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i just opened a vintage clothing store on ebay. any tips?

February 11th, 2013 4 comments

do you have any tips for how i could promote my store or tips for selling products? thanks a lot.

If you have your store setup, you’ll still want to be sure and do regular auctions on some of the items since auctions get more exposure and this will help bring traffic to your store.

Be sure and create your about me page. Make sure and use keywords customers would search for in your titles. Take great photos and always work to improve the look and feel of your listings. Make sure your shipping fees are reasonable. Offer a shipping discount for purchasing multiple items. Put your store items on sale now and then. Create a Squidoo lens about vintage clothing and add a link to your eBay store. I think eBay still lets you a create a free blog thru them, I haven’t done that yet, but should.

Just keep at it and you’ll discover there are many things you can do and not enough time to do them all. I’m currently selling women’s clothes on eBay and although competitive, it can be done.

Wishing you all the best!

Where from I can buy merchandise to sell in eBay ?

January 17th, 2013 7 comments

I like to sell goods to eBay but I do not from where I can buy goods to sell it in eBay ? Can anyone tell me ?
I wanted to say that I will not buy goods those will sell to ebay. I wanted to know who can give me the goods to sell on ebay and after selling goods he/she/they will get price of that goods and I will receive my commission selling her/his/their goods in ebay!

It seems you want to be a "consignment seller" or "trading assistant"

As in you want to list other peoples items and then charge a commission off the sale.

This business model tends to fail but if you want to pursue it -put up flyers around your community, get the word out that you offer this service.

Churches, colleges, supermarket bulletin boards.

I write about stuff like this in my blog here

To be an official ebay "trading assistant" you need a feedback level of 100. offers free listing accounts that includes options to keep track of consignment sales.

Google "consignment sales" "trading assistant" and read my blogs as i write them, lol

But, it would be more profitable to sell your own product- check your local craigslist, buy and haggle for stuff you know will sell well and high- i averaged 1200 a month profits at one point buying only wiis and xboxes off craigslist for resale – usually with less that 15 auctions a month! my business has since expanded, but its a great start for seed money

What is a good source for wholesale merchandise to sell on eBay?

January 1st, 2013 5 comments

I’m looking for a reliable source / web site to order wholesale items to start selling on eBay. Would also appreciate any tips. Thanks in advance!

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how do you get start selling stuff on ebay?

December 10th, 2012 5 comments

Recently, I created a new account on ebay and I have no idea how to use it.

I wrote a detailed blog that answers this question.

Some quick tips in case you never bother to read it.

Use keywords only in your listing titles

DONT – wii with 1 controller and two games CHEAP Look
(from actual listing)
DO – Nintendo Wii Wi Wimote Smash bros party play

leave out and, is, dont write a sentence, use just keywords also common misspellings are smart to include

Your pictures are the most important, also dont list expensive items until you have a decent feedback level.

Ill paste the blog in- but there are links that would help you in the original that wont transfer

eBay Power Seller Secrets – Exposed vol 1
October 28, 2008 · No Comments

eBay has opened up a new venue for small businesses across the world to expand their sales, markets and exposure. Depending on ones prior experiences the tasks needed to expand successfully into this venue are either seen as dauntingly complex or misleadingly simple.

I recently purchased a rather expensive book that was marketed as exposing PowerSeller secrets, unfortunately I did not discover any new information from this source so I have decided to share my apparently uncommon knowledge with cyberspace.

In truth, PowerSellers jealously guard their secrets in hopes of keeping competition out.

My eBay businesses are focused on passions of mine and involve high ticket items as a result I am less worried about loss of volume that the competition may create.

For this first installment I will share links to many seller resources that I have found helpful in my sales, research and consultations. Once this series is completely composed and organized I will be moving it to a members area of my website.

Links you will find useful in your growth:

1. Never sell an item without knowing its approximate worth

Terapeak Price Report

2. Know your target market, close your items when your customers are shopping.

Know when to sell on eBay using research

3. Use research tools to take advantage of sellers who fail to follow appropriate scheduling and BIN pricing and use eBay as a sourcing tool for inventory.

