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Use eBay To Send Traffic To Your Website

March 8th, 2013 5 comments

There a several ways that you can send traffic to your website from eBay. Before using any of these ways, be sure to check eBay’s policy for changes so you do not violate their policy.

One way to obtain traffic to your website through eBay is by using graphics or images hosted on your server. There are many commercial and free services you can use. You can also upload your graphics or images to eBay’s servers. However, visibility from the search engines will be greatly increased by using your own servers. The search engines can follow the links in your eBay listing to your website. Some search engines will also display messages in their status bar as to where the images are being loaded from. For example it might say “Loading Image From” or “Waiting For”. This is great exposure for your website.

When you register your account with eBay, use an email address that is associated with your website. For example, if your website is “”, you could use “” as the email address associated with your eBay account. You can list this email address in the text of your listing only if it is the same one you used to register your account. This is in addition to the “Ask The Seller A Question” link.

The user id associated with your eBay account can also be a great way to direct traffic to your website. Even though eBay policy does not allow you to use your website address as your eBay id or user name, you can use a form of the website address. If your website is “”, you could use ABCDEF as your eBay user name.

Probably, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or internet store from eBay is by using an About Me Page. While you cannot offer non-eBay listings or merchandise on the About Me page, you can add a link to your website or internet store. eBay’s policy states that you cannot have the same identical item in your auctions as you have on your website either at the same price or at a different price. You can also not link to trading sites or other auction sites, or offer merchandise or information not permitted on eBay, or a website that offers items from several sellers. What you may do is link to your own website or internet store where you have items to trade, sell or purchase. Again, used correctly, this is a great way to use eBay to drive traffic to your website or internet store.

Trying one of these methods is sure to help drive traffic to your website or internet store. Remember to following eBay’s policy. Read their policy very carefully and check on it periodically for changes. Ignorance of their policy is not an excuse eBay accepts. If you violate their policy repeatedly, you will be banned from eBay.

Loretta Miller

Can you link a personal website to and from your ebay listings?

January 21st, 2013 3 comments

I sell on Ebay and I used to have a store but I closed it and am now just selling in acution format. I know a little about html (building a website) and I want my own little store with my own website. I still want to sell on Ebay to get traffic and whatnot. Is it against ebay policies to link your personal website from your listings. If not.. how do I do this?

Hi It depends on your Web site structure, though my be the right solution, alternatively, though both charge around 2% of sales on or off your website

Both allow the ebay purchaser to access ‘check out’ on your site, though the advantage is they have the option to continue shopping (on your site) and combine postage with ebay items.

It comes down to how much you are prepared too pay for your traffic, as in some cases adwords may be a better option for driving traffic.

How can I change the buy it now price on my ebay auction?

November 26th, 2012 1 comment

I recently put an auction up on ebay-the buy it now price should be 485 instead of 385. I accidentally pressed 3 instead of 4. If someone buys my item for 385, I will lose money. That is fairly undercut. Please give me instructions on how to remove the buy it now and let the auction work or how to just revise the buy it now. Thank you!

Changing Your Listing (Title, Description, Price, Shipping)

Once you’ve listed your item, you may be able to change some details in your listing, depending on the time that’s left before the listing ends and whether you’ve received any bids or sales.
To revise your listing:


Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.

Under My eBay Views, click Selling. Your active listings are displayed.

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers: Use the Active view within My eBay.

In the row for the item you want to change, from the Action column pull-down menu, click Revise.

On the "Revise your listing" page, make your changes. (Any gray sections can’t be revised.)

Click Save and Continue.

To revise multiple listings:


Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.

Under My eBay Views, click Selling. Your active listings are displayed.

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers: Use the Active view within My eBay.

Select the listings you want to revise, and click the Edit button.

Note: You can only revise 10 listings at once unless you’re a Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro subscriber (subscribers can revise up to 200 listings at once.)

Specify the information you want to edit on the Edit Listing page.

