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Use eBay To Send Traffic To Your Website

March 8th, 2013 5 comments

There a several ways that you can send traffic to your website from eBay. Before using any of these ways, be sure to check eBay’s policy for changes so you do not violate their policy.

One way to obtain traffic to your website through eBay is by using graphics or images hosted on your server. There are many commercial and free services you can use. You can also upload your graphics or images to eBay’s servers. However, visibility from the search engines will be greatly increased by using your own servers. The search engines can follow the links in your eBay listing to your website. Some search engines will also display messages in their status bar as to where the images are being loaded from. For example it might say “Loading Image From” or “Waiting For”. This is great exposure for your website.

When you register your account with eBay, use an email address that is associated with your website. For example, if your website is “”, you could use “” as the email address associated with your eBay account. You can list this email address in the text of your listing only if it is the same one you used to register your account. This is in addition to the “Ask The Seller A Question” link.

The user id associated with your eBay account can also be a great way to direct traffic to your website. Even though eBay policy does not allow you to use your website address as your eBay id or user name, you can use a form of the website address. If your website is “”, you could use ABCDEF as your eBay user name.

Probably, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or internet store from eBay is by using an About Me Page. While you cannot offer non-eBay listings or merchandise on the About Me page, you can add a link to your website or internet store. eBay’s policy states that you cannot have the same identical item in your auctions as you have on your website either at the same price or at a different price. You can also not link to trading sites or other auction sites, or offer merchandise or information not permitted on eBay, or a website that offers items from several sellers. What you may do is link to your own website or internet store where you have items to trade, sell or purchase. Again, used correctly, this is a great way to use eBay to drive traffic to your website or internet store.

Trying one of these methods is sure to help drive traffic to your website or internet store. Remember to following eBay’s policy. Read their policy very carefully and check on it periodically for changes. Ignorance of their policy is not an excuse eBay accepts. If you violate their policy repeatedly, you will be banned from eBay.

Loretta Miller

How much do I have to pay to list something on eBay and how much is it per day?

November 18th, 2012 4 comments

Ive never sell anything on eBay only bought,I need to know if I really have to pay $1 a day for each item I have listed and all the fees. Thanks

I’ve not familiar with having to pay $1 a day. In my experience the cost to sell on ebay varies on how you list your item. Normally when you list an item, you are charged an ‘insertion fee’ based on the starting price you choose. This includes one free picture and the listing runs for 7 days. If you choose any ‘upgrades’, for instance using more pictures, there are additional ‘upgrading fees’. You are able to see your fees and any upgrade fees on the listing form before you submit your listing. If your item does not sell, you do not have to pay the normal insertion fee. However, presently ebay is offering 50 _free_ insertion fees a month. This sounds like a good deal BUT, if your item sells, you are charged a 9.0% ‘final value fee’ on that amount _plus_ now your shipping costs are adding to the ‘final value fee’! As you might know, shipping is usually pretty expensive so now this adds quite a bit more to the ‘final value fee’ of each item!

Also, ebay owns Paypal and you are forced to use Paypal to receive payment. So in addition to paying ‘final value fees including shipping costs’ to ebay, you have to pay fees on the same amount to Paypal also – kinda like double jeopardy!

I’ve sold on ebay for over 10 years but when I started having to pay fees to ebay and paypal on my shipping costs, I quit….

I would recommend starting with which is local and completely free, plus you can relist your item(s) as often as needed and there is no shipping involved. Hopefully there is one in your city. There are a lot of spammers on Craigslist that just want you to reply to get your email address to hustle. I avoid that by ‘hiding’ my email and using my telephone number only. Ironically, ebay recently bought a local and free site very much like Craigslist. It’s ‘eBay Classifieds’… as ‘Nashville eBay Classifieds’. It is easier to use than Craigslist but not as well known yet. Another suggestion is to check Yahoo Groups in your city for free _online_ yard or garage sale classified sites. I have four in my area.

Selling Tip: If you do use ebay, they often suggests sellers begin their starting price at 99¢ to encourage bidding. I see that as a definite way to lose money, particularly if only one person happens to bid on your item. So set your starting price at the least amount that you are willing to accept for your item and be aware that ebay and Paypal fees will run over 10%.

Hope this helps…

The advantages of easily selling information products on eBay

July 19th, 2012 No comments

Everyday more and more people are making a living out of selling
information products on eBay. They set up an automated
information products business, because it does not require much
time nor money and it can bring great returns.

What is an information product? As its name indicates, is a
product full of information, which is normally sold as an ebook.
This information can be about anything (although you obviously
want to sell an ebook in which people will be interested), from
how to sell your used car to magic tricks; the scope is inmense.

Browse on eBay by searching for “ebook” and ticking “search in
both item title and description”. You will see what is being
sold at the moment: ebooks about UFO phenomena, how to get
traffic to your website, how to read music, body-building, even
the Bible.

