketing emails, instead the member will only send out mass bulk marketing emails relevant to the category of travel, leisure and maybe another closely related travel category.

There is a distinct advantage adverting, promoting and marketing by mass bulk email marketing techniques. Visitors to any website on the internet – websites who receive visitor, can be conveniently places in two distinct categories, the visitor who’s only intention is to browse the internet, with no intention or desire to purchase or buy a product or services – we are all capable of browsing, there is a detriment side effect of browsing the website, and that is the websites bandwidth, which is used as a result of all visitors looking, browsing your website.

Usually, when we use the websites bandwidth, especially when the website receive sustained bulk visitors, the web hosting provider will usually be forced to increase the available bandwidth to website, and unfortunately the increase in bandwidth results an increase in the website hosting, possibly the website will be elevated to the next bandwidth category – silver level to gold level for instance.

The consequences of the mass influx of internet browsers are that the increase in websites bandwidth vastly increases the monthly costs of hosting your website with the web hosting provider. If the increased financial burden is not paired by the increase in targeted visitors – second category, and ultimately an increase in website sales and profits, the website business can hit a financial void with the result the website ownership is no longer a financial option.

Secondly, by far the most profitable and the most productive website visitors must be without any doubt whatsoever in the visitors searching the internet for products similar to the products available for sale on your website, these are visitors with the intention to buy.

The category of visitors that the webmaster or website owner needs to attract is the visitors that are more likely to purchase your product or service, these visitors are known by targeted visitors. The targeted visitors occupies the very same marketing category that your website product would occupy, such as, if your websites sells travel, vacation packages, then the websites category would occupy the travel and leisure category, this must be the category your mass bulk marketing emails in the mass bulk marketing emails club lifetime members account.

The distinct advantages of using bulk marketing emails club facilities to advertise promote and market your website products, are once the websites marketing category – the type of visitor who is likely to buy your website product services, is identified, these visitors in this unique category will be identified as the websites targeted visitors and your bulk advertising, promoting and marketing emails will be targeted to the precise visitors who is most likely to purchase the websites products or services – targeted visitors.

The free mass bulk mailer software – used on your desktop, from the free software, free utilities, free e-books, section in the lifetime members account, will with very little effort on your part, will deliver the mass bulk marketing emails from the marketing category you select, will send the emails – with your enticing sales copy message, to millions of fresh, spam free and regularly updated marketing emails, to the marketing email addresses in seconds. Job done!

This effortless task can be exercised regularly on a monthly basis, or even weekly basis – many experts suggest, conduct the mass bulk marketing emails campaign on a monthly basis for most benefit. It may be that you acquire – in time, a selection of websites with differing products or services available on the websites. Not a problem as the free mass bulk mailer software is your software, so is the 200+ millions email addresses, so download them at your leisure as they are your to keep.

The mass bulk marketing email club members account also contains over 6000 (yes, 6000+) free software downloads for all lifetime account members, the free software includes – all instant downloads and no waiting, marketing promotion e-books, website utilities, even the bulk marketing email mailer is absolutely free with no chance of ever paying for any products in the members account, in addition, there are no hidden costs attached to being a lifetime member of the mass bulk marketing emails club.

But that is not all, being a lifetime member for only twenty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents, the free software you download, you are offered and given the full master resell rights, which allow you to sell the free products on any auction websites eBay, for example, and the amazing part is you keep every cent of the money you earn, sell a couple of items in auction and you will be in profit.

These products with the right promotion and marketing – remember the previous comment about the enticing sales copy; will provide you with thousands of free software, each free software will individually receive full master resell rights and ready to be sold, without spending a cent on expensive add on’s or expensive extras.

So, search the internet for a free website template, with the right website scripts – mass bulk websites scripts sell for under twenty dollars – earn the money on eBay before buying scripts, and easily convert the simple website template into a unique download website – for Google to index template websites they need to be unique, then even the websites can be sold on eBay with the wholesale bulk scripts package from resellyou dot com – eighty up to date website scripts for under twenty-dollars.

The website scripts sold on resellyou dot com, will provide facilities on simple template websites – more impressive than most template websites sold on eBay, like creating rotation banners – only one script of eighty up to date scripts sold at wholesale prices, on each website template page – similar to banner exchanges, perfect for advertising high paying affiliates, like web hosting providers, these types of affiliates can bring in a welcome income – don’t rely on advertisements from written articles – made for adsense types, as Google usually refuse to index the website – ban, you will never know, after five years of non activity of your website you’d probably realise your website have a Google ban and possibly banned by other major search engines.

To make money on the internet with any type of website, you must have visitors to your website and the visitors must be visitors who have an intention to buy your type of product or service on your website – targeted visitors. The more targeted visitors a website receives daily and ever more increasing, will elevate the website in the major search engines – Google leads the search engine market by over eighty percent, so marketing should target the most popular search engines, don’t waste time and effort in submitting website to hundreds if not thousands of search engine, as Google powers many major search engines and by concentrating your promotion on Google your website embedded keywords will show on many major search results – all through Google, Over eighty percent of click-throughs are on Google’s search engine results.

The most effective way of attracting targeted visitors, without any doubt is to use any type of mass marketing facilities, the leader in this category is by mass bulk marketing emails. Think about it a moment. Buying a lifetime membership at the mass bulk marketing emails club – mass bulk emails dot com, you will have the opportunity of sending two hundred million plus marketing emails to advertise promote your websites.

Intensive research has concluded that only one percent of targeted visitors are likely to purchase a product or service from an individual visiting website. Now, maths is not my favourite subject and never has been but, a website receiving up to two hundred million visitors, if one percent actually purchases a product, then sales on the website will represent two million targeted visitor sales, that’s a lot of bucks in anyone’s bank account.

So, keeping the last paragraph in mind, why not create a unique website with a selection of downloadable software products, from a simple and free website templates – search in Google will allow you masses of choices, create the download software website using website scripts from resellyou dot com, remember eighty up to date website scripts for under twenty dollars – buy from proceeds of selling the free resell rights software on eBay, in doing the created unique website will definitely benefit from the mass bulk marketing emailer software and 200+ millions fresh updated and categorised marketing emails to vastly increase targeted visitors to the website and increase sales and profits.

Purchasing a lifetime membership from mass bulk emails dot com, will allow you to receive monthly newsletters and desmo boss is an exclusive articles contributor to the monthly newsletters. His excellent content rich articles on all techniques associated with search engine optimisation, website creation from profits of selling free resell-able software, and many other subjects related to search engine optimisation techniques, can be accessed through the mass bulk emails dot com members newsletter – only available to lifetime members exclusively.

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