Select Edit listings individually to change listings one at a time.


Select Edit listings in bulk to make the same changes to all of the listings (according to their selling format).

Click Continue.

If you select Edit listings individually, the Edit Individual Listings page appears.

If you select the Edit listings in bulk option, the Edit Listings in Bulk page appears.

Edit your listings and click Continue.

For items associated with products that may be in our catalog, you’ll be offered the option to “Add product details to your listing.”

If you’re editing listings in bulk, we’ll ask you to add product details to listings one at a time.

Check your changes on the "Review your listings" page.

Click the Submit button. If you need to make more changes first, click the Back button.

I got this site from Ebay

How to sell P90X workout videos on Ebay without being kicked off?

November 10th, 2012 3 comments

2 days ago I was trying to sell (Ebay) my P90X Videos that I had purchased to get some money back? A couple of hours before it was to end the auction was removed by the rights owner saying it was not authentic. It is very authentic!!! Not sure what to do. Others are selling theirs and not being kicked off. What are they doing so special that I’m not. HELP! (By the way P90X kicks #@$)

Ebay has rules for sellers that must be followed. Here is a copy of the seller rules from ebay that should help explain things better. I have been selling on ebay for over two years and the companies who own the patent rights to any product have the right to tell ebay to take down any listing they feel is fake or not authentic. It has happened to me and I had to prove to ebay and the company in question that the item was really theirs and once I did they allowed the listing and I sold the item and the buyer was contacted by ebay and asked if they were happy with the sale and if they felt the item was real. The buyer told them she was on both issues.

Rules for Sellers – Overview
eBay’s policies are rules and guidelines that help to create a safe, fair and enjoyable trading environment for all eBay members. As a seller, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding eBay’s selling policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the User Agreement.

Learning about eBay’s selling policies before you list an item will help you to avoid unintentionally breaking rules. eBay’s selling policies are updated to respond to marketplace, Community and security issues, so it is important to check them regularly for changes.

Violations of these policies may result in a range of actions, including:

Listing cancellation

Limits on account privileges

Account suspension

Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

Loss of PowerSeller status

Every seller must know and follow:

Rules about Prohibited and Restricted Items – What items can and cannot be listed

Rules about Intellectual Property – Items and listings that have the potential of violating certain copyrights, trademarks, or other rights. Intellectual property owners can report listings as part of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program.

Rules for Listings – Actions that are not allowed in listings

Rules for Accepted Payments – Forms of payment that sellers may accept from buyers

In addition to the above rules, here are some additional policy violations not permitted on eBay:

Seller Non-performance – Sellers must honor the transaction contract. Sellers cannot fail to deliver an item for which payment was accepted, significantly misrepresent an item by not meeting the terms and item description outlined in the listing, or refuse to accept payment for an item at the end of a successful sale.

Shill Bidding – Sellers must not bid on their own item, or have family members, roommates or employees bid on their item.

Unpaid Item/Final Value Fee Credit Abuse – Sellers may not file for a Final Value Fee credit on a transaction where the buyer paid for the item.

Tax Policy – Sellers must pay relevant fees and taxes.

Both buyers and sellers cannot interfere with a transaction or offer to buy or sell listed items outside of the eBay site (see Rules for Everyone – Overview).

To report a policy violation:
Locate and review the policy page that deals with the violation.

Click the Report link at the bottom of the page. For example, see Excessive Shipping and Handling policy.

Enter the item number(s) of the listing that you want to report.

Click the Send button to send your message to eBay Customer Support.
You can also report a violation by clicking the Contact Us link on the left side of any Help page, selecting Listing Violations and choosing the appropriate topics.

Note: Only report a case once. Multiple emails about the same case slow an investigation.

After your report is received:

eBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged policy violation and the user’s trading record before taking action.

Disciplinary action may result in listing cancellation, limits on account privileges, account suspension, forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings, and loss of PowerSeller status.

If a complaint can’t be proven with certainty, eBay may take no action.