Find hot products to sell on eBay

4. In order to accept payments you must have a Payment Processing Service, ie Paypal. As of October 20, 2008 eBay will no longer allow checks or money orders as payment options, Fortunately, they will not enforce this rule until January 2009. Other payment solution companys are expected to be named in the next few months. As of this time the only other solution is ProPay

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

5. If your monthly sales are good and consistent you will save money in listing fees by opening an eBay Store.

6. Or you may want to weave your eBay inventory with an e-commerce solution that integrates your pre-existing merchant account with Paypal and has a recognizable interface

ProStores 1 Month Free Trial

7. Your success continues to grow? You may want to consider purchasing your own domain and cross marketing your online presence.

GoDaddy is the service for web hosting and domain registration, all of their interfaces are easy to understand, There FAQ sections are thorough and customer service is easily accessed, easily understood and quick to answer.

Customer Service was able to easily walk me through a domain transfer and setting up the free hosting account that comes with all domains. This is the number one most important aspect in selecting a host when you are not an experienced guru yourself, you will have lots of questions, GoDaddy actually answers them !

Sale! $7.49 .com at Go Daddy 120×60

8. You will become uncomfortable with the fact that PayPal is constantly connected to your accounts, and has the power to hold, take and refund payments if you lose any bidder arbitration.

Be sure to have a seperate seller and buyer account, use a prepaid debit card as your funding source, paypal will never be able to seize or hold assets against your will, that simply do not exist.

Keep your connected seller account starved of funds and only connect a pre-paid debit to your buyers account.

Get a fresh start with an AccountNow Prepaid Visa

Keep in mind that I suggest only the most honest and professional conduct as a seller on eBay, but I do not trust Paypal and eBays arbitration system to make any decisions for me regarding returns, refunds and problem buyers. So a back up plan is proper.

9. Try to personalize yourself to the buyers, print up thank you cards or coupons to include with every shipment, promote your brand and encourage repeat customers.

It is also about time to have a presentable business card to present possible suppliers, customers and to prove legitimacy to those who think “Oh, he sells stuff on ebay, “


what is selling good on ebay ?

November 2nd, 2012 13 comments

any helpful ebay selling tips will alos be aperciated , dose ebay charge you if you dont sale a item and you just do a basic plain jane advertisment with no speciale features ?

Read up on FEE-BAY as they just recently altered their prices, commission, fee’s, etc. Enough so that many of the long timer ebay’rs are leaving in droves.

I myself use to have 3 stores on ebay, I have closed down 2 now and in process of closing last one this month. Not worth my time and energy as there is no profit anymore on fee-bay.

Figure if you sell something for $20, after all the listing fee’s, ending fee’s, closing fee’s, paypal fee’s, store fee’s, you might, MIGHT make $5 if you are lucky.

Ebay owns Paypal so they are making out like bandits on both sides of the coin. All they have done is build a web site, they don’t touch product, store product, nothing yet make more than the sellers do who actually do all the work.

Sellers made ebay and they forgot that….so now the sellers are leaving. I know of over 100 big time ebayrs that have closed up due to these recent price changes and the same ole same ole ebay jerking their customers.

Tips for selling on Ebay?

September 18th, 2012 2 comments

I desperately need to make some money to pay bills, but can’t find a job that will accomidate my physical health problems. I have an appointment with disability job referral services, but they warned me it’ll take a while to go through the processes and find a job. I need to find some creative way of pulling in money.

Out of desperation, I’ve decided to try buying garage sale and swap meet items and selling them on Ebay. It probably won’t be enough to live off of, but it’s better than nothing, and worth spending $10-20 at the swap meet to try it out.

I’m good at finding treasures at places like that, so which items are doing especially well on Ebay? Any tips on how to sell with more success would also be appreciated.

P.S. Since this place is a cesspool of spam, here’s a warning. Anyone that posts a response with a link to a "great work at home oppurtunity" will be reported immediately.

None of the previous answerers have really addressed your question. So I’ll try, though I don’t have a complete answer either.

How about doing a bit of simple research. Before you spend any money buying things, go out to some garage sales one day and make a few notes on what you might buy, with prices. They go back home and go into Ebay and find similar items for sale. You’ll know right away whether you’d have made a profit. It would only take a couple hours to do that bit of research and would give you more confidence in your plan.