You can choose to do a bit of research on a topic that people
would be interested in and put together an ebook, or you can
sell public domain information, like the Grimm brothers fairy
tales, Kafka’s works, or Poe’s poems.

Why information products? What is the added value on selling
information products? It has many advantages both for you and
for your customers. It avoids the three “S”: stocking, selling,
and shipping. You do not need to spend anything on production
nor in shipping costs. Pretty much all you need is a computer
and conexion to the Internet. You do not need to do much
selling, other than writing your listing: you put it on eBay and
the customers buy it without you having to say anything. It is
advisable to keep account of the information products you sell.

Why automated? Setting up an autoresponder system allows you to
have the sale completed without you having to “be” there. Once
the payment received confirmation email comes into your email
address, with the autoresponder system the customer immediatley
gets their email with the downloadable ebook.

This is obviously very convenient for the customer and for you.
They obtain instant gratification, it works like in a shop: they
pay, and they get what they want immediately. You can be
spending your time in any other thing in that time, as you know
that they will get their product thanks to the autoresponder. In
the listing, tell the customers to send you an email if they
have problems downloading the ebook. The only thing that you
need to do after the sale is check your email for possible
enquiries. Not much of your time.

Creating (or finding) and selling information products is a very
good investment. And I say investment because you spend your
time and effort once putting down all that information you have
researched, or the public domain content you have found. Then
you do not need to do any other thing than listing the item over
and over again, being that part of your catalogue of items to

The little amount of time and money required is making many
eBayers set up eBay shops and gain an income out if. It can be
developed part-time, at your convenience, it does not depend on
timetables and you are the boss. Why not start selling
information products on eBay today?

Marius Van Dyk

Money sent though paypal and ebay sellers say they have got nothing yet. Whats going on?

July 9th, 2012 1 comment

Well this is what is happening, I have purchased $60 worth of goods from Ebay off several different suppliers. At the time i went to pay the the people i actually had $0.00 in my paypal, My mum said i can still pay for the items and paypal will take it as a credit thing. Two days later i put $60 in the paypal account, i waited for the payments to clear for several days and then it saild Declined "Insufficient funds"

I used the pay now button from ebay to pay with paypal the first time, the second time i tried to pay (With the money now on my paypal) I could not click on the pay now button from ebay so i simply clicked the "Send money" on paypal to the sellers correct payment email address. All good and well, But they still say they have not received payments and will cancel the sale if the money does not clear in 4 days.

Paypal said that the payment was sent on the 3rd of Feb its now the 17th of Feb! whats going on?

Is it possible to claim back that money if i may of sent it to a email address that is wrong or anything like that?

Thanks in advance,

>> HyperSpeed <<

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This has been happening to me.

I changed my primary email with Ebay and Paypal. I had to go into my Ebay store and change that email address on every item in my store.
You made a purchase, and Paypal defaults BACK to the old email address, which is no longer connected to my account. You send the money there, I cannot get it.
Then you have all the hoops to jump through to fix the problem.

First- Go to the item and check on payment. It should send you to the Paypal transaction. If it says that seller has not claimed the money, then BINGO! it went to the wrong address.

Second- Cancel the payment.

Third- Contact the seller and ask for the correct email address to make payment to, or better yet, ask for a new invoice with the correct email.

Fourth – Make payment again.

Would be so much easier if Ebay and Paypal were not so greedy that they accept payment to email addresses without accounts.

Stupid Ebay people haven’t received my payment via paypal but i sent it, what’s going on?

July 7th, 2012 1 comment

Well this is what is happening, I have purchased $60 worth of goods from Ebay off several different suppliers. At the time i went to pay the the people i actually had $0.00 in my paypal, My mum said i can still pay for the items and paypal will take it as a credit thing. Two days later i put $60 in the paypal account, i waited for the payments to clear for several days and then it saild Declined "Insufficient funds"

I used the pay now button from ebay to pay with paypal the first time, the second time i tried to pay (With the money now on my paypal) I could not click on the pay now button from ebay so i simply clicked the "Send money" on paypal to the sellers correct payment email address. All good and well, But they still say they have not received payments and will cancel the sale if the money does not clear in 4 days.

Paypal said that the payment was sent on the 3rd of Feb its now the 16th of Feb! whats going on?

Thanks in advance,

>> HyperSpeed <<

Steam ID: Retailsucks
Games: CoD MW2
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You should contact PayPal and or eBay. be careful, the seller, unless they have a high number selling stat.. could be trying to scam you. Contact PayPal and eBay ASAP

Fulfilling Financial Needs, This Powerful Article Wields Tremendous Financial Benefits

May 16th, 2012 No comments

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Desmo Boss