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Easy Money On eBay!? You Must Be Crazy!

May 22nd, 2012 No comments

Easy money on eBay was the craze of the last few years, but now it seems to have died down with many eBay sellers realising there is no quick buck to be made on the world’s greatest online auction site.

While it may no longer be possible to make a million dollars overnight on eBay (it never really has been possible but many people would have led you to believe that it was) it still is possible to make a tidy, consistent sum using the power of eBay.

It’s a simple method that you may have heard of but not truly understood the potential of the system, well fear not, in this article I will outline exactly how you can generate an endless stream of profits using eBay and and the best part is, there are no initial start up costs.

First thing you need to do is collect together a tonne of brandable eBooks and short reports on any subjects you can think of. Once you have a collection of 10-20, start branding them. Most brandable eBooks permit you to add your affiliate ID, so if someone clicks on your link and buys the product, you take a commission. Add your affiliate ID’s for the corresponding products.

Now you need to use eBay as a distribution channel for getting these branded eBooks and reports to as many people as possible. This is simple to do and there are two main ways.

Firstly, sell these branded eBooks on eBay for a couple of cents – or if the product provides real value, a couple of dollars. Sell as many copies of these products as possible and you will have a number of people reading these eBooks, clicking your affiliate link and perhaps purchasing the product – therefore generating you a commission.

Secondly, create an eBay about me page and add links to download these free branded eBooks from your website. Add a link to your eBay about me page in your auctions and you will have hundreds of people daily downloading the branded products and generating you affiliate commissions.

The best part about this system is that your initial customers will pass on the eBook to their subscribers, auction visitors, members and customers and you will still be generating easy sales from these peoples hard work using only eBay and a few brandable eBooks.

I hope you now realise the viral power of eBay and brandable eBooks and start implementing these aspects into your eBay business for the following years.

James Penn