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Use eBay To Send Traffic To Your Website

March 8th, 2013 5 comments

There a several ways that you can send traffic to your website from eBay. Before using any of these ways, be sure to check eBay’s policy for changes so you do not violate their policy.

One way to obtain traffic to your website through eBay is by using graphics or images hosted on your server. There are many commercial and free services you can use. You can also upload your graphics or images to eBay’s servers. However, visibility from the search engines will be greatly increased by using your own servers. The search engines can follow the links in your eBay listing to your website. Some search engines will also display messages in their status bar as to where the images are being loaded from. For example it might say “Loading Image From” or “Waiting For”. This is great exposure for your website.

When you register your account with eBay, use an email address that is associated with your website. For example, if your website is “”, you could use “” as the email address associated with your eBay account. You can list this email address in the text of your listing only if it is the same one you used to register your account. This is in addition to the “Ask The Seller A Question” link.

The user id associated with your eBay account can also be a great way to direct traffic to your website. Even though eBay policy does not allow you to use your website address as your eBay id or user name, you can use a form of the website address. If your website is “”, you could use ABCDEF as your eBay user name.

Probably, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or internet store from eBay is by using an About Me Page. While you cannot offer non-eBay listings or merchandise on the About Me page, you can add a link to your website or internet store. eBay’s policy states that you cannot have the same identical item in your auctions as you have on your website either at the same price or at a different price. You can also not link to trading sites or other auction sites, or offer merchandise or information not permitted on eBay, or a website that offers items from several sellers. What you may do is link to your own website or internet store where you have items to trade, sell or purchase. Again, used correctly, this is a great way to use eBay to drive traffic to your website or internet store.

Trying one of these methods is sure to help drive traffic to your website or internet store. Remember to following eBay’s policy. Read their policy very carefully and check on it periodically for changes. Ignorance of their policy is not an excuse eBay accepts. If you violate their policy repeatedly, you will be banned from eBay.

Loretta Miller

Does any one know statistics on having your own Ebay Stores?

November 10th, 2012 2 comments

I am looking to see if some one can tell me how much money the average person who owns a eBay store makes.

Looking for statistics, or your own experience.

That is a very hard question to answer since it varies greatly on what a person sells, the number of items, etc. Also, most people will not tell you how much profit they make, so statistics are hard to come by.

If you are just wanting to know a store’s gross sales for a month, you can easily find that information for a specific store. Just grab their eBay User ID (not store name) and go to From there, do a search on their eBay ID. You will see a box in the middle of the screen that shows their monthly sales information.

My personal experience (without giving specifics) is that I make enough profit to provide for a family of 6.


How To Build A Store On Ebay

January 8th, 2012 3 comments

eBay can be a very lucrative marketplace. You need to know that when you build a store on eBay it is not as simple as registering and creating your eBay store pages. There is a lot more involved if you want to achieve success.

Before you even go to the eBay website to open your eBay store and build it, you need to know what you are going to sell. However, even that is not enough.

You need to know how well your items are going to sell. It’s no use going through all the effort of building your store on eBay, and it brings in no sales.

For this you do need to do market research and determine what kind of demand there is for your products, what the competition is like, and what competitive pricing would be.

The next thing you need to consider is your eBay feedback rating. eBay buyers are very wary of eBay sellers with a very low number of feedbacks against their name.

If your eBay id has only a few feedbacks, then spend some time buying and selling items on eBay without an eBay store until you have built up a solid feedback score.

Once you’ve done this, you are ready to build a store on eBay.

The next step is to register and open your eBay store on eBay. Once your store exists, you need to add what they call store inventory auction listings. These are auction listings that do not expire like regular auction listings. Consider those like items you would always have on display on your virtual product racks until someone buys them.

Once you get to this point of building your store on eBay, it is not the point to sit back and wait for sales. You might wait forever and get zero sales.

This is the time that you need to jump in and furiously market and promote your eBay store.

There are several ways you can market your eBay store. One way is to always have regular eBay auction listings that appear in the eBay searches. Always include a link to your eBay store in those auction listings.

Another way of marketing your eBay store is to put out a press release, which you can do free of charge on several websites. Yet another way is to advertise in your local community via flyers, business cards and classified ads.

Another way is to start your own blog where you write about topics relevant to your eBay store and types of products that you sell. You would then include several links back to your eBay store from your blog.

I hope you see that how to build a store on eBay involves much more than following the step-by-step instructions on the eBay website. That is the easiest and quickest part of building your eBay store.

The most work and the secret to your success lies in what you do before and after you have built your store on eBay.

Jason Griffith

Ebay Traffic Report

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Go the eBay way!!!

You have a webpage and you are desperately attempting to enhance the net targeted traffic. Have you regarded applying eBay EBay is possibly the most expense productive resolution to promote you webpage and subsequently produce way more targeted traffic for your webpage. Properly, this is how it operates….

You are not the only 1 out there seeking for approaches to produce way more targeted traffic. There are millions of webpage owners attempting to carve their niche in the virtual globe by marketing their webpage applying a solid promoting tool. However, most overlook the significance of ebay and the pivotal role it plays in webpage promotion. With way more than 65 million registered users globally who browse on the eBay webpage just about every now and then to order or sell merchandise, it shouldnt be troublesome to guess what it would be like if even 5 percent of these users had been drawn to your webpage…..

The high quality news is …. You can basically pull this targeted traffic to your webpage and that too it is exceptionally rather simple! All you have to have to do is have a high quality eBay Me page for your eBay ID. Enable me to clarify. Let us assume a certain prospective client looks at your auctions and your ID. On the similar page, they will see a smaller Me icon that is linked to your Me page which can be in turn linked to your webpage. For instance, you are a webpage owner and sell a course on how to promote your home business applying the Online. Now if you want to pull some of the eBay targeted traffic, you might possibly start by compiling a smaller report on what Online promoting is all about and present it for sale at an extremely low cost. When the report should certainly basically incorporate intriguing and relevant stuff about Online promoting, it should certainly also pre-sell the most important item – setting up your own home business course that is for sale on your webpage.

While this will be the proposed action program, you will have to have a effective auction advertisement along with an enticing Me page to divert web based communities to your webpage.

Go for a Featured Plus auction in order to best the auction list. It should certainly preferably be a Dutch auction so that you can sell a few items by way of the similar auction. Do not forget to add an enticing title to grab the attention of all those precious visitors whom you are counting on to advance your home business. Most webpage owners have supplied a thing for zero cost on their Me page so that visitors are compelled to check out your web-site.

Do attempt out these tried and trusted formulas… they have worked wonders for other people and will surely perform out for you as properly!!!