Due to privacy issues, it’s not possible for eBay to discuss the results of an investigation.

Posts made in eBay’s Want It Now area must also comply with eBay policies. For more information, see the Want It Now Policy page.

To learn more, you can take the tutorial on Shill Bidding and other Trust and Safety tutorials.

How do I make my eBay listings appear on search results?

September 20th, 2012 2 comments

I’ve listed several expensive Beatles records for sale on eBay but when I searched for them, they don’t show up on the main result pages, not even when I narrowed down the search. How can I fix this?

Items recently listed can take up to 12 or more hours to appear under the genreal search option.

eBay seller ratings help?

September 4th, 2012 1 comment

PLEASE READ ALL!! Thank you…
So, Ive been an ebay user since september of 2010
I started selling Last june, I sold some Computer Parts i had laying around and such.
The first 2 sales i made i wasn’t able to ship off right away because I did not have any transportation, (I was not aware at the time that usps did free pickups as well) I still shipped them within the Listed handling time and got negative feedback for those 2 for slow shipping.(I do realize this may be my fault)
My 3rd Sale was of a motherboard i took out of my old laptop (Laptop was 100% Operational, Screen was just Broken) I listed it as the exact Model Of the laptop I had "HP G60 Laptop Motherboard With Intel Core 2 Duo CPU" In the description i also included the part Number and serial number of the motherboard Along with several Pictures. After He received it he Left Negative feedback Without Even contacting me and said "You wount get what is discribed! And no answeres to my questions,please stop her"

Since then ive made 28 more sales and my feedback rating is at a low 94.9% I am Working Very hard countless hours a week to try and sell as many things as i can BUT NOTHING SELLS
My Detailed seller ratings are as followed.
Item as described4.2
Shipping time4.7
Shipping and handling charges4.7
Because of this Ebay Puts my Listings at the bottom of every category! Literately

If you Search Desktop Computers > Custom whitebox > Used > and go to the last item on the last Page, That item is mine.. Here’s a link:

I am trying to start a business selling Desktop Computers On ebay But How Am i to if My listings will never be seen? Ive been working With Computers since i was about 5 years old and ive been building them since i was 11, All ive been wanting to do for the past year is build and sell computers on eBay, I had a good month where i was building and selling them (I sold about 5) But i stopped because they weren’t selling anymore, And now a few weeks ago i decided i would try again because more and more people are buying there electronics off ebay this year then last year so i thought i would better results, So i log onto my ebay account AND BAM ebay screwed me over because of those 3 sales from almost a year ago, I have to wait 22 Days after making a sale in order to receive the money, Which Wont go away until am back up in performance (But how am i to get back up if its so hard to make sales when your being pushed to the bottom?)

I have a few concerns tho

In june they are changing Top Rated Seller Requirements (If your A seller im sure you are aware)
you will be required to offer one day handling and 14 day money back guarantee in order to remain a top rated seller.

But something MAJOR im noticing from MANY MANY computer sellers on ebay is..
In the Shipping information it states "Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment"

But then somewhere in their listing they will state "PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 DAYS FOR ASSEMBLY AND TESTING OF YOUR NEW COMPUTER"

am i wrong here or are they violating eBay seller terms/Agreements?

When i sold my computers i already have them built so i can ship them out the very next day(I just print the label online and usps picks it up from my door)

Ive been watching One seller and his top selling item has sold 44 computers in one month! and more then half were within last week. His gets placed at the very top of the search results if you search "gaming pc" (Best Match) He has over 6000 views and 44 sales which makes approx 0.73% Buy rate if im not mistaken.

Now he also states 1 day handling in his listing yet.. if you go to the bottom it says "please allow up to 4 days for your computer to be built"

I also noticed even the other large sellers are like this.

