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Top List Building Using the Ebay

May 28th, 2012 2 comments

When people visit your internet pages and leave without buying anything, you may never get the chance to sell to them again if they don’t come back to your site, for more information from emailing in a while, then you can send follow-up messages, and dramatically increase your chances of making a sale in the future.

There are plenty of building a list, but in this article I want to main topic on a strategy generally ignored by the majority of marketers, and that’s through Ebay. When you see listings for $0.01, there’s a good chance the seller is using backend sales tactics or trying to encourage you to join their newsletter, on the other hand they would be losing money for every sale, due to Ebay’s fees being higher than the sales price.

The best way of gathering a lot of sales, and therefore potential subscribers is to obtain some ebooks which offer resale rights, and listing them on Ebay. There are many websites where you can pick them up, routinely for free. If not, there are membership sites, where for a one time fee you can aquire hundreds of ebooks all with resellers rights, or you could of course buy one of these ebooks offering resellers rights on Ebay, oftentimes at a very low price, then resell it yourself.

Unfortunately,not much money is made just from selling many of these ebooks on Ebay alone, because the sellers have forced the prices down to very low levels. Rather, you can help very nicely financially from persuading the purchaser of your ebook to subscribe to your newsletter or ezine.

It’s estimated that every subscriber in your list is worth $1 per month, so if you had 1000 subscribers, you could expect, on average, to earn $1000 per month. This figure assuredly varies a lot depending on your sales copy, of your mailings, but it’s so it’s easy to see why owning a list is potentially very profitable.

The idea is to offer on your main site varied quality free bonuses to each new subscriber that opts in to accept your newsletter. Then when a buyer buys an ebook from you, and you send them the email with the download link included, you can always upsell your newsletter by mentioning the further free bonuses they could receive as well as the ebook they’ve just purchased, and including the link to your main site where the opt in create is found.

I’ve had great success doing this because the majority of everybody, myself included, love freebies, and the purchaser will be more than happy to receive extra no-cost ebooks, as well as their original purchase, just for filling out a simple setup.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the sale price of your ebook should cover any Ebay fees, although you can always from offering it for $0.01 just to hopefully guarantee a sale. You will lose money on every sale, but it all depends on how much each subscriber is worth to you. If you have a top-quality newsletter or ezine with hardly any unsubscribe requests, then it may be worth doing because you are likely to fashion any minimal losses back generally over in the future.

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