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How To Make Profit From Endorsement Marketing

February 15th, 2012 2 comments

As it name implies, in Endorsement Marketing you look to market your products through someone that endorses them. The steps you need to follow in this kind of marketing are:

1. Find an ezine or a non-competing web site that reaches your target market in big numbers
2. Contact the ezine’s publisher or the web site’s owner, and offer to send them your product for their evaluation
3. Offer to pay them for marketing your product to their audience
4. If you have an Affiliate Program, offer them to join as an affiliate, and receive commissions for people that sign under them

There are a couple of things you need to make endorsement marketing really work, like:

1. Your endorsement marketing partner must really like your product
2. It must have access to a large number of your target market
3. They must write an article about your product that includes:
4. All the benefits you can offer
5. Testimonies from your partner and other people
6. A special offer for their customers that they won’t find anywhere else
7. A rock solid guarantee
8. Your partner must have a very good rapport with their customers. If people love and trust him, they will accept his advice and buy your product

If they have it, their advice will be ten times more convincing than an ad or an article written by you.
You can’t even come close to the credibility they will have with their audience.

How To Find Your Endorsement Marketing Partners?

The more endorsers or supper affiliates you get, the more quickly your sales will sky rocket, but how can you find them? The first thing you will need is a program named Alexa that you can download from: alexa dot com

Alexa will integrate with your browser and provide you on statistics about the sites your visit, and among them will tell you how many visits that site receives. Any site that scores over 250 visits it’s worth approaching to make him your affiliate partner, and those with over 20,000 visits will be unapproachable (too difficult to convince)

Another tool you can use is Ixquick that you can find at: ixquick dot com Make a list of the most popular keywords related with your site and look for them at Ixquick. Ixquick will display results based on the top 10 positions in the major search engines. It will put a star for every top 10 position in one of the major engines. Once you found popular sites related with yours, you need to find motivated sites that might be good endorsement marketing affiliates to have, and for this you can use the Pay Per Click Search Engines.

On the Pay Per Click Search Engines, webmasters must outbid each other to obtain top listings to your most popular keywords. Those that rank high are motivated, and serious and might be partners. There are many Pay Per Click Search Engines, but the most important are:

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. 7Search
4. FindWhat
5. eBay

And you should also try to locate targeted e-zines and for that you can enter your site’s keywords at: Bestezines dot com and at dominis dot com

How To Find Your Competitor’s Affiliates

An affiliate to one of your competitors, might be a good prospect to offer him a second income stream through endorsement marketingo of your product. The first thing you need to find is Affiliate Program competitors and you can find them at The Associate Programs Directory: AssociatePrograms dot com and refer-it dot com

Once you find them go to AltaVista dot com and write: – This will search for all the links that point to minus those that link to him from himself Do this search for all your major competitors and you’ll discover their most active affiliates

Once you find your ideal partner for endorsement marketing, you will need to contact him, and you will find that the most interesting ones will be harder to contact, because they receive many low quality offers, so you will need to cross the believe barrier.

If you can do it phone your contact and you will distinguish yourself from most of your competitors. Study their site and/or newsletter and make a valid comment about them, and add an in context mention of your product and/or proposal.

The best thing you can do is to personalize your letter with that person’s name, and if you can’t take it from his site or e-zine you can look for it at: betterwhois dot com here you can find the name and the phone!

Bottom line: How to avoid the recycle bin? Put yourself into your “might be endorsement marketing partner’s” shoes and think what kind of proposal you might consider as interesting.

Roberto Bonomi