Ive put alot of time and effort into trying to start my ebay business, im not doing it for the money, as i really like building computers, when i built mine i only made a very small profit off mine compared to other sellers, i always made them as good as i could for the low cost i was trying to sell them for, and i put alot of time into making sure it was perfectly built for the customer, i guess all of that wasnt enough though, all my computer buyers were very happy and some of them got their computer as fast as 2 days (which is about 4 times faster then any other ebay seller selling computers)

To wrap things up, what im basically asking is What is your Opinion on my seller ratings and the problems ive had? And what do you think about the Sellers that are cheating the system of best match results by lieing about their handling time
and lastly, Do you have any pointers on how i can get my DSR up quickly?
Thank you For reading!!

1. The item you linked to is at the bottom because the price is high and if a seller sorts results by price, yours will not show up at the beginning. You should lower the price and set a reserve price so you can get bids and reserve the right not to sell if the top bid is too low.

2. You should contact your customers and apologize for the delay. (from now one whatever your personal problems are, notify your customers the shipping will be delayed, dont leave them hanging).
You can request them to reverse their feedback to the customers where you have fixed your customer service problems. Neg. feedback can be reversed by buyer.

3. Try another sub-category

4.The seller who sold 44 computers might have a top-rated ribbon. You have to offer a lowr price to compete with that seller. I have the same problem.

5. You could say that customer satisfaction is important and explain in your listing what the actual time it takes to build a computer. You could say in the listing that each one is custom-made and you ship within 2 days.

6. You can purchase a couple dozen small items and get some positive feedback to better your rating.

Has Ebay gone down the shoot for sellers?

June 27th, 2012 7 comments

Let me start off by saying I’m not much of a seller on ebay but am thinking about getting more involved with it.


Anyway it seems like everytime I go on Ebay and decide to sell something that there are like a hundred of what ever I want to sell.

Is it just me or has Ebay become more like a mass Junk sale than an actual market place where you used to be able to sell something that no one else had or very few did.
o.O FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right….. Ebay HAS become a buyers market.

All these late-nite infomercials have created a self-perpetuating MLM scam that thousands want to enter every week. All you WILL find is at least 100 others drop shipping the same product from the same supplier to the same audience.

The ONLY thing on Ebay that is a true money maker is if YOU manufacture the products you sell, OR, if you become a regional sellers assistant ( thats an EBAY program), OR.. if you open your own brick-and-mortar store that does nothing but Ebay listings and sells for other people. You get paid a listing fee and a commission, so you get paid whether the item sells or not…

You are smart to stay away from those late nite info-mercial come-ons, as the only one making money on those things is the dude SELLING THEM TO YOU…

Selling Watches On Ebay

June 22nd, 2012 4 comments

Anybody has the ability to make money online with eBay. The great thing about eBay is that you can sell any item you wish (within reason) without having to spend much. You do not have to pay for your own website or hosting. The only expenses that you will incur are listing fees, as well as final selling fees. Even though these can be a bit pricey, they will not greatly affect your bottom line.

If you are interested in selling watches, eBay is a great place to start. Not only can you keep your expenses low, but you can also reach a large number of people without doing much work. But before you get too excited about the prospects of doing business on eBay¸ you will need to know how to be a success. After all, if it were easy to sell and make big profits everybody would be doing it.

The first thing to remember is that eBay can be a competitive market place. For this reason you will need to do whatever you can to set yourself apart from the rest of the listings. One of the best ways to do this is by lowering your prices a bit. You should still make a profit on each sale, but with a slightly lower price than the rest of the listings you will garner more business.

In addition to price, use pictures to show just how good your watches are. Instead of only showing one picture, why not list three or four? This will give the buyer more confidence, and in turn give you more sales. To take pictures for your eBay listings all you need is a digital camera. In a matter of minutes you can snap off the shots that you need, and have your item listed. It is that easy.

Finally, be sure to add a high quality description along with the pictures. Remember, this is what will tell people what they are getting, and what they should expect. Without a good description you will only be wasting your time. You may have trouble at first with the description portion of your listings. But over time you will get used to what works and what doesn’t.

