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How to increase bids on my ebay selling item?

May 13th, 2012 1 comment

I am selling my item on ebay and the bidding is going very low. I dont want to sell my item at low price. So is there a way I can increase my bids. For e.g. can softwares that can increase bids.

If your item is currently on eBay, and you’re afraid it will sell for too low a price, you might want to end your auction early, cancelling all bids, stating that there was an error in the listing (the "error" can be that you should have started the auction with a higher opening bid). Then you can relist it later for a higher opening bid.

There is no software that can increase bids … legally, anyway. If you get a friend or relative to bid on your item to drive the price up, that’s called "shill bidding," and — as far as I know — it’s illegal in most, of not all, states. Best thing to do at this point could be to close your auction.

On the other hand, I’ve started items at $1 and had them sell for thousands, even when there’s $100 bid on them with a minute to go. Never can tell with eBay. Snipers wait in the wings until the last 5-10 seconds. Best of luck to you. Hope this helped.