My brother is always on the lookout for free books. Sometimes he gets them when libraries discard old books. Also, has a ‘free stuff’ section where he finds them. There are lots of sources. He tells me that if it’s hardback he’ll pay for it, but not more than $1.

Then he resells these books on Amazon and (part of Ebay). He has made around $3000 per year for the last several years, in spare time.

Sorry I can’t help more. Good luck to you.

Internship offer liquidating assets on craigslist and ebay, any tips?

September 17th, 2012 1 comment

I got hired through the university, to sell a companies assets online using sites like ebay and craigslist. The items sold on ebay will mostly be smaller items, and larger items on craiglist. I have significant experience using craigslist, but I am nervous about the ebay part. I know how to post stuff, but am not sure how the shipping works. Any tips or anything of the sort? It’s labeled a sales/marketing internship. Thank you for your time.

set a high reserve price. You wouldn’t want your items to be sold under market value.

Do not use craigslist to sell high priced items, you will get lots of spam. I suggest selling low value items on craigslist and high priced items on ebay.

Selling my Xbox 360 on Ebay need tips?

September 8th, 2012 2 comments

Ok so this is what I am selling

White Xbox 360
60GB hard drive
All leads
Component cable
2 Official controllers
2 Official rechargeable battery pack with rechargeable docking station
12 games:
Halo 3
Gears of War 2
Condemned 1
Condemned 2
Fable 2
Assassins Creed 2
The Orange Box

I have sold about items on Ebay before and have a good reputation

However!! his will obviously be a big sale for me and I need tips on how to sell it.

If I am setting auction price – what start price

If I am setting a buy it now price – what price

Any other things I need to take into consideration please tell me


You should sell it on Amazon if you are serious about this sale

First thing is that on Ebay there is a lot of spam with fake sales so it makes it difficult to trust your sale

Amazon is overall safe and can be trusted with almost all items that are sold. That is you also have to honest.

I mean you might have to sell things separately but I will always go to amazon over ebay.

How to become Ebay Powerseller?

July 17th, 2012 1 comment

My goal is to be a ebay powerseller. I searched online for items of what to sell on Ebay all I come up with is Garage sales. Does anyone have any tips on finding drop shippers or wholesalers or know items i can buy on craigslist and resale on Ebay? or just tips in general? my ebay user ID is "shema60619" any advice or leads will be appreciated.

You need to build your feedback. You need to have a certain amount of feedback first.

Sell more things around the house and keep your feedback up.

You can look for dropshippers but there’s a reason people don’t use them. Sell what you know. I sell used and vintage clothing and I’m an ebay powerseller.

Be registered with eBay for at least 90 days.
Have an account in good standing.
Maintain a positive Feedback of 98% or higher over the past 12 months.
Follow all eBay policies.
Have a minimum of 100 transactions and $3,000 in sales with US buyers over the past 12 months.
Receive at least a 4.60 average from US buyers across all 4 detailed seller ratings (DSRs).
For all transactions with US buyers, have no more than 1.00% of transactions with low DSRs (1s or 2s) on item as described, and a maximum of 2.00% of low DSRs on communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges.
For all transactions with US buyers, have no more than 1.00% of transactions result in opened eBay Buyer Protection and PayPal Buyer Protection cases, and no more than 0.30% of transactions result in closed cases without seller resolution.

Ebay Advice/Tips, Please Advise?

July 13th, 2012 4 comments

I need some suggestions as to some things that i can do to attract more bidders. I have my Iphone for sale on ebay, and it is selling for significantly less than some of it’s competition. In comparing it to others my listing has alot of "one ups" that others don’t… mine is brand new, im offering free shipping, i’ve got it bolded, Pictures, im offering to unlock it… i just don’t understand why it’s not getting the bids like the others. Any suggestions or tips to get folks to quit watching and BID! I’m down to 13hrs left on a 3 day auction and mine is selling at less than 1/2 what comparable others are. Thanks ahead of time for any advice!

First of all I would have done a longer listing for more exposure but that aside does it say there are any "watchers"?

Most bids come in the last hour or two so don’t panic yet. If it’s a good deal it will sell.