Selling watches on eBay is a great way to make money. Just ask one of the hundreds of people that do it for a full-time living. But do not get caught thinking that this is a get rich quick scheme. If you are going to sell watches on eBay you need to be totally committed to what you are doing.

Over time you will become familiar with the system, and your profits will begin to grow. This is when the fun really starts.

Dustin Cannon

Ebay listings…how to make them look professional? like web pages…?

June 16th, 2012 1 comment

hi everyone

I’ve got my own little business running, here’s my website:

and business is slow these days, one of my strong points is selling gaming base units for approximately half the price everyone else does, my thinking is making small profits quickly rather than a possible big profit once in a while… so i want to get a couple of sales done on ebay, which will hopefully spark my business around…
thing is, i don’t know how to list my stuff looking really good and professional. for example, i’ve taken a link at random off ebay:

now how do i got about making that? i have designed a table form template on dreamweaver, but from my experience u can’t just copy the html and paste it into the ebay listing….as the images won’t show up, does that mean…like..for every image i have to upload to photpbucket and leave the html code to each image in their respective "box" in the table form that i copy to ebay?? seems like a lot of there any other way? or like…another way i can get it to look like that listing??

please guys, any help with any detail would be great:)..and if you’re after a great gaming base unit for dirt cheap then have a look on my site, specify what you want and i or one of my team will get back to you, see the "contact us" page.

thanks! 🙂

Usually this would be eBay templates, and use of HTML to style it.
You can build your own from HTML, or there are a few free eBay template designers. I don’t use them so I can’t recommend one.

For multiple pictures you can either uploaded them to eBay when you create the listing (there’s a fee for each image after the first) or set up your own hosting e.g. Photobucket and link to them from there, which does require a full URL.

If you have an eBay store you can add items and content from the store (like the menu) to your listings automatically. can create slideshows and similar to add to your listings.

Who Uses Ebay and Why

May 16th, 2012 15 comments

eBay is the number one international market place for all types of products over the Internet. eBay is an online retailer or ‘e-tailer’ that offers people the opportunity to sell and buy goods online. The site charges a commission on sales as well as a charge for listing. eBay typically works through an auction model – i.e. items are auctioned to the highest bidder. The seller can also specify a price below which the item cannot be purchased. You can find almost anything on eBay, and a large proportion of online shoppers know about this website.

eBay is used mostly by small start up businesses, many of which operate from home. There are a number of success stories on eBay, since it enables people to set up a small business and grow it into an online shop. There are actually businesses making millions of dollars, all through their eBay store. The typical success story runs like this: a regular person, just like you and me, looking for a great product, hits on one either on his own or through an eBay search for the hottest items. He finds a source for it and puts it up for auction on eBay. As his sales grow, he sets up a shop on eBay and uses the item listings on eBay to drive traffic to his site. This can be antiques, designer bag replicas, DVDs, almost anything. The market is virtually limitless.

The reason for the popularity of eBay is the convenience and cost savings. You can start from your own home, with absolutely no investment – you don’t even have to give up your day job. Further, due to its wide network, eBay can give your products and your online business much needed visibility for a small cost. The amount of effort and money you would expend on marketing for even an online business, to create awareness for your product, would be much greater. A huge Internet population shops here, so it’s like having your product on display at the biggest department store in the world, except that it would be much easier for a buyer to find it.

Further, people who sell on eBay claim that it is a large, helpful community that will enable you to learn from your peers and grow as an online business owner. There is an eBay University, chat rooms and forums for members to interact and educate themselves through others’ experiences. Also, since you have not invested much, there is room to make mistakes and learn as you grow.

eBay has all the technology in place that helps you to have your own online business, without the hassles and knowledge required to run a site. It is a very user friendly site and makes the buyer’s experience comfortable, which is important for your online business. For instance, eBay has features that allow a buyer to place a maximum bid on an item and automatically monitor the activity on the item till bidding closes. So selling is made that much easier for you on eBay.

William King