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Ebay sales taking off, but I’m getting burnt out! Need tips on maximizing productivity and minimizing time.

February 4th, 2012 4 comments

My ebay business is doing really well, but I’m going crazy with all of the work it entails. I just moved to a new city so I don’t really know anyone that can help me out, so I’m having to do all of the work myself (I’m actually able to do this full-time).

Emailing customers back is a time-consuming chore! Is there a way I can reduce the amount of time to respond to people? Right now, I developed a basic HTML webpage that has form letters I can use or slightly modify.

Any advice on making things more efficient? I’m getting really frazzled and it’s basically consuming my whole life right now so any tips would help!


Are you using SMP (Selling Manager Pro)? You can edit and automate many email templates and other functions, eg – when you mark an item as ‘Payment Received’ or ‘Item Posted’ you can set SMP to email the buyer automatically. Leave positive feedback automatically when same is received. Automate listing times.

Answering questions from buyers is a bit tricky as each question is unique and requires a tailor-made response. But you could add a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which might cut down a bit.

Think about what you’re listing and selling. Without knowing what you sell, it’s a bit of general advice, but concentrate on the items that are the most popular and return the most profit. Have a look at your sales reports in your Ebay subscriptions and see what is selling the best. Also look at the days and time of day that you get the most sales, then tailor your listings to those days and times to maximise your sales.

Consider using third party software such as Blackthorne – they have good listing templates, you can schedule it to upload listings without having to pay Ebay a scheduled listing fee for each listing, and they have email templates and heaps of other features. It costs per month, but you may find it well worth it.

I’m an Ebay powerseller and online retailer and it consumes my whole life too!